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I make up words. Some of them are well received, others might not be.

This page is to help you understand what I’m saying or to remind you of the word you are adopting into your own vocabulary.

So, without further ramblings….

L’s Blog Dictionary

Mind-blogging: 1. The process of thinking of your next blog entry. 2. Writing, in your mind, a really great post for a blog when you are no where near a computer that you will most likely not remember later.
Example: So last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was mind-blogging.


Smoosh: (You mean this is not a real word? ) Smush. To mash, squash, squeeze and smoosh.
Example: He’ll pick a flea off of himself and smoosh it until it is dead.


Webaverse: (I’ve yet to hear Misty use this word. ) The web universe. The world wide (yup you guessed it ) web. The Internet.
Example: A lovely little 3D world within the webaverse.


Blogaverse: The Blogging world.
Example: I’m sure the blogaverse is overflowing with these Thanksgiving posts.



( Is that all of them so far? )

More to come as they appear in my posts.


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