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Sunday Songs 9 August 18, 2008

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The “last weekend of the summer event” went off quite well. I even swam with my children!

Okay, so I did go through a bit of electronic withdrawal and I did end up using my cell phone. However, the children we happily playing in the water and I was watching them while I was on the phone.

Which reminds me… Thank you to a friend of mine and her reminders.

We did have a good time though.
And we made it to church too.

Next week we start a new series. There are two online services if you want to attend this weekend.

I did talk to the school about the Honor’s Class. It was not a credit class. The only credit class is Algebra. So, Son will still have his first high school credit before high school. We (the counselor and I) talked about the class thing and the English teacher. We spoke about the students (in general and about Son in particular) and the teaching style of L.A. teacher. The things that are going to be different this year were discussed. We spoke about another teacher, teachers in general, the benchmark test, and a few other things. So, I am feeling much better. Which means she is either good a placating parents or we really did reach an understanding.

With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. I wasn’t too fond of the original official video. Actually, that’s not completely fair since I did not watch the whole thing. So, let me try that again…


With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. The video I am choosing is not the official video. It is one made with clips from another movie. Enjoy.

School of Hard Knocks
By: P.O.D.
Movie Clips: The Matrix



Unsatisfied August 2, 2008

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I went to a friend’s place of business earlier this week to see if I could help her out with some thing. While there the subject of lunch came up. Once she discovered that I had never had anything from one of her favorite places, it was settled. She would order in.

I followed her advice and had a tiny sandwich and a bread bowl of soup. It was not bad, nor was it great. Since it was mainly the sauce on the sandwich that I did not like, I was willing to give it another try. After all, the soup was pretty good.

Tonight my family went to this place for dinner. It was my first time going there. It may very well have been my last time there as well. Son liked his. Hubby thought his was okay but was not a good value. Daughter and I left hungry. We spent too much money. They rung the order up wrong. The employees looked less than thrilled to see us there even though it was over an hour before they closed. They made my sandwich wrong, my soup was not hot, Daughter’s kid’s salad was lacking… Let’s just say, the only thing good, from my point of view, was the bread the tiny sandwich as made on. That was some tasty bread! However, it was not $30 worth of tasty. Yup, we spend over $30 at a sandwich joint and half of us left hungry!

$30 may not seem like much for a family of 4 for dinner. Remember though, it was a sandwich place, messed up order, rung up wrong, and we’ve had no earned income since Hubby’s stroke. This was a splurge and a treat from an unexpected blessing. $30 is a lot all things considered. Especially for a place like that.

Let’s just say, to put it mildly, I’m an unsatisfied customer.

Randomness July 30, 2008

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It is hot outside.
Or, as some might say “It’s hotter than a 3 legged hog trying to get away from the head cook at a pig roasting!” I’m not really sure who would say that, but I am almost certain that some would.

We have approximately 18 days, 14 hours, 34 minutes and 2 seconds until school starts here.
But that is just an approximate. I mean, it’s not like anyone is counting or anything…

This summer went nothing like I had planned. Just sayin’

Man is looking for a job. I have a lead on a job or two myself. I don’t know if I still have “a job” with my “home work” or not since I’ve not turned anything in in a very long time. Maybe I’ll be able to get back to that now that things are settling down again.
I feel like I’ve said that before……

I have hardly been to the farmers market this summer. I sure do miss their yummy garden fresh goodies.
I have been unusually busy lately but I couldn’t tell you with what. I mean, it doesn’t sound like much when I think about it. Somehow though, it is.

Busy watching youtube videos is still busy. Right?

The End of Day Five July 25, 2008

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The children have made it home safely.

Technically, we have all made it home safely.

Daughter is already asleep and Son will soon be asleep as well.

Oddly enough, I think I’m going to head off to sleep soon too. I’m worn out and I didn’t even go to camp!!

….Before I go though….

I just wanted to add that at our very late supper (we didn’t get home until late from picking them up) had no complaints. Wait, let me rephrase that statement. There were no complaints voiced. Someone had a stack of food (yes, the food was literally stacked) and made claims of being full. Someone said something “tastes strange”. When asked if that was a compliment, a quick “Yes” was given. I think Hubby almost burst out laughing there.

Yup, Mom (that would be me) is done with complaints at meal time.

Day Five July 25, 2008

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Ah… Day Five of Camp.

Looking at the clock I can say that by now the campers should be loaded on the bus and heading home. In just a matter of hours my little monsters angels will be home talking non stop telling me all about camp. I cannot wait to hear about the friends they made and the fun things they did. They went to different camps so they will be arriving back at different times.

Oh, actually, I should be getting ready to go pick up Daughter….

Spider Daycare July 25, 2008

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There are some things you just don’t want to see on the porch…


And since I have absolutely no desire to have little baby spiders crawling on me, I left them there. Yes, you read that right. I – left – them – there!!

But let me tell you this…
As soon as those babies are gone, the porch is getting a thorough cleaning.
After all, I ain’t tryin’ to run no spider daycare here!


(Side Note: ppppffff. Yes, I know, bad grammar. Loosen up a bit, would ya?)

Day Three July 23, 2008

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I’ve been making wonderful meals and there have been NO complaints.

Monday we had brunpper (one meal that was breakfast, lunch and supper) with a light late evening snack.
Tuesday we had a late wonderful quesadilla lunch with baby back ribs for supper very late at night.
And today… today I did not get up for the day until 11:30!

I slept for around 11 hours.
Oh yeah!

(Side Note: Yes, I do love my children and miss them… I do not miss having to get up early or the compromise of meal times.  Just sayin’)

One more thing…
For supper tonight, spaghetti with mushrooms and a side of asparagus.
Again, NO ONE will complain.
*sigh of contentment*

Day One July 21, 2008

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It’s late.
I’m tired.

Before I head off to bed I must note that I spend much of today (between napping and eating) watching the clock and thinking of my children.

….They should be arriving at camp now.
….I wonder if they are all settled in.
….They are at their last event for the day now.
….They are getting ready for their first night away.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I did also listen to really loud music, did not cook when I was not hungry, slept instead of ate, “dressed” comfortably, and did not hear any bickering.

Day 1 down of camp down.
Tomorrow we (Hubby & I) have an early appointment. The day after I will sleep in without guilt. Oh yeah, Baby!

Sunday Songs 6 July 21, 2008

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I know I’m a day late…. AGAIN.
But, here it is!

First, though, let me just point out that it is 8:17am Monday morning and I am listening to music loud enough that the neighbors might be dancing in their yard!
Just sayin’…

More on that later (if I remember).

Sunday was crazy busy here.
First there was getting son ready for camp. Followed by shopping, church, home, packing, more shopping, packing, leaving, heading back home for the forgotten item, back out again, home to finish packing with daughter, getting her ready and off to bed, snuck in a movie that needs to be returned today, worked on something son asked me to work on when he left, brushed teeth, moved daughter to her bed, collapsed in my bed and woke several times making sure that I did not over sleep. *deep breath*

Now here I am. Monday morning doing Sunday Songs.

I know, “Which song, which song?”

Well, there was the youtube video that was shown in church yesterday; it wasn’t a music video. I’ll share that one (have tissue near by) and follow with a song.
Yes, I did say a youtube video was shown in church
.  By the way, you are welcome to attend. There is a service at 11:00am if you are not a morning person, or 5:00pm if you are busy Sunday morning.

Anyhow, this is the video

Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy
A FrankLozano.com Production

Well now. How do you follow that?
Hmmm, how about with this…

Came to my Rescue
By: Hillsong United

Sweet Release July 19, 2008

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Daughter is at my mother’s house.

Son is at a youth event.

Hubby is at his mother’s house.

I’m home all alone


Is it wrong to be this excited to be home alone?

What’s that? I can’t hear you over the music.

Whew! I can’t believe I use to dance for hours on end…
Yes, I do call that dancing…
Oh, hush!