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Movie, No Movie May 12, 2009

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I like going to the movie theater.  I enjoy it.  Usually.  There are times when it is not as fun as it could be.  For example, there may be uncomfortable seats or rude co-viewers.  Overall, though, it is something I like to do.

This weekend, I put going to the movies on my to-do list. There are a few films out that have caught my eye.  Not all of them are family friendly however. Therefore, picking and choosing I must take into consideration more than what my “want” is.  This is not uncommon since I often live the life of a married-single-parent.  I sit through movies that I would not if I were alone.  I sit through movies that I want to see, but think the child/ren would enjoy too.  Rare is the moment where I go to a movie because I alone want to see the movie.  And when that does happen, it is usually because somehow I got away, alone, without any specific reason or prior plans.

There is a movie out that I alone wanted to see.  I think it will be okay for my children to see, too.  There may be a may be a scene or two where we all close our eyes, but overall, I from what I hear, it will be an okay movie for us.

Saturday, Daughter spent the night at a friend’s house.  Son and I went to the movies.  We both wanted to see one that I did not think would be suitable for Daughter.  Add to that, she has little to no background in the X Men series, I thought there might also be a lot of questions.  Questions are good, but not during a movie without a pause button.

Anyhow, Son and I took this opportunity to watch the movie we both wanted to see.  I had enough money (especially since we didn’t spend much at the concession stand) to see another movie.  When Son finds out which movie, he is not pleased. He did not want to see it.  I could have pushed the issue.  I could have made him.  I did not think it was worth it and let him win that one. I mean, I wanted to have a nice time. I did not want to sit next to a sulky teenager.  He said the series, when he use to watch it, became boring. Boring?!? I told him that I have heard good feedback on the movie. He still had no interest in it.

It was kind of late. I was also a bit tired. So, as I said, I let him win.  We did not watch it.

Of course, when I got home I pulled up movie trailers to see if they would spark his interest.  I think we watched 3 of them.  Still no real interest, but a maybe.

Sunday after church, times did not work out well for our schedule.  So, Daughter, Son, and I did not make it then either.  I tried though. I worked around my “need to do” in my head with the length of the movie and the times it was showing.  Nope.  It was not going to happen that Sunday.   I was disappointed.  I mean, after all, aaaaallll the other mother’s got to do what they wanted!   Okay, probably not, but what kind of pity party doesn’t serve a dish of exaggeration?

Moving on.

Monday rolls around and I try to put the movie out of my mind.  There is no day time showing and the evening showings won’t work with our schedule.

So what happens next?  Well, yesterday Son came home from school and said “Mom, I want to go see Star Trek.  I hear it’s awesome!”
WHAT?!?!  I reminded him that he was told that my friends gave it good reviews.
“Yeah, but you didn’t say it was awesome.”

Gah!!  I told him that he just likes to be contrary as I was swatting at him.  He just laughed and asked “Can we go tonight?”

*sigh*  Teenagers!


More Random Babblings March 15, 2009

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Hubby has been in town.  I like when he’s town.  His new job is good; he travels a lot with this job too.

Daughter loves the movie Eragon.  It arrived yesterday (Netflix) and she just found out today.  It’s playing right now and she’s very excited.

Son went to a bowling tournament.  Hubby went with him while I stayed home.  Son said he did pretty good.

I went to see two, yes two, movies yesterday.  I went by myself.  It would have been nice to go with a friend, but the one who wanted to go lives about 1200 miles away.

I have been rather net-absent.  I have spent a little time on-line. Mostly “watching t.v.” but a little play too.  I have actually spent time in FaceBook. That is amazing because really, I don’t understand it’s popularity.  I mean, I can see how it could be popular, but I just didn’t find it very addicting.  I guess I don’t feel the need to reconnect with the people that I knew at the 5 different high schools I went to. Plus, I am very much NOT the same person.  Okay, maybe very few of us are, but still…
However, now, I’m on there playing some silly game that has pretty much no point.  Why do I keep going back and playing?  I don’t know. But when I get home from HT tonight, I plan to start a load of laundry and sign on to FB and play.  That’s right. I said it. I plan to log in FB AGAIN tonight.

Well, I’d babble some more, but I have to go.  HT starts in 30 minutes and I have to stop at the store on the way.

Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend.

Observations January 22, 2009

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Some observations I made today:

*Running water to wash the dishes is like a switch on your bladder.  Almost every time a bathroom trip is needed before the sink is full.

*The area around the trash can is the dirtiest spot in the whole house.  Why? The trash can is right there! The floor should not have paper, unpopped kernels, and various bits of garbage!

*Cleaning one room makes the room next to it messy. “This doesn’t go in here. Oh, I’ll just set it on the table/couch/bed for now…”

*If I vacuum a big spider before I identify it (thus making me unsure if it’s poisonous or not) OR if I vacuum a brown recluse off of the ceiling, I will let the vacuum run for a long time afterwards to make sure that thing is not clinging to the side of the hose.

*If I vacuum enough spider webs, everything feels like a spider for several minutes afterwards.  My hair, the wind, a string… every-thing!

*Just as soon as you say “I’m almost done”, you remember some place you missed cleaning.  For example, if you say the kitchen is almost done, you’ll remember the top of the fridge…

*Noticeably cleaning causes my daughter to smile.  She likes to rearrange, and apparently likes when others do too…

*Teen age boys don’t notice changes until after they’ve eaten.



What observation did you make today?

Late Night Rambling January 10, 2009

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Ok, so here I am. I’m up way too late again.
Wait. I just called 10:45 PM late.  WHAT?!

The children talked me into a “junk night” tonight.  Alright, so they timed it well. I was hungry.  I gave in.  Then I burned my eye – jalapeño oil on skin + something in eye.  Then I ate too much.  All in all, a typical junk night here.

I still have not even started my new menu.  I mean, I have the some basics ideas, but not really ALL the details.  And nothing written out.  And I told myself I’d put it into effect next week.  Yikes!

I am looking forward to going to service tomorrow.  Week 2 of the new series.  I love that I look forward to going, even if I do long for just one day to sleep in.

I saw my mother tonight.  She told me a bit about the drama that the some of the relatives are involved in. She showed a photo to me that is quite odd.  We visited for a brief moment with an Auntie.  It was all-in-all not a bad visit.

Hung out with the children during “junk night” and watched a movie.  Then Son wanted to go to bed. I hope he does not get ill tonight.  Daughter wanted to watch another a movie.

I’m rambling.  Again.
And yawning.
But I didn’t want to go several days without blogging again and I don’t know if I’ll get around to it tomorrow.

I’m distracted by daughter’s last movie of the night.  It is almost over. So, I’ll end my rambling and say good night.
Good night.

Pity Party December 11, 2008

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I think it’s all starting to get to me.  Although, it could just be hormones.
There is no reason for it to get to me. I mean, up until now we’ve been provided for, so why would we not be now?  Maybe I’m tired of living on the edge of… of… of having my children grow up too fast.

I don’t mind living on a beach some place, or in my car, or house skipping for a while when I don’t have little people depending on me.  I’m tired of this kind of uncertainty (No, we are not doing those things now. I mean the uncertainty of if we will have to move out from not paying rent and that sort of thing).  I’m tired of living like this and raising my children like this. I mean, I am grateful for the roof over our heads (even if I don’t sound like it right now) and that our needs are met. I really am.  Still though, I wish for a more complete house.  I wish for more financial stability.  Not necessarily wealth (though that would be nice), but stability.  Security.

I guess I turned into a typical girl who actually wants stability.  Things really change when you have children.  I mean, before my 13 year old was born I had more of a “I’ll land where I fall” attitude.  When things got tough, I just stopped buying food. No big deal.  I could do without.  That goes away when you want to give “better” to your children.

I’ve had money, I’ve been poor, and I’ve been in-between.  Poor is hardest when you’re not alone.

It’s also getting to me that I wasn’t worried about Christmas.  I had put a little away every month and hid some away from the tax return – not much because we had to live off it after Hub’s stroke – for Christmas.  Now, it’s all used up.  What was put away every month was used to get Hubby to work.  Then what was hid away was used for insurance and fuel (so I could drive the children to school) and a few needed items (house hold and hygiene needs along with a few very cheep staple groceries).

I’m broke. There is no more.  And although God has pulled through in some unbelievable ways – checks in the mail as things come due, edible food from unexpected sources, and coats being mailed to us for the children from a friend as a Christmas gift for example- I’m still breaking here.  The cracks are starting to leak.

The job that I took Hubby to hasn’t provided the first check yet.  It is also slow there, so when we do get a check I don’t expect it to be much.  Did I mention it’s also a former employer that he owes money to?

I could go off on choices he’s made, but I’ll just regret it later.  I chose to say yes, now I deal with the lessons he still has to learn.  Maybe I am missing my own lesson here?

The water bill was due yesterday.  We still have the all utilities for this month due plus insurance again at the end of the month.  I ran out of popcorn – which was my lunch for days.  I am getting tired of egg sandwiches. The weekend is just around the corner so I’ll need to figure out breakfast and lunch for the children for those days.  Probably potatoes for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast.  Can you say starch?  Carb?  Why are these foods so cheap?  Why aren’t fresh fruits and veggies as cheap as noodles?

I’m whining now, aren’t I?  Maybe I just need a big tub of ice cream and an unexpected tax-free huge lump sum of money.  Yeah, me and probably a billion other people too, right?


**** **** **** ****

Just after typing the above entry, I called the pharmacist.  Son has one dose left of his medicine. I needed to find out what, if anything, would happen if he suddenly stopped taking it (some medications you have to be weaned off and I was not sure if that one would fall into that category or not.)  He asked if Son was having a problem with medication.  I explained, frankly, that I did not have the co-pay for the state funded insurance that covers the medication. (Which I might add, is a story in of it’s self.) The pharmacist said to come get the medication. He literally (I saw him) paid for the medication out of his own pocket.
In another words, even in the midst of my whining, my God is STILL taking care of our needs.  Amazing.

Another Update November 8, 2008

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If I am consistently inconsistent does that make me technically consistent?

I had thought of many things to blog about over the last week or two, but somehow the posts never actually made it to the final “publish” stage.

Son had a youth event last Friday night.
Daughter went to Grandma’s House.
Hubby and I did nothing.  We were going to go to the movies, but the mood just wasn’t right.
Ah well, maybe next time?

So, let’s see… What else?

Man has been looking for a job. He is finding that his past poor choices are making it difficult.  My sympathy is not real high because it is an issue I nag him on anyhow.  No, that does not mean I am gloating or even proud of the “nag-factor”.  I just means that he should listened to me!!!

One place that he had a lead on is holding his stroke against him.  They are saying he should be denied for 5 years.  5 years?!?!   Well, I have news for them.  I made many a phone call and they are wrong.  Seriously, wrong.  See, before we shelled out the money we didn’t have to get his physical so he could go back to work, I checked to make sure his stroke would not be the denying factor.  It wouldn’t.  He did not, I repeat, not lose consciousness or seize.  It was 5 days after his accident – where there was a head a injury but no loss of consciousness.  He is also not on any prescription medication.  In another words, he passed his physical and he is able to do his job.  So, bbbpbpbpptptppbpbpttttt at that company!

Me?  Well, I’m still jobless, my house still stinks (it’s old), and I still spend to much time sitting on my chair staring at the inanimate object known as “a screen”.

That’s what been going on here.
Now it’s your turn.
What have you been up to lately?

Sunday Songs 16 and Stuff October 19, 2008

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Is it a sin to brag? Because I want to brag.
My son, my 13 year old son, made supper tonight.
He also put away the left overs. Aw yeah baby!
Is that bragging?

I’m rather achy today.  Most of the women out there probably know what I mean by that statement.  I have my medicine though.  Yes, ice cream absolutely is medicine.

I missed service because I was to lazy to get up early and then I helped out at the children’s desk.  It’s okay though, because I can download and watch it on Tuesday.

I did not go to HT tonight due to the “incident” last HT.  No, not at the host house, but at my house.  Can you say drama?   Yeah, me too. So, I skipped HT tonight to avoid more drama and the children stayed in their rooms.  Yes, even Son who made supper and put away the left overs…… Hey!  Do you think he made supper because I’m achy, because he wanted to, or to get out of his room?   Never mind. I am sure it’s just because he was being nice and helpful.  Right?  Right.

Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit better now than I was earlier.  Yay.  Of course, I’ve also been doing a lot of sitting too. I think ibuprofen is just great.

Speaking of great, I still have not finished the blogroll revamping.  I’m sorry you are all missing out on some great links.

My friend’s back is doing a lot better now.  I’m pretty much done helping her.  I say pretty much because I will probably stop in at some point this week to check on her.  I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking “Can you say Momma Hen?”  I’d just reply “Am NOT!” in a huff, then you’ll laugh at me, and a vicious circle would begin.

Hm, I don’t have a good segue here, so I’ll just throw this week’s video out there for you to enjoy.
Oh, in case you are wondering, yes this is the same song that I have on my myspace page (at the time of typing this entry).  I really should update that thing some time this year.

Anyhow, enjoy.

Stand in the Rain
By SuperChic[k]

It Has Begun August 18, 2008

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The First Monday of School has arrived.

That’s right. School is in session, right now, as I sit here typing this.

I, along with many other blogging mothers, am letting you know that, OH Yeah Baby! School has BEGUN!

… Well, it has for us anyhow.

And the morning went pretty smoothly for us, too. The school situation was not so smooth. That was kind of rough. Does no one know how to park?
That being the only stress… Oh and Daughter was a bit unhappy that someone sat by her in the van. However, I don’t think she’ll let that ruin her day. She was excited and nervous and I hope she has a really great day!
Son was a bit excited I think, although this year he was not looking forward to school starting. He still likes school; he felt summer was too short.

Summer was shorter than usual because they had to make up snow days.

On my way home I stopped and picked up French Toast Sticks and a sugary drink.
I know. I like to live on the edge like that.

The house seems so still, so quiet. I can hear the bird outside chirping. Yeah, bird, not birds. There is just one making noise. I think the rest are still asleep. Either that, or they have followed the all the children in the area off to school. Yeah, that’s right. Even the BIRDS are having their first day of school here.

Dis-gust-ing August 4, 2008

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That is what teenage boys are.


Set Up: *Son takes a piece of “pig ear alternative” off a corner and puts it in his mouth*

Son: Better than dog treat. Not too bad actually.
Me: *make face and almost gag*
Son: I’ll go over here so you don’t have to see…

The enigmatic “they” were right when THEY said “Teenagers will eat anything!”


A few minutes later…

Son: Is that yummy? *directed towards dog who is eating the rest of the ear*
Son: I thought so too.


Day Five July 25, 2008

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Ah… Day Five of Camp.

Looking at the clock I can say that by now the campers should be loaded on the bus and heading home. In just a matter of hours my little monsters angels will be home talking non stop telling me all about camp. I cannot wait to hear about the friends they made and the fun things they did. They went to different camps so they will be arriving back at different times.

Oh, actually, I should be getting ready to go pick up Daughter….