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Full Week Ahead May 16, 2009

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Things are still going crazy here.  Next we have something on the calendar every day during the week.  More field trips for the children, a doctor’s appointment for Son, and even an entrance exam for me.

That’s right, an entrance exam.  I haven’t been in school for more years than I care to share, so I am a bit concerned.  However, much pressure was relieved when they told me that I can take it as many times as I want and it won’t effect anything until I start taking certain classes.  Yay!

So, if you think of me on Wednesday morning, pray for my dusty brain to try to remember how to do stuff that I wasn’t in class for when it was taught.

….I think I just caused more stress for myself with that statement.


Diets, Weather and TV May 7, 2009

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The diet is going well. Thanks for asking.  I don’t know if I have lost any weight, but I have been eating a lot of tomatoes. So, I’ll call it good.
Well, except for last night. Last night I was hungry.  I mean, the kind of hungry where even if you are full you are hungry. The only thing that would have satisfied that hunger would have been movie theater popcorn with lots of butter.  So, I ate some fruit and veggies.  Didn’t satisfy but it filled me up.

It’s been raining a lot here.  That’s probably no big surprise. I mean, rain is a part of spring, no?  The big surprise is how slippery grass is!  Plus, it was recently cut.  So I have little piles of cut grass randomly placed in my yard and driveway.  It’s a like trying to walk on a slip-and-slid in nylons during a tropical storm in some areas.

Today though the sun is shining.  I don’t know how long it will last.  I hope it will be sunny for a few days. We are in the time of year when school has several events and outings.  For example, Friday Son has a field trip and Monday Daughter has one.  Thursday is awards night.  Yup, the end of the school year wind down has begun.

You know what else has begun? Season Finales.  You do know what Season Finale means, right?  It roughly translates to “Cruel on-the-edge-of-your-seat worse possible moment to end a show episode”!  You know it does.  I mean, we’ve all been there yelling at the tv.  Usually it sounds something like this:  “OH NO! you can NOT! leave it there!”  or  “Uh! They can’t die!!!”  or “Bu.. I… How…. aarrrggh!”  with hands thrown up in the air.

One show I watch tries to be kind. They nicely wrap up a season with a little bow of “end of chapter xx” and show you a glimpse of the next chapter/season.  However, that’s just a minute or two taste.  You still have to wait.  It’s like bringing out the desert and giving you a sample of your favorite delight on one of those tiny disposable sample spoons and saying “Sorry, you can’t have it right now.”  Cruel I tell ya! Cruel!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I must make a diet-shake, open some windows and catch up on my on-line shows.

Random Stuff February 21, 2009

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I still use Twitter.  I don’t understand the whole #tag thing.  Why where do those ‘tagged’ items go?  What is the point?

I also use Plurk. I like Pluk though it takes a bit to get use to.  But you can reply to plurks and have mini-conversations.  Side scrolling can be frustrating, but I still like it.  It’s less used though.  I only have one friend there so I am looking sad and lonely.

I downloaded TweetDeck too. I don’t get the big thrill of it.  I also downloaded one of the other applications.  I think I like it better, but then again, maybe it’s just nicer colour wise…

I am “following” some people I don’t really know (on Twitter).  It’s quite interesting.  One I followed just because I read her blog and she kept saying to add her.  She led to another, who led to another, who lead to third.  They are all in the same business.  It’s a business I use to dream of being a part of… It’s so interesting to read their tweets and the peeks of that world that come along.  Sometimes though, it’s a little hard.  Hard in the “could of been” sort of way. I try not to dwell there though.

I am still taking the on-line class through the church.  I bombed the first 2 tests, but not really.  I mean, the computer marked them wrong, but they were right.  For example: One answer was “Covenant” and I put “Covenant which means agreement”  So, technically it’s right.  I think another was marked wrong by the computer because I either added or left “the” off.  So, I tanked, but once a human goes over it, I won’t have done that bad!

Speaking of class…
I have checked into a local college (yes, there is one near by), and may be picking up a class over the summer.  Exciting, huh?

That is until I take and get the results of the entrance exam.  Yikes!
Also, I will have to get a shot. Ouch!

Speaking of getting… it is time for me to “get”.  Yup, time to take my children to their Saturdays morning stuff.  See ya’ll later!

It Has Begun August 18, 2008

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The First Monday of School has arrived.

That’s right. School is in session, right now, as I sit here typing this.

I, along with many other blogging mothers, am letting you know that, OH Yeah Baby! School has BEGUN!

… Well, it has for us anyhow.

And the morning went pretty smoothly for us, too. The school situation was not so smooth. That was kind of rough. Does no one know how to park?
That being the only stress… Oh and Daughter was a bit unhappy that someone sat by her in the van. However, I don’t think she’ll let that ruin her day. She was excited and nervous and I hope she has a really great day!
Son was a bit excited I think, although this year he was not looking forward to school starting. He still likes school; he felt summer was too short.

Summer was shorter than usual because they had to make up snow days.

On my way home I stopped and picked up French Toast Sticks and a sugary drink.
I know. I like to live on the edge like that.

The house seems so still, so quiet. I can hear the bird outside chirping. Yeah, bird, not birds. There is just one making noise. I think the rest are still asleep. Either that, or they have followed the all the children in the area off to school. Yeah, that’s right. Even the BIRDS are having their first day of school here.

Sunday Songs 9 August 18, 2008

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The “last weekend of the summer event” went off quite well. I even swam with my children!

Okay, so I did go through a bit of electronic withdrawal and I did end up using my cell phone. However, the children we happily playing in the water and I was watching them while I was on the phone.

Which reminds me… Thank you to a friend of mine and her reminders.

We did have a good time though.
And we made it to church too.

Next week we start a new series. There are two online services if you want to attend this weekend.

I did talk to the school about the Honor’s Class. It was not a credit class. The only credit class is Algebra. So, Son will still have his first high school credit before high school. We (the counselor and I) talked about the class thing and the English teacher. We spoke about the students (in general and about Son in particular) and the teaching style of L.A. teacher. The things that are going to be different this year were discussed. We spoke about another teacher, teachers in general, the benchmark test, and a few other things. So, I am feeling much better. Which means she is either good a placating parents or we really did reach an understanding.

With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. I wasn’t too fond of the original official video. Actually, that’s not completely fair since I did not watch the whole thing. So, let me try that again…


With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. The video I am choosing is not the official video. It is one made with clips from another movie. Enjoy.

School of Hard Knocks
By: P.O.D.
Movie Clips: The Matrix


Rant and Rambles August 15, 2008

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It rained last night. How do I know? I woke up many times to a dripping sound. I looked around and decided that it was a drip on the wall unit. Later, I woke up again to a drip sound. I found it! I had a leak. I got a dirty towel, pot, and went back to bed. When I finally got up I saw another spot. Grrr! Two leaks. *sigh*

Last night was the middle school open house introduction welcome to the new school year event. I am sure there was a shorter name for it, but my name is much more descriptive.

Honor’s English was removed because they could not work it into the schedule. No, I did not mean Son was removed from Honor’s English. I mean the class it’s self was removed. I said “ok”. What else is there really to say? “No, I don’t care that you couldn’t make it work. My son was recommended for it by his pre-AP teacher last year. You will re-create this class and put him in it!” Yes, I wondered how this is going to affect him in the long run. As it stands, he will be in Pre-AP English again with a mix of students. Where is the challenge? Yeah, he can help those in class that are “below the standard” and needing help, but how does that help him advance? This is the challenge of Small Town Schools, I guess. The 20 or so students in Honor’s English will have to go without because the adults could not make the schedules work. I guess I am a bit aggravated over this situation. I wonder, really, what the issue with scheduling is that denies these students what they need. Plus, doesn’t this take away a High School Credit? gah!!!

I wonder if I talk to the school again if it will help.

I also wonder when to use effect verses affect.

Today we get to shop for the last few things that are left on the “school shopping list”. The children get their hair cut today.

We are going to do our last event of the summer this weekend. It won’t be as cool as it could have been had things been cheaper and had we had income, but it will still be fun. I just know it!

Hubby is trying out a new job. It’s 3rd shift. It started Monday night. It pays well for the area. I don’t like it. Not because of what it is, but because he’s not eating during his shift which is sometimes 12 hours.  He’s also not going to stay on a regular sleep schedule on his days off. It would seem he has already pushed himself to say up for 24 hours once. Under normal circumstances, “Oh well. He’s a big boy.” However, this is not normal circumstances. The boy had a couple of strokes a few months ago. Stroke, people, not TIA. His diet and sleep needs to be steady. If he’s going to pull this stuff, he might as well go back to his old job. If he does that, I’m getting big life insurance policies and bide my time, I guess. I know, sounds cold. Yes, I told him that too. His reply? “That’ll be expensive” *rolls eyes* Whatev. As if the years of therapy the children will go through over watching you do this to yourself, and to them, won’t be expensive? Can I smack him around a bit if I don’t hit his head?

I think that last rant right there will bring the spam comments. Yay. (that yay was dripping with sarcasm. Just sayin’)

Hi. I’m a spam bot that thinks this post was really informative. By the way, you can get insurance at *insert 75 links here*.

So, I think I’ll go take a shower, head to the school and ask some more questions, take the children and get their hair cut, wait for Misty to reply to my email *hint hint Misty* and try not to take my frustrations out on random strangers because that’s just not a good example. Oh, I know! I’ll call Goob. He loves hearing me rant. Sick freak…. kind of like me.

Yaah, I’m gonna hit the SoBe Lean early today.

I hope ya’ll have a good one.