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Ice Storm Chronicles I February 9, 2009

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(This is a 3 post series.  Below is Part 1)

I know this is a little late.  Although I have had Internet back for about a week now, I have not really been blogging.

I didn’t know how long I would be without electricity once it went out. The electric company said 2 to 6 weeks before everyone had power back. Local authorities were saying 2 weeks until electricity was restored. I ended up being out for only about 5 days, and 7 without net. At the time of typing this, people I know are still without power.

Below is taken from my “blogging notebook” (ink pen and paper), written by flashlight, candlelight or sunlight.

Ice Storm Chronicles:

Day 1:
I woke up around 9. It was nice to sleep in. However, before I was even able to make breakfast “Pop Pop Pop” and off goes the electricity.

Breakfast was a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  This kept the fridge closed.

I took a few photos of ice covered trees, tires, steps and such.  Hubby cleared off our steps and kept me company.  My camera battery is low so my photos will be limited.

A friend of mine received a text whining about my lack of electronics, I mean, electricity.  After a few exchanges I noticed my cell battery was low.

It’s almost 8:00 pm.  We’ve been in bed for almost 2 hours.  Bed time is dark. By that, I mean when darkness fell, we all went to bed.

Hubby asked if I was blogging as I reached for my pen and paper.  I said “No.”  We both laughed and he rolled over.  By flashlight I write as I listen to him snore and trees cracking.  Earlier we laid here watching flashes of light, trying to figure out what they were.  Cars?  Transformers?

There was a loud crack.  Another big branch must have fallen.


Day 2 & 3 next post


Part 2 Here (opens in this window)

Part 3 Here (opens in this window)



Wants Wishes and Dreams December 31, 2008

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Hubby just sent a text message to me. (He is away with work.) It said he is starting a collection of Wiz of Oz stuff for his mom for next Christmas.
This from the man who often has shopped the day before, of, and even after Christmas for my present. Well, yeah, I of course I responded to that text!  I said “Yay!  Christmas shopping early!”

He responded with “Yes. So, what do you want?”

Well, with an opening like that, I could not resist.  My fingers just went to flying…
“My two front teeth, new feet, new house, top of the line alien computer.  What about you?” (I had to ask. I mean, I’m not selfish!) “Oh and my own islands in SL” (a virtual world)

I was going to ask you, “Do you think that may have been too much?”. But while typing the question, I received a text from him…

“New house with acreage, big shop with all tools, and money to start my own business.  And to loose weight.”

Um, yeah. Just like that.  We shoot off the wants.
We don’t have any dreams or anything….



What about you? What would your list look like?
The first things that came to mind.
Com’on, bare your worldly desires and dream for a moment…

Randomly Updating & Sunday Songs 11 August 31, 2008

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Wonderful Box:

About one week ago I alluded to a wonderful box (among other things) in a post I wrote.  Now, lucky lucky you gets to read all about it.
I had ordered some clothes for Daughter on-line.  They fit, but if she grows or eats a large meal they will no longer fit.  So, I got a hold of friend to ask what size her girls wear.  Turns out, the clothes are too big for her girls, but…….

Ah, the but.  I love this but.

BUT, she has a box sitting there that I might be interested in.   It is full of clothes just my girl’s size.

So, we were blessed beyond measure with a box of clothes that will both give Daughter some new school clothes and winter clothes.

There was one big fault with this box though.  What is that, you ask?  What could I possibly complain about?  Well, this:

Don’t ya just LOVE them?!?!?!?!  The problem is, they are Daughter’s size, not mine!  How rude!  Right?

******** **** ******** ****

Actually that box also arrived right around Daughter’s birthday.  For her, it was like getting a present in the mail!  Yay!
Her birthday actually fell on a weekday, so we celebrated on Saturday.  Yes, Movie Saturday.  She invited a friend to go to the movies with her instead of having a party.  Worked for me, sorta.  See, I did not enjoy the movie all that much and there were a few “issues.”   But all in all, I guess, it was good.  *clears throat*  Okay, well it wasn’t too bad.

******** **** ******** ****

Have I mentioned that Mother is not, I repeat NOT computer knowledgeable.  I mean, seriously.  Ok, let me just give you a hint as to how bad it is…
She called when she got her new computer (yes, she actually has had a computer before this one).  She said “It’s all hooked up but won’t come on. The screen is black.”
I asked the standard questions.  “Is it plugged into the wall and the computer?  Is it turned on?”
She could not find the power button for the monitor.   …… “You mean the thing that looks like a clock?”

Ok, well this same woman now has internet.  I spend the better part of 3 days trying to get her, her new roommate, their two computers and their cable tv all set up.  *sigh*  And I ain’t done yet.

She calls with questions.  Which, I normally wouldn’t mind, but the calls in the past have gone like this:
“There was a box. What does it mean?”
“Read it to me.”
“I can’t. I closed it.  Why was it there?”


“Why won’t my music play?”
“Open your media player.”
“What’s that?”

Okay, so asking what a media player is when you don’t know is fine. However, you must keep in mind, that I had SHOWN her before where it is and where the quick link to open it was…

This is the source of endless frustration followed (days later) by laughter.   She takes my frustration well.  I have, standing in front of her, made “static sounds” (like on a cell phone) and said “You’re breaking up.”

******** **** ******** ****

So far school seems to be going well. You know, outside of the big drama.  Don’t worry, we actually weren’t directly involved this time.  That is to say, we weren’t the main characters.

******** **** ******** ****

Just got off the phone, I kid you not, to answer more questions.  Yes, SHE is on the INTERNET.   By the way, a forward slash is under the question mark… next to the shift key.

******** **** ******** ****

And that last phone call leads me to this week’s Sunday Song.  I picked something rather mellow and from way way back.  So, kick back, relax, and enjoy this song from another time.

Have You Never Been Mellow
By: Olivia Newton-John

Shipping Insecurities August 28, 2008

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I have recently mailed off 3 packages of similar items to 3 different people.
This is my internal story of said mailing.  Am I the only one who does this?

Date: 26 August 2008
Packages: 3
Confidence: 10 out of 10

Date: 27 August 2008
Packages en route: 3
Thoughts:  Did I put the right notes in the right envelopes?  Did I mix up the contents?  Are the right things going to the right people?
Confidence: 7 out of 10

Date: 28 August 2008
Packages en route: 3
Delivery Confirmation Emails: 0
Thoughts: What if gave the wrong tracking numbers to the wrong people?  I better look and see if they (the packages) are heading in the right direction…
Package 1 – It’s in her town already. Good.
Package 2 – What?  Why is it there?  That’s odd routing.
Package 3 – ACK!  Why is it still showing as here?!?
Confidence: 5 out of 10

Date: 28 August 2008 – still
Packages en route:
2? 3?
Call the post office and see if it’s under the counter
Small Town Postal Employee: “Nope. It’s not under the desk and there is no room under the counter.  It just means I am the only one who has scanned it.”
Me: “But the other two went through NearByTown and are now in State1 and State2.  This one hasn’t been anywhere.”
Small Town Postal Employee: “I don’t know why NearByTown did not scan it.  They should have.  It’s delivery date is the 29th.  I’m just the only one who has scanned it.  It’ll scan once it is delivered or attempted.”
Me: “Okay.  If they don’t get it tomorrow, I’ll talk you Saturday.”

Confidence: 3 out of 10

Date: 28 August 2008 – yes, still
Packages en route: Who Knows.
Confidence: 4 out 10
Thoughts: Gah!  I’m not patient.  Hurry up and deliver those packages already, would ya?!?

Back to Life August 20, 2008

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So I was on the phone with a friend earlier who was at work. I guess his break was over as he said “I have to get back.”

I replied “Back to life? Back to reality?”

He said “OH GEE! THANKS! Now I have THAT song stuck in my head”

I laughed.


Back To Life
By: Soul II Soul


I didn’t just get it stuck in your head now too, did I?

Pop Goes the Bubble August 18, 2008

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My alone time bubble has been popped.
But at least I got a laugh out of it…


Setting: I had just gotten out of the shower when Hubby arrived home. I was in my room getting dressed. He walked in…

Hubby: “Lucy, I’m home” *imitating an old television show*

Me: “I can smell, er, tell.”

Hubby: “What?” *frowns*

Me: “I, um, I heard you come in. Yeah, that’s it.” *smirk*

Hubby: “Did you enjoy your peaceful day?”

Me: “Yeah, I did. It was great. Kind of like when they were at camp, I ate when I wanted. Not before I was hungry, not after, just when I was I hungry and when I wanted.”

Hubby: *whines* “I’m hungry”

Me: *doing the head weave* “You’re a grown man, fix something fo’ yourself”

Hubby: *laughing* “I had planned on it.”

Me: “I also watched a movie, on the tv, loud enough for me to hear, with adult dialog and situations. Not animated. There was one animal, a dog, but it didn’t talk, I couldn’t hear it’s thoughts, it was just a dog.”

Hubby: “Good!”

Me: *fully dressed walking back to the bathroom, where Hubby was also heading so he could shower* “Hey! You’re taking over the bathroom!”
…. *grinning and walking away from the bathroom*
“Yup, it was peaceful until about 1:40 when I felt like my space was invaded.”

Hubby: “That…. HEY! That’s about what time I got home!”

Me: *turning back to him looking innocent* “Oh? Is it?”

Dis-gust-ing August 4, 2008

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That is what teenage boys are.


Set Up: *Son takes a piece of “pig ear alternative” off a corner and puts it in his mouth*

Son: Better than dog treat. Not too bad actually.
Me: *make face and almost gag*
Son: I’ll go over here so you don’t have to see…

The enigmatic “they” were right when THEY said “Teenagers will eat anything!”


A few minutes later…

Son: Is that yummy? *directed towards dog who is eating the rest of the ear*
Son: I thought so too.


A Glass of Water July 15, 2008

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“Be careful what you ask for” in action…


Daughter: Mom, I’m thirsty. Will you please get a drink for me?

Me: Sure. * I pick up my cup off of the table, finish off the water that is in there, set the empty cup back on the table * Did that help?

Daughter: Not really. Mom, will you please bring a drink to me?