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Spider Daycare July 25, 2008

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There are some things you just don’t want to see on the porch…


And since I have absolutely no desire to have little baby spiders crawling on me, I left them there. Yes, you read that right. I – left – them – there!!

But let me tell you this…
As soon as those babies are gone, the porch is getting a thorough cleaning.
After all, I ain’t tryin’ to run no spider daycare here!


(Side Note: ppppffff. Yes, I know, bad grammar. Loosen up a bit, would ya?)


Summer is HERE June 7, 2008

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Yes, it is official.
Summer is HERE!

How do I know this to be true?
(I’ll tell ya)
Did I look at the calendar and find “the first day of summer” ?
(It lies! It says June 20th is the first day)
Did I turn on the a/c and say “It must be summer” ?
(Yes, I did turn on the a/c, but that’s not it)
Did I see the youth down at the swimming hole and form the “It’s summer” conclusion?
(Oh, I saw them alright, but again, that was not it)

I’ll tell you exactly how I came to this conclusion.
Yesterday, a little past noon, I saw the school bus…
… for the last time this school year.

Yes, it is true. My children are home for roughly the next 70 (+/-) days.
Not that anyone is counting….

It is official.
Summer has indeed begun.

Days filled with “I’m bored” and “Go back to sleep” and “It’s summer! Why can’t I stay up all night? ” and “MooOOoOOooom, I’m hungry!!”

You know, when I was a kid (I know, here we go *insert rolling eyes*) and it was summer, I didn’t sit around all day playing on a computer. A “game boy” was the kid who liked to play games. I rode my bike uphill both ways in 153degree temperatures for fun. For FUN, I tell ya! I had an imagination! And I USED it!!! I actually played outside all day long!
Or I ran around with my friends and I……. and I……..
Wait, maybe them staying inside whining isn’t so bad after all.