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Another Update November 8, 2008

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If I am consistently inconsistent does that make me technically consistent?

I had thought of many things to blog about over the last week or two, but somehow the posts never actually made it to the final “publish” stage.

Son had a youth event last Friday night.
Daughter went to Grandma’s House.
Hubby and I did nothing.  We were going to go to the movies, but the mood just wasn’t right.
Ah well, maybe next time?

So, let’s see… What else?

Man has been looking for a job. He is finding that his past poor choices are making it difficult.  My sympathy is not real high because it is an issue I nag him on anyhow.  No, that does not mean I am gloating or even proud of the “nag-factor”.  I just means that he should listened to me!!!

One place that he had a lead on is holding his stroke against him.  They are saying he should be denied for 5 years.  5 years?!?!   Well, I have news for them.  I made many a phone call and they are wrong.  Seriously, wrong.  See, before we shelled out the money we didn’t have to get his physical so he could go back to work, I checked to make sure his stroke would not be the denying factor.  It wouldn’t.  He did not, I repeat, not lose consciousness or seize.  It was 5 days after his accident – where there was a head a injury but no loss of consciousness.  He is also not on any prescription medication.  In another words, he passed his physical and he is able to do his job.  So, bbbpbpbpptptppbpbpttttt at that company!

Me?  Well, I’m still jobless, my house still stinks (it’s old), and I still spend to much time sitting on my chair staring at the inanimate object known as “a screen”.

That’s what been going on here.
Now it’s your turn.
What have you been up to lately?


Spiders Are Everywhere August 18, 2008

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The story I am about to tell is true. For those of you who have spider issues, you may want to brace yourself for some heebie-jebbies.

——– —- ——– —- ——– —- ——– —-

Last night I was recovering relaxing after a weekend away with the children. I was barefoot, kicked back in my comfy office chair, eating ice cream and watching some on-line movie.

The ice cream finished, I walked into the kitchen to take care of my favorite ice cream spoon and the empty container. I was looking at my Beta fish, wondering if it would make it through the night. This means I was not watching where I was going.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know there are a lot of spiders in my house. I may have mentioned in the past that I have even caught a few scorpions in the house. All but one has been found in the same place. That place being in my kitchen, on the floor, in front of the refrigerator at night.
Relax, last night I did not encounter a scorpion. It is simply a bit of history so that you might understand why one would think that I would tend to watch the floor when walking in there.

Okay, so last night I head into the kitchen with spoon in one hand and empty container in the other. Now, I’m not a girly girl nor am I a tom-boy. I am somewhere in the middle. I am not prone to the “typical girl reaction”. However last night…..

I walked into the kitchen, and under my bare foot I felt something. It felt kind of hard and strange. I figured a child dropped a wrapper or dried bread or something gross like that. Gross because the child did not pick it up. I figured, as I stepped off of it, that I would take care of the floor when I finished what I was doing. I turned to look where I had stepped to see what it was they had left for the cleaning fairy. “It” was moving, quickly. I jumped back, girly like, threw the spoon into the sink and crushed the container in my hand. I did not scream, but I think I gasped as I jumped back!

At first, it looked like a scorpion. “AAAHHH!! I just stepped on a scorpion!” went through my mind. Then I realized that it was not a scorpion at all. No. No I had stepped on a…. are ready for this… a WOLF SPIDER.
The thing that felt strange was probably it’s “hair”. AHHHHHH!

When will I learn?

Yes, I caught it. No I did not take a picture this time.
If you want to see one I have caught in the past (with her egg), there is a photo here and here.
I kindly thanked the spider for not biting me.
This morning I released it across the street.

Why didn’t I kill it?
Well, quite frankly, they crunch when you squash them and that’s disgusting!

Rant and Rambles August 15, 2008

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It rained last night. How do I know? I woke up many times to a dripping sound. I looked around and decided that it was a drip on the wall unit. Later, I woke up again to a drip sound. I found it! I had a leak. I got a dirty towel, pot, and went back to bed. When I finally got up I saw another spot. Grrr! Two leaks. *sigh*

Last night was the middle school open house introduction welcome to the new school year event. I am sure there was a shorter name for it, but my name is much more descriptive.

Honor’s English was removed because they could not work it into the schedule. No, I did not mean Son was removed from Honor’s English. I mean the class it’s self was removed. I said “ok”. What else is there really to say? “No, I don’t care that you couldn’t make it work. My son was recommended for it by his pre-AP teacher last year. You will re-create this class and put him in it!” Yes, I wondered how this is going to affect him in the long run. As it stands, he will be in Pre-AP English again with a mix of students. Where is the challenge? Yeah, he can help those in class that are “below the standard” and needing help, but how does that help him advance? This is the challenge of Small Town Schools, I guess. The 20 or so students in Honor’s English will have to go without because the adults could not make the schedules work. I guess I am a bit aggravated over this situation. I wonder, really, what the issue with scheduling is that denies these students what they need. Plus, doesn’t this take away a High School Credit? gah!!!

I wonder if I talk to the school again if it will help.

I also wonder when to use effect verses affect.

Today we get to shop for the last few things that are left on the “school shopping list”. The children get their hair cut today.

We are going to do our last event of the summer this weekend. It won’t be as cool as it could have been had things been cheaper and had we had income, but it will still be fun. I just know it!

Hubby is trying out a new job. It’s 3rd shift. It started Monday night. It pays well for the area. I don’t like it. Not because of what it is, but because he’s not eating during his shift which is sometimes 12 hours.  He’s also not going to stay on a regular sleep schedule on his days off. It would seem he has already pushed himself to say up for 24 hours once. Under normal circumstances, “Oh well. He’s a big boy.” However, this is not normal circumstances. The boy had a couple of strokes a few months ago. Stroke, people, not TIA. His diet and sleep needs to be steady. If he’s going to pull this stuff, he might as well go back to his old job. If he does that, I’m getting big life insurance policies and bide my time, I guess. I know, sounds cold. Yes, I told him that too. His reply? “That’ll be expensive” *rolls eyes* Whatev. As if the years of therapy the children will go through over watching you do this to yourself, and to them, won’t be expensive? Can I smack him around a bit if I don’t hit his head?

I think that last rant right there will bring the spam comments. Yay. (that yay was dripping with sarcasm. Just sayin’)

Hi. I’m a spam bot that thinks this post was really informative. By the way, you can get insurance at *insert 75 links here*.

So, I think I’ll go take a shower, head to the school and ask some more questions, take the children and get their hair cut, wait for Misty to reply to my email *hint hint Misty* and try not to take my frustrations out on random strangers because that’s just not a good example. Oh, I know! I’ll call Goob. He loves hearing me rant. Sick freak…. kind of like me.

Yaah, I’m gonna hit the SoBe Lean early today.

I hope ya’ll have a good one.

Spider Daycare July 25, 2008

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There are some things you just don’t want to see on the porch…


And since I have absolutely no desire to have little baby spiders crawling on me, I left them there. Yes, you read that right. I – left – them – there!!

But let me tell you this…
As soon as those babies are gone, the porch is getting a thorough cleaning.
After all, I ain’t tryin’ to run no spider daycare here!


(Side Note: ppppffff. Yes, I know, bad grammar. Loosen up a bit, would ya?)

Spiders June 19, 2008

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I live in a very old house. Unfortunately, the house was not well maintained.
The repairs that were going to be done while we lived here simply did not happen.
No, I don’t own the house.
I rent… from relatives.

We are thankful for the roof over our heads. I complain a lot about our current house and standard of living. I don’t actually let people come over. Even in this “shame” comes thankfulness… As odd as it sounds, I am thankful to even have a place to be ashamed of.

One of the problems (the list is long) with this house is in fact our house mates.
Sometimes I just “smash” them.
Sometimes I collect them and set them free.
I even have a special container.

Often times, for me, they are easier to catch than to kill.
Every time, I must be careful.

Our house-mates range from looking scary to being scary.

Allow me to introduce a few to you…

This one is a bit crabby.

No, it’s not a tick.
It’s a Crab Spider.

I don’t know if that’s his/her official name or not.
If it’s not, it should be.

This one seems a bit aggressive… like a crab on the beach.
Wouldn’t you be if you were a spider and a human was trying to get you pose?
“Lemme see your pinch pose. Work it, WORK IT!!!”

The Crab Spider is not the only one who likes to traipse around the house.
Oh, no. It’s not.

We have some motherly type spiders as well.
The “scary to see” kind made a visit to our nifty little bug jar recently.

She was quite amazing to watch in her motherly splendor.

I am certain here she was looking at me thinking “Where are the rest of your eyes?”

Wolf Spiders are pretty amazing actually. Did you know they carry their eggs with them? And they let their babies ride on their backs like the scorpions do! (How I know that is a whoooolllle other post!) They are big and fast but not poisonous. That does not mean I would want to get bit by one. OUCH! That would hurt!!

Another mother I would not want to get bit by is the very poisonous Black Widow Spider. No sir-ee-bob!

This little lady was found near her egg sack munching on a beetle. Being that she is so dangerous, she should have just been smooshed. However, she was in a place that made catching her easier. Not to mention, I had no desire to break her egg and have way-too-many-illion baby black widows crawling all over me. That thought makes even me shiver!

I have to admit, I think black widows are beautiful… just not in my yard, in my house, or around any people.

I managed to catch her, her food and her egg.

I think it scared her.

I took her to a field, dumped her and her egg and took off. …. QUICKLY!

She was pretty amazing to watch too. After a while in the jar she tried crawling to her egg sack. I tilted the tightly closed jar and she ran to her babies. She crawled across her food and put her hands on the sack. I thought she looked like she was checking to make sure they were okay. She seemed protective… maybe it was my imagination?

One house-mate I wish was just in my imagination is the Brown Recluse Spider.

I would be fine with this little eight-legged creature and ALL it’s relatives moving out.
Really, I would.
Seriously… It would be just fine with me if they all left.

Brown Recluses like dark places. Boxes. Old places.
And as I said, this is a very very old house. It’s not well maintained.
It’s also cluttery, junky, drafty and cracky.
(Cracks in the walls, floors, foundation and well you get the picture.)

And it is full of SPIDERS!!

Some times, I talk to them. I tell them to get out. I don’t want them as house mates anymore.
But they just don’t listen…. Well, they might listen, but they don’t move out.

Oh look… There goes one now….
And he’s not even on my blog yet…
The jumper…….

Where is my shoe?