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Movie, No Movie May 12, 2009

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I like going to the movie theater.  I enjoy it.  Usually.  There are times when it is not as fun as it could be.  For example, there may be uncomfortable seats or rude co-viewers.  Overall, though, it is something I like to do.

This weekend, I put going to the movies on my to-do list. There are a few films out that have caught my eye.  Not all of them are family friendly however. Therefore, picking and choosing I must take into consideration more than what my “want” is.  This is not uncommon since I often live the life of a married-single-parent.  I sit through movies that I would not if I were alone.  I sit through movies that I want to see, but think the child/ren would enjoy too.  Rare is the moment where I go to a movie because I alone want to see the movie.  And when that does happen, it is usually because somehow I got away, alone, without any specific reason or prior plans.

There is a movie out that I alone wanted to see.  I think it will be okay for my children to see, too.  There may be a may be a scene or two where we all close our eyes, but overall, I from what I hear, it will be an okay movie for us.

Saturday, Daughter spent the night at a friend’s house.  Son and I went to the movies.  We both wanted to see one that I did not think would be suitable for Daughter.  Add to that, she has little to no background in the X Men series, I thought there might also be a lot of questions.  Questions are good, but not during a movie without a pause button.

Anyhow, Son and I took this opportunity to watch the movie we both wanted to see.  I had enough money (especially since we didn’t spend much at the concession stand) to see another movie.  When Son finds out which movie, he is not pleased. He did not want to see it.  I could have pushed the issue.  I could have made him.  I did not think it was worth it and let him win that one. I mean, I wanted to have a nice time. I did not want to sit next to a sulky teenager.  He said the series, when he use to watch it, became boring. Boring?!? I told him that I have heard good feedback on the movie. He still had no interest in it.

It was kind of late. I was also a bit tired. So, as I said, I let him win.  We did not watch it.

Of course, when I got home I pulled up movie trailers to see if they would spark his interest.  I think we watched 3 of them.  Still no real interest, but a maybe.

Sunday after church, times did not work out well for our schedule.  So, Daughter, Son, and I did not make it then either.  I tried though. I worked around my “need to do” in my head with the length of the movie and the times it was showing.  Nope.  It was not going to happen that Sunday.   I was disappointed.  I mean, after all, aaaaallll the other mother’s got to do what they wanted!   Okay, probably not, but what kind of pity party doesn’t serve a dish of exaggeration?

Moving on.

Monday rolls around and I try to put the movie out of my mind.  There is no day time showing and the evening showings won’t work with our schedule.

So what happens next?  Well, yesterday Son came home from school and said “Mom, I want to go see Star Trek.  I hear it’s awesome!”
WHAT?!?!  I reminded him that he was told that my friends gave it good reviews.
“Yeah, but you didn’t say it was awesome.”

Gah!!  I told him that he just likes to be contrary as I was swatting at him.  He just laughed and asked “Can we go tonight?”

*sigh*  Teenagers!


Sunday Songs 13 and Movies September 22, 2008

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Yeah, I know it’s Monday.  Shhh!

I heard about a movie on the radio this morning.  The movie is called Fireproof.  Maybe I’m just hormonal, but the clip on the radio and the trailer on-line got me all teary eyed.  I do not think it’s a big Hollywood production. However, it is not suppose to be super cheesy either.  Unfortunately, it is not coming to my area… yet.

Daughter and I went to the movies Saturday.  We saw Igor.  It wasn’t too bad, actually.  Probably not my favorite children’s movie, but not too bad. Though the promo says something about h a l l o w e e n, I do not remember that holiday being mentioned. It’s just a bunch of monster and e v i l scientist. … Yeah, I know how that sounds. But really I think it’s more about good vs. bad, right choices vs. wrong.  But then again, maybe I was just too into my popcorn to know what really going on around me.

Sunday we went to church.  New series time again.  Then Sunday night I tried a new HT.
Have I mentioned that Wednesday at noon-central time there is an on-line service?  I am pretty sure I mentioned the two on-line Sunday services before now.
Anyhow, the new series is about God’s will. No, the pastor is not trying to tell us what God’s will is for us individually exactly, but more how to find God’s will.  (Hint: Opening His Word and getting to know HIM)  So, if you want to join me, come on.

I Know Who I Am
By: Israel & New Breed