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Laziness Stole My Week! March 5, 2009

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A friend invited me to go walking with her today. That really interferes with my plan to dominate the world with passivity and laziness.  You know, to properly master being lazy is much more work than it should be. I’m just sayin’

I did skip working out again today. I blame my toe.  I’ve been (what I call) medicating it since last night. So, I think I’ll be okay to walk.  You know, other that it completely and totally contradicting my lazy plan.

Speaking of plans… I did have big plans that included massive cleaning and a daily workout routine, but that kind of fell by the way side.  I ended up eating poorly and watching too much (on-line) t.v.

I mean, seriously, LOST, HK, Heroes, Chuck, The Terminator: TSCC, Fringe, Bones… Can you blame me?
And thanks to a friend, I have added another show to the list.  See, she told me about a show on TNT.  I hadn’t actually seen the show myself.  So, it only made sense that I should go to the site and check it out, right?  Well, while I was there, I discovered some episodes of  The Closer I hadn’t seen. Well, you can bet your whole bag of Smarties that I watched what was available there.  And while I was on-site, I checked out one other show called Leverage.  Hooked.  That’s all I can say.  Hooked.  It cracks me up much like Bones does.  I can see the old me so much in one of those characters.  Don’t worry about which one.  And then, a couple of the guys in the show… How comical.  I know both those types.  I love the characters because it’s just… they’re funny.

Hey, I only claim to have a sense of humor. I don’t recall saying it’s a GOOD one, just that it exists.  K? K.

Anyhow, the computer and my toe and the ice cream have completely stolen all my time this week.  S-L-A-C-K-E-R!!!

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty to do this weekend. Yes?


Zillionaire October 4, 2008

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I got very little done today.  I suppose that means tomorrow’s “To Do List” will be twice as long.

I did get the other site pretty close to done.  However, that won’t put clean clothes in our rooms.   *sigh*  If I were a zillionaire, I’d so hire someone to do the laundry… and the dishes… and the floors….  and the, well, you get the idea.

I feel like I’ve been away from blogging forever.
Has it really been that long or have I just been busy?

Spider Daycare July 25, 2008

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There are some things you just don’t want to see on the porch…


And since I have absolutely no desire to have little baby spiders crawling on me, I left them there. Yes, you read that right. I – left – them – there!!

But let me tell you this…
As soon as those babies are gone, the porch is getting a thorough cleaning.
After all, I ain’t tryin’ to run no spider daycare here!


(Side Note: ppppffff. Yes, I know, bad grammar. Loosen up a bit, would ya?)

Day One July 21, 2008

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It’s late.
I’m tired.

Before I head off to bed I must note that I spend much of today (between napping and eating) watching the clock and thinking of my children.

….They should be arriving at camp now.
….I wonder if they are all settled in.
….They are at their last event for the day now.
….They are getting ready for their first night away.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I did also listen to really loud music, did not cook when I was not hungry, slept instead of ate, “dressed” comfortably, and did not hear any bickering.

Day 1 down of camp down.
Tomorrow we (Hubby & I) have an early appointment. The day after I will sleep in without guilt. Oh yeah, Baby!

Blog Readers pt.1 July 12, 2008

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I confess.
I use a blog reader.
I often see posts without being seen on stat counters.
Sometimes I see posts that are deleted but caught in my reader before delete was hit.

I am not trying to be sneaky. Nope, I’m not.
I am just lazy.

See, back in the day I use to hit blogs 3 or 4 times a day looking to see if a new post was up. Yeah, I was home a lot and looking to escape. Plus I am very nosy caring. The people behind some of the blogs and I actually became friends. We’d chat on various instant messengers, email, or visit on other sites.

Some of those friendships have faded away. Some are kind of on again and off again. A couple of people I still email, visit their blogs, and/or talk to in other ways. I still think about the ones that I became close to but don’t get to talk to anymore.

I think, for me, it seems like people are friends because there is less of the “get to know you” stage when your first introduction is seeing into their private lives.

See, there are many types of bloggers. Some stick to topics (tech blogs, car blogs, recipe blogs, etc), some mix topics with life (farm blogs, frugal with life, applying Scripture in every day life, telling about your day and then the recipe you used for dinner, etc), some are therapeutic (rants and raves only, processing childhood memories, talking about therapy, dreams, journaling living life with _______ disorder, etc), some are like magazines with many authors (living life as a large woman, how to be frugal, tech, etc.) and some are just plain ol’ personal (mixing a bit of it all, raw and candid). I visit a bit of them all. The blogs that are most candid, it seems more like they are friends. Some people may be uncomfortable reading about a person’s life. To me though, it is like going out to lunch and lending an ear to a friend.

I think I got off track.
Where was I?
Oh yeah…

Blog readers…
Okay, so I use to hit certain blogs several times a day because they often posted at least once a day (sometimes more). Eventually, I decided to give “subscribing” a try. However, not one to be consistent with email, I went to a feed thingy.

I soon learned that the feed thingy would be one of my most favorite tools.

I no longer had to check all those individual links. I only had to open one little site and BAM! there were all the posts I needed to get caught up on. Not only that, I could add this little thing to my browser to make adding blogs to my feeder-reader easier!
Sometimes it is not the most current – meaning it does not always instantly grab a new post. But it will be there eventually.
Not everyone has their blog set up for feeds. Some sites you just have to check yourself.
Sometimes you read a post, go there to comment, and learn the post has been deleted.
But over all, it is a link-click-saver. One click and all your “friends” are there.

Which one do I use? Where is it? How do you set it up? What is the little browser adder thingy?

Well…. You’ll just have to wait for part 2 to find out.

Busy Day and Lazy Ways May 28, 2008

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Another busy day.
This is becoming the norm. I don’t want the “norm” to be busy. I’m lazy person. Honestly!

What have I got to do today? Well, since you asked… I have to take hubby to pt and ot and take the children to different events tonights.
Also, I need to try to get paper work done and phone calls made. (Yeah, I thought I was done too. Turned out to just be a break. It was a nice break though.)

Okay, in writing it doesn’t look like much. But it is. Really it is.
See, you have to factor in time and distance and … and… it is a lot I tell ya!!!

Plus, I want to sit here all day watch for my bird.
The neighbors moved out and seemed to have left a cat behind. I haven’t seen my bird in days. I want to “catch” it if it comes out (not literally catch, but rather photograph – or at least see – it.) so that I know the cat didn’t eat it. But, that is a story for another post… even though I just told you most of it.

I suppose I can look on the bright side.
Last time hubby was at pt, I had what I call “the sleepies” (sleep-pees). So, I put my head down on the couch and slept. Right there, in the middle of the day, on the couch, in an entry way of the hospital, just outside the rehab doors. No one bothered me. No one check on me. I slept.
And Hubby busted me too. Yup, it’s true. I woke to find him standing there smiling at me. Caught!

So, the bright side of today being another busy day…
I can still get in a nap!

See? ‘Told ya I’m lazy!