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Mealtime Temptation May 2, 2009

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I started a new diet this week.  Really, it’s not a bad thing.  I’ve probably eaten more on this “diet” than I would have had I not been on the diet.  I’m definitely eating healthier.

However, about a week ago I went to the store. I purchased some ingredients for a dinner I had in mind.  Well, I ended up not making that dinner until tonight.  THAT was hard because it is not something I ate.  I had to serve it to the children and eat my own food.  Again, not that my own food is bad, it’s not.  It’s just, well I was so looking forward to the other that it was difficult to not even take a nibble.

Anyhow, it’s all good.  Plus, Son just finished off the Ben & Jerry’s.  That means, the real temptation has been removed…

…That is, until I make supper for them tomorrow night.

Do you ever diet?
If you do, what is the biggest challenge you face when you are dieting?


Food in the Fast Lane April 30, 2009

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Yes. It is true.  After a long silence, I am returning to the blogging world.  What brings me out of hiding, you ask?  Well, to tell the truth, Mandy did.

See, I recently tweeted that after many years without a microwave, I purchased one today.   I’ll let that soak in for minute. ………….  Yes, seriously.   I have lived without a microwaves for more years that I can remember.

Mandy found this amazing.  So, I though “Hey, I should blog about this.”

Truth be told, she is not the first to find this shocking behavior.  My mother considered it some sort of twisted abuse that I dare make my family live without one.  People have asked “How you heat things up?”  “Is this some sort of cult deal you are into?” and “Is it for health reasons?”

Ok first the one that makes me laugh:  I heat things up using the stove top or oven. I make popcorn in my air popper.
Next: No, it is not some sort of cult restriction.  It is a personal choice that has nothing to do with any religious belief.
Finally: Yes and no to the health.  Microwaves are shady, in my opinion.  I mean, have you ever really thought about what they are?  There are no pacemakers or any medical restrictions causing me to live micro-wave-less.  It is just my own mind thinking too much about how the food is heated.  Oh, and seeing a microwave leak detector.  That simple.

So, now, after all this time, I have broken down and purchased one.  Why?  Well, that’s a whole other post. But it boils down to something new I am trying that requires a microwave.

See, it is all rather simple.

But now, let me ask you…
If your microwave broke today, how long do you think you could hold out before buying a new one?

Bread is Good December 10, 2008

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Hubby has been working for a couple of weeks now, but there is still no paycheck. This means not only are we still completely broke, but food is a bit scarce at the moment too.

A blog I read occasionally posts delicious looking recipes.  One of them is bread recipe I have been wanting to make with my daughter.  I have not done this yet because I don’t have bread/loaf pans.
(By the way, I think pampered chef has some stoneware bread pans in case you were wanting to buy some for me. Just sayin’)

A few years back MIL gave a bread machine to me for Christmas. It makes small loaves and always made the crust too dark.  I put the machine on the shelf and let it sit.  For years.

This week I drug out the bread machine, opened a cook book and Daughter and I picked out a recipe to try.  We altered the ingredients some – using what we had rather than trying to come up with money to buy special stuff. We used All Purpose Flour instead of Bread Flour, Splenda instead of Granulated Sugar, and plain old Rapid-Rise yeast.

So, out of necessity, I made bread in the too-small-wrong-shape-bread-making machine.  And it actually turned out better than it did when I first got the machine.  The bread has a nice golden brown crust.  Even though it’s white bread, there is flavor in every bite.  (Who knew time-outs worked on appliances?!?)

Looking through the recipe book, I’m tempted to skip the cookies and make breads for family for Christmas.  That is, if I can stop eating it.

Mmm Bread

Thanksgiving 2008 November 25, 2008

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Yeah, I’m sure the blogaverse is overflowing with these Thanksgiving posts.  And it probably will be for a few days yet.  Still, I’m tossing mine in the blog-pot too.

Thanksgiving.  The Big Four Letter F Word Holiday.  That’s right. It’s the holiday that has everyone uttering this word. From the youngest to the oldest you can hear the word FOOD pass their lips.

What?  Did you say something about history and pilgrims and Indians and dinner?  P-shaw, I say.  Pshaw!  It is all about food.  At least, this year, it is for me.  Oh, yeah, and being thankful…

Let’s back up a bit, shall we?

As you may know, Hubby has been without a job for some time now.  We were getting low on food.  His mother, who was going out of town to visit her daughter and family for Thanksgiving, gave use some of the basic fixings.  You know, turkey, roasting pan (loan), and um, well I don’t know what else.  I had taters already and there was just going to be the four of us.  Oh, and she sent a frozen pumpkin pie too.

Then, MIL has a change in plans and isn’t going out of town.  Okay, so we offer the turkey and pan back.  She has another so it’s fine.

Next, Man takes a job.  The one I dropped him off at over the weekend.

So, now, instead of our usual small dinner and small turkey, I have to make this like 20 pound bird and the extras for just the 3 of us.  I have to stick my hand up that frozen bird and take out the guck and do it all myself and entertain the children and it’s for just the children and me.

See, if it was known that it would just be the 3 of us, I could have gotten away with the way I use to do it. I would just order a dinner for each of us from a local place OR just gotten some sliced turkey and done it that way.  Oh say it’s wrong all you want, but when it’s just you and the children, you don’t need a 20 pound turkey, ham, stuffing, pie, whipped cream, green beans, mashed taters, cranberry sauce, sweet taters…. And this year, I’m not making all that either.  Granted, when I do, I don’t have to do much cooking for days to come.  But still, it is just the 3 of us.  I don’t wanna spend the whole day in the kitchen. I just don’t wanna!!!!

But, I am thankful that I have food to whine about having to cook.  And there are a few people locally that I can make plates up for and drop off if they don’t have plans.  Of course, since I was away Sunday, I didn’t get to see “the boys” (a couple of young guys out on their own without local family) to see if they have plans.  So, I don’t know.

Anyhow, that’s my Thanksgiving Post.  Too much food for too few people.
Then we’ll pull out the Christmas stuff.

What about you?  What do you have planned for Thanksgiving?

Sunday Songs 17 November 3, 2008

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Sometimes I buy pre-cooked frozen sausage patties.  This means I can have a fully cooked hot sausage patty for breakfast in under 10 minutes.  It also means, you can easily have just one patty instead of needing to mess with the entire package.

The other morning Hubby made breakfast for both of us.  He made a sausage patty for me and two for him.  He also made one egg for me and 2 or 3 for himself.  What he learned that morning is not how much I eat, but rather HOW I eat it.  Before I explain, let me back up a bit….

I sometimes have issues with eating eggs.  No, it’s not some moral standard.  Just sometimes even the thought of eggs turns my stomach.  Other times, they are wonderful and sound delicious.  When I do eat a fried egg, it must have the white fully cooked.  Either way for the yellow is fine, but if there is any slime (uncooked non-yellow) then I’m done.

Okay, so Hubby made breakfast.  In insuring my egg would be done, the yellow was pretty much sold as well.  He put the plates on the table, we prayed and then ate.

I took my fork and cut a piece of sausage out of my circle shaped sausage.   It was a triangle shape piece that I cut, thus leaving my sausage to look like… yes, you guessed it… a pac-man.  I do this almost every time.  (No, I won’t tell you how old I am)  Then, I took another triangle out, making “pac man’s mouth’ a bit bigger… and making it look like I had a pair of pants on my fork (No, I’m not 12).  I ate all the white, and put the yellow in the “mouth of pac man” and started laughing.  It was planned.  That was just the way I ate that morning… When I saw the solid yellow, I couldn’t help but to put in there on my plate….

The next morning he made breakfast again. This time he added hash-browns. You know the kind that are like chopped potatoes.  He watched me eat because I guess it’s entertaining to see a grown woman turn her food into a classic video game.   Did you know it only takes two chopped pieces of potato to make a Sausage Pac-Man into Mrs. Sausage-Pac-Man?  That’s right, her bow is made of taters!

(Yes, I’m sure I’m a grown up)   I asked Hubby if he remembered a Pac-Man cartoon.  He said no, but thought there was a cereal.  I said “MARSHMALLOW GHOSTS!”

Do you remember all that stuff?

Pac-Man Cartoon Intro

One of the Pac-Man Cereal commercials

Of course this all took me down memory lane.
There are a lot of songs that take me back to another place and time.  There are some songs that I remember using to get me through life.

One song that brings a lot back is this one:

Time After Time
By: Cyndi Lauper

I wasn’t her biggest fan, but that song… that song I really liked.

Not Smart October 29, 2008

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If you are trying to make supper while trying to get ready to go some place, let me just give you some words of advice…

Apply your moisturizer/makeup BEFORE chopping your raw garlic.
Even if you wash your hands several times before gently rubbing in said moisturizer, your cheek just MIGHT have a bit of a, shall we say, garlicy smell.

Just sayin’

The Stench October 25, 2008

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I confess.

I . Hate. Coffee.

I cannot stand the smell of it.  It is gross, nasty, disgusting, revolting, stinky… You get the idea.

If you like it, fine.  If you enjoy the smell or taste, good for you.  You can have my portion of coffee as well because I certainly do NOT want it.

This leads me to my current dilemma.

The Man.

He has, over the years, decided he likes coffee.  He occasionally has it, while I make face of disgust, when we go out.  He drinks it at his mother’s house.  He developed the “habit” while away from home with his job.

His mother recently acquired a new coffee maker.  Today, he walked in with her old coffee maker and a can of coffee.  I think I threw up a little in my mouth at just the thought.

Yes, it’s that bad.

I can handle it at other people’s houses.  I deal with it out in public or at an employers.  However, this is in my own house.  This means, every morning I will wake up with a headache and ready to hurl.

So, what I am asking of you is advice.  HOW do I get the STINK that is bound to come with the coffee maker out of my house?  What is the fastest, most powerful way?  Shall I buy lysol by the case and douse the kitchen every morning?  Do I purchase a bunch of cheap candles and every morning run around lighting them as the dripping begins?  Do I invest in a gas mask for the children and me? Do I look for those nose plugs that some swimmers wear?

Please, someone, rescue me from this olfactory attack.  Help arm my sense of smell.
Or at the very least, send some barf bags and ibuprofen.

Dis-gust-ing August 4, 2008

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That is what teenage boys are.


Set Up: *Son takes a piece of “pig ear alternative” off a corner and puts it in his mouth*

Son: Better than dog treat. Not too bad actually.
Me: *make face and almost gag*
Son: I’ll go over here so you don’t have to see…

The enigmatic “they” were right when THEY said “Teenagers will eat anything!”


A few minutes later…

Son: Is that yummy? *directed towards dog who is eating the rest of the ear*
Son: I thought so too.


Unsatisfied August 2, 2008

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I went to a friend’s place of business earlier this week to see if I could help her out with some thing. While there the subject of lunch came up. Once she discovered that I had never had anything from one of her favorite places, it was settled. She would order in.

I followed her advice and had a tiny sandwich and a bread bowl of soup. It was not bad, nor was it great. Since it was mainly the sauce on the sandwich that I did not like, I was willing to give it another try. After all, the soup was pretty good.

Tonight my family went to this place for dinner. It was my first time going there. It may very well have been my last time there as well. Son liked his. Hubby thought his was okay but was not a good value. Daughter and I left hungry. We spent too much money. They rung the order up wrong. The employees looked less than thrilled to see us there even though it was over an hour before they closed. They made my sandwich wrong, my soup was not hot, Daughter’s kid’s salad was lacking… Let’s just say, the only thing good, from my point of view, was the bread the tiny sandwich as made on. That was some tasty bread! However, it was not $30 worth of tasty. Yup, we spend over $30 at a sandwich joint and half of us left hungry!

$30 may not seem like much for a family of 4 for dinner. Remember though, it was a sandwich place, messed up order, rung up wrong, and we’ve had no earned income since Hubby’s stroke. This was a splurge and a treat from an unexpected blessing. $30 is a lot all things considered. Especially for a place like that.

Let’s just say, to put it mildly, I’m an unsatisfied customer.

The End of Day Five July 25, 2008

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The children have made it home safely.

Technically, we have all made it home safely.

Daughter is already asleep and Son will soon be asleep as well.

Oddly enough, I think I’m going to head off to sleep soon too. I’m worn out and I didn’t even go to camp!!

….Before I go though….

I just wanted to add that at our very late supper (we didn’t get home until late from picking them up) had no complaints. Wait, let me rephrase that statement. There were no complaints voiced. Someone had a stack of food (yes, the food was literally stacked) and made claims of being full. Someone said something “tastes strange”. When asked if that was a compliment, a quick “Yes” was given. I think Hubby almost burst out laughing there.

Yup, Mom (that would be me) is done with complaints at meal time.