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Laziness Stole My Week! March 5, 2009

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A friend invited me to go walking with her today. That really interferes with my plan to dominate the world with passivity and laziness.  You know, to properly master being lazy is much more work than it should be. I’m just sayin’

I did skip working out again today. I blame my toe.  I’ve been (what I call) medicating it since last night. So, I think I’ll be okay to walk.  You know, other that it completely and totally contradicting my lazy plan.

Speaking of plans… I did have big plans that included massive cleaning and a daily workout routine, but that kind of fell by the way side.  I ended up eating poorly and watching too much (on-line) t.v.

I mean, seriously, LOST, HK, Heroes, Chuck, The Terminator: TSCC, Fringe, Bones… Can you blame me?
And thanks to a friend, I have added another show to the list.  See, she told me about a show on TNT.  I hadn’t actually seen the show myself.  So, it only made sense that I should go to the site and check it out, right?  Well, while I was there, I discovered some episodes of  The Closer I hadn’t seen. Well, you can bet your whole bag of Smarties that I watched what was available there.  And while I was on-site, I checked out one other show called Leverage.  Hooked.  That’s all I can say.  Hooked.  It cracks me up much like Bones does.  I can see the old me so much in one of those characters.  Don’t worry about which one.  And then, a couple of the guys in the show… How comical.  I know both those types.  I love the characters because it’s just… they’re funny.

Hey, I only claim to have a sense of humor. I don’t recall saying it’s a GOOD one, just that it exists.  K? K.

Anyhow, the computer and my toe and the ice cream have completely stolen all my time this week.  S-L-A-C-K-E-R!!!

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty to do this weekend. Yes?


super quick post February 25, 2009

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I’m posting but I’m in a rush. I just didn’t want my 5 readers to think I fell off the face of the blogaverse again.

I’m working on supper.  It’ll be done in just a few minutes.  Then there is youth tonight.  Also, Hubby is sneaking into town tonight.  He just told me. So, he’ll have to deal with the messy house.  He’s just passing through, but it’ll be nice to, uh, see him. What? It’s a child friendly blog, okay?

What else?  Oh, there is a chruch that has online services.  Okay, there are proabably several, but I’m only talking about one right now.  It’s set on Central time, and they have two Sunday services and one Wednesday.  The one on Wednesday is the same as the Sunday services.  If you want more info, lemme know. I’ll give ya the hook up.

Give ya the hook up?  Huh?

I fell asleep today at the bus stop waiting for the children.  I’ve been goofy ever since. Just ask my children.  “Mom, we can skip tonight if you want to stay home and just go to bed.” Awww.  No.

Okay, that’s all the time I have for now.   Timer should buzz any minute…

The Nan-Foot-Challenge February 18, 2009

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It is funny what reading other people’s blog will get you to do. I have done things from taking photos of certain subjects to trying out new music. I have watched movies, youtube clips, visited websites and new blogs. I have tried different foods, read different Scripture verses, and become involved in a virtual world. The most recent thing I have done is written with my feet. Yes, you read the correctly. I have written with my feet.

Not long ago Nan wrote a post about her boredom. It is something that probably afflicts us all at some point or another. Her boredom lead her to do things and then post the results. This, of course, inspired a few others to try it – whether they admit it or not. I just happen to be one who will admit it.
Not only admit it, but prove it…

Writing Differently

Yup, what you read, is what it is.

What about you? Are you brave enough to take the Nan-Foot-Challenge  AND post it?!?
(I just made title up. Nice right?)

Stop by Nan’s blog (link above takes you directly to her boredom post) to see how it all started and say hi.  Also, be sure to link back or leave a comment here so that I can come check out yours!

Kitchen, Sleep and Coffee January 22, 2009

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I am looking for some good cleaning music and getting ready to tackle the kitchen (again).  For those of you that asked, no I didn’t get it done. There. I confessed… and sighed with regret.  Now I have more to do today than I would have if I just stopped messing with music and Twitter. Yeah, Twitter. I went there.

On a lighter note, if all goes as planned, I will get to see my man in just a few days.  Yay!  It’s kind of fight at night though.  I mean, I miss him when trying to fall asleep.  But when I wake up over night, I don’t miss the snoring.  See what I mean? A night time fight.

I went to … are you ready for this… a coffee house! That’s right. Me.  I went to a little cafe that smelled like coffee and charges a whole-lotta money for a cup of coffee. Oh sure, it’s flavored and has fancy names that you need 3 years of coffee-bar-tending school to understand, but it all smells the same to me.  I went to meet and visit with “the ladies”.  I had a smoothie – no coffee, espresso, late or any other fancy named liquid caffeine. It was probably high in the sugar department.  She used some strawberry syrup to made the drink.  It was tasty.  The conversation was pleasant.  Time went by rather fast, so it must have been enjoyable. You know “time flies when you are having fun”.

I think I will go back next week.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn to tollerate the smell of coffee better.  That is smell & tolerate NOT taste & enjoy. Just sayin’

Soon. January 14, 2009

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It is almost time.
It is almost time to take the next step.
It is almost time to open one of the accountability blogs.
It is almost time to make public my triumphs and my failures.
It is almost time to let you know what in the world I am going on about now.

Yesterday I made a commitment.
Yesterday I made a commitment and then began to fret.
Yesterday I made a commitment that just backed up one I made to myself.
Yesterday I made a choice to follow through.
Yesterday I made a click that added more (positive) pressure to my goal.
Yesterday I committed to what was probably just an email mass mailing list.
…but what if it’s not.

A commitment is a commitment.

What am I going on about?
My health.  Some choices I made but have been inconsistent in with and without good reason… to a point.
No more excuses.  This is not a resolution.  This is not a promise.  This is… more.

I’m not real good with keeping with things.  I am a good starter.  I can finish up for others.  I am not good at doing from beginning to end without accountability.  I need accountability in certain areas.

I had set up two other blogs for that.

One for spiritual accountability.  I stop writing in that one when summer rolled around due to lack of morning quiet time at the computer.  I did not start back up once school was back in session.

The other for health.  I have issues.  Ben & Jerry’s.  Chips & Salsa.  A backside that is the shape of my desk chair.  Being almost 3 times the woman I once was.   Ouch. That hurt to confess.  I miss the old me.  The one that had energy to go to the lake or park.  The one who could buy clothes in the single digits.  It’s an area I must be very careful with though.  I need the accountability there.  I have issues that go beyond the “normal willpower/emotional eating”.  I have issues that go beyond being lazy.  But it is time. It is past time. It is way past time.

Soon, the body blog will be opened back up to the public.  It is more for myself.  To keep track of movement.  Share recipes – I often forget what I did “the last time I made this”.  And maybe to post what I ate.  I’m not sure on that one.  I don’t know if I will just keep a notebook or post.  It is the hardest blog I write in.  Because of my vanity.  Because of what I was and what I am now.  Because of who I was and what I’ve physically and materialistically become.

If you are interested in holding me accountable, or wanting to be held accountable, or if you are looking for a place to keep track of these things too but don’t want to join the many website communities out there that do that… let me know.  Maybe you can join me over there… once I open it back up to the public.

The same goes for the other blog too.  If you are wanting to hold me accountable, or looking to be held accountable in either way, let me know.  We can do it through my other blogs or through twitter… or both.




Do you have something that is “soon”?
When does soon start for you?

Stat Battles December 17, 2008

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I look at my stats.  Sometime… Okay, often more than once a day. I get excited with each little hit.  My average is like seven or something.  There were a few days where I hit big time numbers – that mens anything past x-teen.

There are blogs that hit hundreds or higher.  Although stats are not my goal here, they do give me a little boost now and then.  Those that have a ton, I wonder how they keep up with all their readers.  I guess maybe it’s a slow progression to the stat top.

Unless, of course, you hijack your spouse’s blog.
What?  No, my spouse doesn’t blog. He does not even like computers.


Mandy does have a spouse, a blog with big number hits, and a husband who has a blog with little to no hits.  Yesterday, Drew, Mandy’s husband, guest posted on her blog. It was a big ta-do and put her readers in a spot.  See, he asked, out of love of course, that everyone not visit her blog tomorrow (which is today) due to her stat-addiction.  He suggested that for a reading-fix we visit his blog instead.

Whether the jealousy is of her blog or her stats, I’m not sure.  As for her readers responses? Well, they were somewhat split.

If you want to read about it, you’ll have to go here (but that will give her a hit for today. Just so you can’t say I tricked you).

If you are a stat-addict and want to help another stat-addict, go here to Mandy’s blog.

If you feel the love Drew has for his wife, and are wanting to support him in his efforts to get better stats help his wife, you’ll need to go here to Drew’s blog.

If you would rather just not get involved, then stay here.

If you do go to the other blogs, please make sure you come back.  I need you more than they do…  Not that I  am a stat-addict or anything…..


Do you watch your stats?
Do you remember getting excited over your first reader?
Or were you nervous that someone actually read what you wrote?
How important are your blog stats to you?

Restless Sleep and Dreams December 2, 2008

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I’m tired.
Well, not really.
But I have been tired lately.

Maybe I can blame it on winter. I usually do.  I say I am hibernating.  I look forward to warm weather already.  As a friend pointed out – much to my dismay – I have a long wait (until spring is here).

The past several mornings though, I have been more tired than usual.
I have a history of bad dreams.  No biggie because, well, with a history of them, they aren’t as disturbing as they would be if they were uncommon.  It is sort of “the norm”.  As a matter of fact, when they lessened, that was more disturbing to me.

At some point – within the last year or two (I’ve little to no sense of time) – there became a balance. “Regular” dreams and “Bad Dreams” had joint custody.  There were a few visit from “Dreams that are different” and a rare visit from the “Keep her awake for days” dreams.

But lately, the bad dreams have taken on a completely different… theme.  And this new theme leaves me exhausted.  I don’t think I’ve been staying up later.  I have been getting up earlier since Hubby went back to work.  But, not that much earlier.  It is my “old schedule”… old only meaning by a couple of months.  Also, I didn’t get up that early over the recent holidays.

They started before Hubby went back to work, so I cannot say that is my mind processing that change.  Only this morning did I finally see a small thread of a potential theme.   I think I only saw that because I went back to sleep once the children were off to school.  This means I followed that dream to the end.

No, I won’t detail it.

I think my morning nap was over three hours long.  I woke up on my own (no alarm, no phone, no person woke me).  I’m not quite exhausted; I was ready to be awake.

I don’t know what tonight holds.  I don’t know if these dreams will return.

A while back, I read that adults rarely to never have nightmares.  What I was reading also stated that having them is a sleep disorder (as an adult, not as a child).  I do not know if this is true or not.  I only know that I have always regularly had nightmares.

Is it truly rare for adults to have bad dreams?
In general, how well do you sleep?
Do you ever have nightmares?
If you do, do they only seem to happen around certain times or events thus being an understandable process?
Do you believe your dreams (good or bad) are ever more than “just a dream”?

Exposing My Secret November 18, 2008

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Do you have a secret?
Do you keep something from you spouse?
Do you think it is wrong or is “this secret” the exception?
Do you rightly or wrongly justify having a secret?

I have a secret.
It’s a secret that I keep mainly from my spouse.
I don’t know that I think this is secret is wrong, but I regret having the need to keep it secret.
I don’t think I’m wrong to justify keeping this secret, but I admit I am a bit bias.

So, what is the big secret you ask?  If I answer that on the internet, would it still be a secret?

Well, first let me say that the secret is not something big and bad like I have eight secret husbands on the side.  It is not something way cool like season tickets to (fill in the team).  It is probably not even a bit deal to most, but it is my secret.  It’s not like it’s a complete secret. I mean, we’ve talked about it.  He just doesn’t know that I actually did it.  See?

Austin, I can hear you saying “Just get to it already, Woman!”

A few months back I … I joined a gym.  Yes, that is the big secret.  I had been sneaking off to they gym, working out after dropping the children off at school.  Then my friend hurt her back and I helped her out.  During that week, Hub quit his job and has been home ever since.  Do you know how hard it is to sneak out and get sweaty?  I mean, seriously, do you have any idea how difficult it is when your man isn’t working to get out on a regular basis when you have no job too?

Why not just tell him?  Why is it a big secret?  Good questions.
He has this ability to sabotage things, to do exactly what I don’t want, and is very much not a private person.  I know, I have a blog, but I am still a private person.  Let me give you examples.
Our first Christmas as a married couple, he asks what I want for Christmas.  I say “Anything except clothes.  I do not like for other people to buy clothes for me.”  Guess what I got.  Yup, clothes.
Recently (when I joined the gym), I told him I would like to improve my eating habits.  Just me, personally.  I told him if he wanted chips, get some for himself but none for me.  Soon after, he brought home chips and ice cream for me.
I don’t know if it’s a male thing that just clings to the noun words “She said clothes.”  “She said chips.”  Or if it is his passive aggressive side screaming “HA!  Take THAT!”.

Add that to the way he twits things.  Add that to the way he talks about me to his family.  Add to those things the pressure of others knowing that big old me is working out.  Then add to that the judgment of spending money on the club membership when we have NO income.

I just don’t want to tell him. I don’t.

Before you go off on “If you have no money, why did you get a gym membership?”, let me explain. (Yes, I know I don’t have to explain, but I am going to anyhow)  It’s a God thing.  Yes I’m serious.
It’s kind of a long story.  The summary version is this: I told him what I believe God wanted me to do.  We agreed if God provided the money, if we got an unexpected check in the mail for a year membership, then I would do it.  Guess what happened.  Go on, guess.  God provided. That’s what.  One year’s worth of family membership money unexpectedly came in a check in the mail.  Praise God!
So, we talked about it, he just doesn’t know that I actually spent the money as I was suppose to spend it.

Ok, so. Now, I cannot stand it.  I have to get back to working out.  I wasn’t blessed and lead there just so I could stay home.  But, coming up with a reason that I vanish every morning for a couple hours is hard.

My plan?  I am hoping to sit down tonight and talk with the husband.  I plan on finding out if he is planning on going back over the road or staying local. I plan on finding out where he thinks he is being lead, or if he has even spend any serious time in prayer about what to do.  Then, if it seems like he’s going to be sticking around… I might have to… I don’t want to, but I might have to… expose my secret.

It’s not the immediate response that concerns me.  It is the ripples afterward.

Tired of Theft November 8, 2008

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You hear nothing from me for days, then you get two post in the same night!

While I could go on a rant, making this post more of book than an entry, I’ll keep it short and just say the following.

I am tired of my posts being stolen.  I am tired of my posts being taken and credit given to another.  Though I find it ironic that some of the sites that steal my posts have actually stolen posts that stating I dislike either their product (coffee) or their practices (spam), I do not find enough humor in that to dismiss them taking my life as their own.

I looked around tonight to see what was out there.  Meaning, I decided to see what options are available to me… such as blocking IP addresses or making them give me their computer to use for good instead of evil.  In searching through some faq, I came across this:

I highly suggest that you take a look there.  Especially if your “p i n g  b a c k” says stuff like “NotTheRealAuthor’sName wrote this today….” followed by your post.

Good luck and happy blogging.

Oh, by the way and just in case…
This post was written by L of WayTMI.WordPress.com.  If you are reading it anywhere else, then you might be reading a thief’s blog.  Just sayin’

Not Smart October 29, 2008

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If you are trying to make supper while trying to get ready to go some place, let me just give you some words of advice…

Apply your moisturizer/makeup BEFORE chopping your raw garlic.
Even if you wash your hands several times before gently rubbing in said moisturizer, your cheek just MIGHT have a bit of a, shall we say, garlicy smell.

Just sayin’