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The Nan-Foot-Challenge February 18, 2009

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It is funny what reading other people’s blog will get you to do. I have done things from taking photos of certain subjects to trying out new music. I have watched movies, youtube clips, visited websites and new blogs. I have tried different foods, read different Scripture verses, and become involved in a virtual world. The most recent thing I have done is written with my feet. Yes, you read the correctly. I have written with my feet.

Not long ago Nan wrote a post about her boredom. It is something that probably afflicts us all at some point or another. Her boredom lead her to do things and then post the results. This, of course, inspired a few others to try it – whether they admit it or not. I just happen to be one who will admit it.
Not only admit it, but prove it…

Writing Differently

Yup, what you read, is what it is.

What about you? Are you brave enough to take the Nan-Foot-Challenge  AND post it?!?
(I just made title up. Nice right?)

Stop by Nan’s blog (link above takes you directly to her boredom post) to see how it all started and say hi.  Also, be sure to link back or leave a comment here so that I can come check out yours!


What is the point? January 26, 2009

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Seriously? I mean, what is the point?

Yeah, I’m about to rant about something that I’m not even involved in!

Maybe I’m a bit off, but when I read blogs I begin to consider the people “someone I know”.  Once I start commenting and get a reply back, even more so.  I even call them friends.
Hubby calls them “invisible friends”.
Sometimes I’ll say “net-friend”.

I do realize that blog-friends are not the same as, say, Goober, who I have “known-known” for 15 years or so.  However, the initial get to know & build trust with a blog-friend is so much different than with 3D friends. You walk right into who they are inside (most of the time) when you “meet” through blogs.

One of these blog-mates recently had a commenter that just, well, when I read the comment I said “Ouch!”  I mean, it was hurtful and off base.  Maybe it is the tone that I “heard” as I read the comment.  If it was, though, I am not the only reader who heard that “tone”.

What is the point?  Why rip apart a blogger? It is your choice to read or not read.  If you disagree and are willing to do so in an manner that is not belittling, fine.  If you have constructive criticism and know how to deliver it, then ok, I guess.  If you want to rebuke a blogger, then do it as yourself without sarcasm.

Or is this just me?  Am I way off base?

If you don’t like what someone writes, blogs, tweets, plurks, comments, whatever… If you think they are wasting their time… What about you? Why spend your time hurting others online?  What is the point?

Okay, Rant Over.
I still don’t get it, but rant over.
In case you were wondering, I have said a prayer for the person who left the message that I would term “bitter”.

By the way, this question applies to spammers too.
What’s the point?



What do you do when you see a comment that is uncalled for on a friend’s blog?
Do you rip them apart?
Do you pray for them?
Perhaps you leave a reply comment defending the friend?

Have you ever left a comment that was taken differently than you meant it?

Cautious or Paranoid January 15, 2009

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I’ve been thinking (which might explain my headaches).  Many of the people on blogs – and twitter, facebook, myspace, Vimeo, etc – are not overly cautious.  I mean, they share pictures, movies, names, and locations.  They make themselves easy to find.  They are very open about themselves.

I use “net-names”.  I am fairly vague about where I live.  On this blog I post no family photos.  On the family blog, I have the pictures altered so that you can’t really see faces.  I’m very open about myself here, but still careful to not let (most) others know exactly who I am.

I have a loosened up a bit. I actually entered a contest – and won.  That meant I had to give my address to have something mailed to me.   I also participated in a swap/barter.  Again, that meant exchanging addresses.  There is no way I would have done this even a year ago.

Am I paranoid?  Are most people just not cautious enough?

One family that I know (okay, I read their blog so I feel like I know them, but don’t actually know them know them) opens their home up to many of their readers.  Wow!  At first I thought they were just crazy living on the edge.  Then I thought about this:  I almost went to meet a group of net friends recently.  I also may have one of my net-friends coming to my area for a visit this year.  But, that’s different.  I mean, we talk on the phone! …… Okay, so it’s the same thing.  Or is it?

If I were to send a message to the “open-house-family” saying I would be in their area, would they offer their home to me?

I heard a message recently (as in last night) and thought about them.
This isn’t my study blog so I won’t go deep into this, but part of the Scripture read was Matt 25:35
“for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;”

( NKJV )

At the same time though, we do have common sense.  Where is the line?  When do you offer to let someone come into your home?  At what point will you be willing to stay at someone else’s home?  Where is the line between caution and faith?  When is it common sense and when is it paranoia?

Just because someone is open about their life and family does mean they should open their home.  Where is the line of caution when it comes to showing and telling things online?

So many young people put so much out there that not only put them in danger now, but could effect them in ways they can’t comprehend now.  And so many proud parents share so much about their lives and location, it scares me for them.

Am I just overly cautious?  Is everyone else too open?  Am I paranoid without realizing it?  Or am I just using common sense?  Internet safety?

Hmm. Something to think about…



Where do you stand on this issue?  And why?

blogroll December 19, 2008

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We almost all have them.
Some hold only a few links while others make you wonder if the blogger really checks every link every day.  This observation lead me to ask a question today.  That question is this:
“Have you ever checked every blog on someone else’s blogroll?”

I have.  The blogroll was small.
I have also chosen several random blogs to visit from large blogrolls.

Sometimes I visit new blogs because I see them commenting or mentioned often on a blog that I regularly read.

The person who responded to my question said she needed the community. I didn’t mean to pose the question with the implication that it is bad to check out another’s blogroll.  I merely asked because some are so large that I think it would take hours to visit them all, especially if you find some you like and want to read more than one post.

Blogger are like little communities, or cliques, sometimes, aren’t they?

You comment.  Sometimes you return to the blog, other times you don’t.  If you do return, you may find yourself visiting often.  That is followed by leaving more comments.  Eventually the blogger or another commenter responds to your reply.  Does that make you part of the community?  Is it a trial run to see if you fit in “the group”?  If  no-one ever responses to you, do you keep going back?  Do you continue to comment or fade into lurkersville?

When do you add someone to your blogroll?  After how many visit?  When you’ve been visiting for a while, do you look to see if you are on their list of links?  Is that vanity?

Personally, I have commented with the intent to go back, but then lost the link. Or I go back (via wp’s “my comments” page), forget to book mark, and then lose the link.
I also use Bloglines.  I have a folder in there called “trial blogs”.  Occasionally, when I find a place I may want to return to visit, I remember to “bookmark” there.  That allows me to see when new posts are up and decide if I really do enjoy visiting them or not.
I have begun to switch over to Google Reader.  At this point, I only have a handful of site there.

I also blogroll.  I have the links page more for others (who may be looking for new-to-them blogs to visit) than for myself.  I also do it as a sort of support for my new and old “blog-friends”.  I don’t update it often, and I don’t get a lot of hits on that page.  But it is there.  And you are welcome to visit every link there if you want to do so. Perhaps you will find a new community you really enjoy.

So, how about it?
Have you ever visited every link on someone else’s blogroll?

Stat Battles December 17, 2008

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I look at my stats.  Sometime… Okay, often more than once a day. I get excited with each little hit.  My average is like seven or something.  There were a few days where I hit big time numbers – that mens anything past x-teen.

There are blogs that hit hundreds or higher.  Although stats are not my goal here, they do give me a little boost now and then.  Those that have a ton, I wonder how they keep up with all their readers.  I guess maybe it’s a slow progression to the stat top.

Unless, of course, you hijack your spouse’s blog.
What?  No, my spouse doesn’t blog. He does not even like computers.


Mandy does have a spouse, a blog with big number hits, and a husband who has a blog with little to no hits.  Yesterday, Drew, Mandy’s husband, guest posted on her blog. It was a big ta-do and put her readers in a spot.  See, he asked, out of love of course, that everyone not visit her blog tomorrow (which is today) due to her stat-addiction.  He suggested that for a reading-fix we visit his blog instead.

Whether the jealousy is of her blog or her stats, I’m not sure.  As for her readers responses? Well, they were somewhat split.

If you want to read about it, you’ll have to go here (but that will give her a hit for today. Just so you can’t say I tricked you).

If you are a stat-addict and want to help another stat-addict, go here to Mandy’s blog.

If you feel the love Drew has for his wife, and are wanting to support him in his efforts to get better stats help his wife, you’ll need to go here to Drew’s blog.

If you would rather just not get involved, then stay here.

If you do go to the other blogs, please make sure you come back.  I need you more than they do…  Not that I  am a stat-addict or anything…..


Do you watch your stats?
Do you remember getting excited over your first reader?
Or were you nervous that someone actually read what you wrote?
How important are your blog stats to you?

Someone Say Contest? November 25, 2008

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I am a slacker. There I said it… again.

A blog I read has been having a contest.  I remember her announcing it.  Then time flew and this contest post opens with “This is your last week to participate in my month long contest – ‘Tis Better To Give Than to Receive’ ” What?!?  Already?  But… But… I haven’t even entered yet!!

So, here I am on the last week sending you to a contest that I should have sent you to long ago.  I’m bad. I’m a slacker. I’m sorry.  BUT, if you go there fast maybe you can still enter?!?

And if you can’t enter, maybe you could just read her blog titled Real World Martha’s Weblog.  She’s a nice lady and always gives these helpful hints and if you leave a comment she pretty much always replies and no I’m not trying to get brownie points!!

Anyhow, I’ve told you about it.  Now it is up to YOU to enter.  Don’t be a slacker. Do it now, before it’s too late.  Time is running out.
…Why do I feel like I need to give out a toll-free number now?

Seriously Random November 24, 2008

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I ended up driving Hubby to a place about 5 hours away, then driving home another 5 hours.  My bottom became numb.  That 5 hours is not including stops or the driving around once we reached the town we were heading to; it is actual highway drive time.

I missed my friend’s vow renewal Sunday night, too.

I had all kinds of random stuff for this post, but now I am sitting here going “duuhhhh. what was I gonna write?”

Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving time already?
I have more to say about that, but that’s for another less random post.

I am rereading a series that I have had for years. I mean, seriously, years.  The first book was probably written in 1980 and the 4th in 1990.  Although I have read the series a few times, I did not read the first couple when they first came out.  I use to over-identify with the main character (no big surprise there).  My favorite book out of the series wasn’t really so great this time around. I also skip over a lot because I can only read the details of the land so many times before I get bored. Also, I didn’t remember there being so much s e x in these books. I skip over that too. But, if I were stranded on some island I might want the books.  They are quite descriptive in how to make tools from rocks and bone, what plants are good for what sicknesses and how to cook wild birds.

I missed church Sunday due to being on the road.  I’ll catch the Wednesday service though.

I like garlic.
Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Have I mentioned that Daughter broke her toe?  There are a bunch of big medical words that I don’t know, but basically it’s an unusual break. I’m not certain if the growth plate was actually injured or not.  If it was, then it’s not ‘worse case scenario’.  She went to the doctor’s last Monday, then to get x-rays, followed by going back to the doctor’s office, and actually got in the same day with an orthopedic doctor.  She is in a … um… cam walker (?) and has crutches.  Yes, for a broken toe.

There is a blog I visit, that I found through another blog that I lurk on, that has an odd recent change.  I have left comments on Mandy’s blog.  I put my name and the required stuff.  It never used my wordpress name or icon picture thingy. Now, all of the sudden, it uses my wordpress name, icon/avatar/picture thingy, and I can see it the “my comments”.  What is up with that?  How did that start? What changed? I’m so confused.

I have the habit now of checking Twitter, though I don’t know why. I mean, I have very few people that I follow or that follow me.  Although, I do have 3 or 4 questionable stalkers followers.  Bots, maybe?  I didn’t “follow” them back.

I don’t like cold.
You’ll probably hear read that a lot here.

I am glad Hub has a job now, but this really has not been a great week.  I mean, it is great he has a job, but *shrugs*  I don’t know.

On the bright side, the tub will stay cleaner longer. Yes!

Also, now I can go work out without pressure.  Maybe lose the 20 (guessing) pounds I gained with him off of work and re-lose the 10 (guessing) pounds I had lost before he quit his job.  Maybe it’s just bloating. I have had a lot of salty foods lately.

I have been keeping track of my workouts, but haven’t looked back over them.

School lets out early tomorrow.  Then begins the 5 day weekend.  I wonder if they’ll sleep in.

Serious Reminder November 15, 2008

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I love getting comments. I really do.  It’s almost as exciting as watching the little stat counter roller coaster.

(Okay, stop talking about how sad that is, would ya?  This is actually going somewhere.)

Recently someone left a comment on one of my spider posts.  So, I wandered over to check out their blog.  (I do that when there is a link. Do you?) The first post I read was a great reminder.  As a matter of a fact, I am posting it here so you can check it out.

The internet, the new babysitter?

I read a lot of good post on good topics by good bloggers.  Rarely though do I link to a post just for the post itself.  I might link because I’m responding to it, inspired by it, stealing it (like MeMes not like plagiarism) or something of the sort.  However, this I am linking because you need to read it.  As a parent, you need to read it.  As a teen who thinks it’s okay to just friend anyone, maybe you should read it too and understand “what the big deal is” (The big deal is people like “Bob”).

Thank you, Narcissus, for being on the ball and shoving our parental wrongs in our face for the sake of our children.

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I need to go look at my children’s computer history.

Tired of Theft November 8, 2008

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You hear nothing from me for days, then you get two post in the same night!

While I could go on a rant, making this post more of book than an entry, I’ll keep it short and just say the following.

I am tired of my posts being stolen.  I am tired of my posts being taken and credit given to another.  Though I find it ironic that some of the sites that steal my posts have actually stolen posts that stating I dislike either their product (coffee) or their practices (spam), I do not find enough humor in that to dismiss them taking my life as their own.

I looked around tonight to see what was out there.  Meaning, I decided to see what options are available to me… such as blocking IP addresses or making them give me their computer to use for good instead of evil.  In searching through some faq, I came across this:

I highly suggest that you take a look there.  Especially if your “p i n g  b a c k” says stuff like “NotTheRealAuthor’sName wrote this today….” followed by your post.

Good luck and happy blogging.

Oh, by the way and just in case…
This post was written by L of WayTMI.WordPress.com.  If you are reading it anywhere else, then you might be reading a thief’s blog.  Just sayin’

I Blame Nan October 23, 2008

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I watch tv online.  This means my show options are limited, but I can watch them at my convenience.

One show that I enjoyed last season does not appear to be available online this season.  That’s too bad because every show I ended up laughing.  Of course, if others were around, they usually didn’t get it.  Still, it was a great show and I wish it was available online this season too.

The shows that are available are usually up the day after they air.  Some run about a week behind though.  This means, if I end up in a conversation about a show, sometimes I have say “I haven’t seen that episode yet.”

A while back while visiting a blog, I noticed a page that appeared to be dedicated to one show in particular.  Although I did look at the page, I did not read it.  It seemed to be every episode summarized individually.  The blogger explained (although she did not have to) how the page came about.  She’s not an obsessed person.  It just sort of happened.

I had only seen the show once (it is available online). Maybe not even a full episode as I was completely lost as to who the people were or what was going on.

This is a new season.  I gave the show another shot.  Even though it is season four, I dove in.  I watched the first episode.  Then the second.  Followed by the third.  Although I don’t really know what happened in the first 3 seasons, I get an idea from the “flash backs”.  As of today I watched the 8th episode and am all caught up on this season of Prison Break.

I would have to say this is not a show for everyone.  There is definitely violence in it.  I can think of a few friends who I would advise to avoid the show.  Others, I would say the story line, although a bit confusing at times, is pretty good.  I would not suggest trying to jump in during the middle of the season though unless you have someone to explain things.

At this point, I don’t really know if I like the show or not.  I keep coming back to it though. It’s like some sort of addiction.  It can get a bit intense. I don’t yell at the monitor like I do during some of the other shows that I watch. I would not have it on with children around.  Still, I keep going back.

I think this is what happened:
I have been visiting Nandango’s blog for a while.  People talk about the show there.  Not constantly, but now and then.  However, she has that page.  That page that says “Prison Break”.   Then watching other shows on the same network, I saw previews for PB.  It’s enough to peak a gal’s interest.  I found myself saying “What is the Prison Break show?”   I also remember not understanding the show the one time I did try to watch it.  I do not like not understanding… Soon, I bit.  I bit the show-baited line that was dangled before me. One thing lead to another.   Then today, I have done little to nothing because I had to fit in the last 2 or 3 shows that were there.  I’m all hopped up on soda.  Wired to last through the drama, wired with sugar (it’s a caffeine free soda. I didn’t totally jump off the edge).  And you know who I blame?  Not myself.  Not the network and their previews.  After all, I don’t watch EVERY show they have.  Nope, I blame Nan!  Totally and completely. She is a Prison Break pusher.  That’s what I think.   “Come on, give the show a try.  One episode.  It’s free……..”
(Besides, if I didn’t blame her I’d have to take responsibility. ppfft)

Yup, watch out for her.  Otherwise, you too may be under the spell of network tv.