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Hi. I’m Self-Absorbed January 4, 2009

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Ignorant: Lacking knowledge
Self-Absorbed: Preoccupied with one’s own thoughts, interests, etc

That is me.  Defined.

Everyone is ignorant in some area.  Two of my (many) areas of ignorance are politics and world events.  Last night, this was painfully obvious.

I often use the excuse that I don’t pick up channels on my television, so I can’t watch the new.  But, hello to self… I have do have the internet and I do know how to read.  I do see headlines on my home page, so I have a vague clue as to some things that go on.  However, I am still quite guilty of ignorance. I am guilty of only paying attention to things in my home, really.  I mean, I often don’t know what goes on inside my own community let alone outside of it.  Self-absorbed.

I could go on about the internet or computers to a degree.  I could talk about my husband’s health, my children’s health, our finances, in-laws, some of my relatives, my house and it’s needed repairs…  I could go on thinking I’m the center of my world.  But I’m not.

One would think that since I have, as one friend puts it, a “dooms day outlook” I would pay more attention to the world.
One would think, as  Christian, I would pay close attention to what is happening in one particular country.

Last night, I “saw” (re: connected with online) a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while.  He said he was “worried but safe”.  Huh?  “We are at war.”  Oh yeah, I think to myself, I’ve seen some headlines.  I knew where this friend and his family vacationed and where he traveled for work.  However, I either did not know or had forgotten where he and his family actually lived.  Once reminded, I felt guilt.  I should know more about what is going on there.  I should know more!

This morning there is a headline that reads

Civilians on both sides caught in crossfire

I think of my friend.  I look a the picture and wonder if that is what his life is like now.  War.  It seems so distant.

Yes, we have our own troops places.  But, again, to me, that is distant.  I know people or know people who know people who are “away” (in the military).  So, although that touches me, it’s not fully real to me.


I know things will get bad here one day.  I even believe it won’t be long before big changes happen.  However, my house does not shake.  I do not wonder if my friends who do not live in my town are injured, hurt, still have a standing house…

Until last night.  When my eyes were opened to my selfishness.  My ignorance, which I knew I had, was more than a bit embarrassing. It didn’t just leave me out of an intelligent conversation this time.  It left me seeming cold and callous to a friend.  As if I did not care.
It also made me realize, that as a Christian, perhaps I am failing. I see signs, but I am not watching.

I am self-absorbed.


Embarrassment December 15, 2008

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Your cheeks redden, unless you are one of those people who turn red around their ears or neck instead.  Maybe your palms sweat or you give a goofy smile  and look around, not making eye contact. You feel warmth, and uncomfortable warmth, throughout your being.


We have all experienced it on some level.  Some people are easily embarrassed, while others seem to have no sense of shame.  There are those that get mad because they have been embarrassed and, on the other end of the spectrum, those that take it well and laugh at themselves.

Many people find humor in the embarrassment of others.  I am one of those people.  For example, in my younger city-living years I might try to gather a bunch of strangers to sing happy birthday to friend in the middle of the mall, even though it’s not their birthday.  Many mornings I ask my son if he wants me to walk him into school.  He’s 13.  Just the mention of it is embarrassing.  The answer is always a definite no with a slight smile.
It is good natured embarrassment.

I don’t like to be embarrassed.  Some small things I could handle and laugh along with though.  I don’t like to be the center of attention, so I would not like a publicly sung happy birthday on my birthday.  On the same hand though, if it were NOT my birthday, I’d still be embarrassed but I’d think it was amazingly funny…. and possibly begin planning my “get back” by the second verse.

Again though, that’s mainly good natured fun.  It is not the “I’ll never go out in public again” kind.   But really, what is reason for embarrassment?  I mean, what does it matter?  And why is it so different for so many people?

As a Christian, I must be careful of what people think, yes.  But really, will my awful singing turn someone away from Jesus?  Probably not.
So, why then does it matter?  It’s not just Christians that get embarrassed anyhow.  So, why do we, people, get embarrassed?  Animals don’t. Have you ever seen a dog blush because someone saw him “doing his business”?  No. They don’t care.  And how much of it is society?

I think much of it is individual.
Some people would not be caught outside without makeup.
Some people would just be mortified they were seen in an older automobile.
While others can dig for gold in varies body parts and not care who sees them. They don’t know the word discreet when it comes to crawling undergarments.
Some are embarrassed by others, while some don’t have a care in the world.

Which kind of person are you?
What is embarrassing to you?




A special thanks to darkeve who unintentionally inspired this post when commenting on yesterday’s Fears post.

Tired of Theft November 8, 2008

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You hear nothing from me for days, then you get two post in the same night!

While I could go on a rant, making this post more of book than an entry, I’ll keep it short and just say the following.

I am tired of my posts being stolen.  I am tired of my posts being taken and credit given to another.  Though I find it ironic that some of the sites that steal my posts have actually stolen posts that stating I dislike either their product (coffee) or their practices (spam), I do not find enough humor in that to dismiss them taking my life as their own.

I looked around tonight to see what was out there.  Meaning, I decided to see what options are available to me… such as blocking IP addresses or making them give me their computer to use for good instead of evil.  In searching through some faq, I came across this:

I highly suggest that you take a look there.  Especially if your “p i n g  b a c k” says stuff like “NotTheRealAuthor’sName wrote this today….” followed by your post.

Good luck and happy blogging.

Oh, by the way and just in case…
This post was written by L of WayTMI.WordPress.com.  If you are reading it anywhere else, then you might be reading a thief’s blog.  Just sayin’

Not Smart October 29, 2008

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If you are trying to make supper while trying to get ready to go some place, let me just give you some words of advice…

Apply your moisturizer/makeup BEFORE chopping your raw garlic.
Even if you wash your hands several times before gently rubbing in said moisturizer, your cheek just MIGHT have a bit of a, shall we say, garlicy smell.

Just sayin’

Sunday Songs 13 and Movies September 22, 2008

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Yeah, I know it’s Monday.  Shhh!

I heard about a movie on the radio this morning.  The movie is called Fireproof.  Maybe I’m just hormonal, but the clip on the radio and the trailer on-line got me all teary eyed.  I do not think it’s a big Hollywood production. However, it is not suppose to be super cheesy either.  Unfortunately, it is not coming to my area… yet.

Daughter and I went to the movies Saturday.  We saw Igor.  It wasn’t too bad, actually.  Probably not my favorite children’s movie, but not too bad. Though the promo says something about h a l l o w e e n, I do not remember that holiday being mentioned. It’s just a bunch of monster and e v i l scientist. … Yeah, I know how that sounds. But really I think it’s more about good vs. bad, right choices vs. wrong.  But then again, maybe I was just too into my popcorn to know what really going on around me.

Sunday we went to church.  New series time again.  Then Sunday night I tried a new HT.
Have I mentioned that Wednesday at noon-central time there is an on-line service?  I am pretty sure I mentioned the two on-line Sunday services before now.
Anyhow, the new series is about God’s will. No, the pastor is not trying to tell us what God’s will is for us individually exactly, but more how to find God’s will.  (Hint: Opening His Word and getting to know HIM)  So, if you want to join me, come on.

I Know Who I Am
By: Israel & New Breed

Words of Wisdom September 20, 2008

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If you are lactose intolerant, do not, I repeat NOT, eat Ben & Jerry’s and then go to the movie theater about a hour or two afterwards.  Just sayin’

It Has Arrived! – The Swap pt2 September 20, 2008

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A while back, I told about a swap I was involved in.  A bartering deal that I was “forced” into.  (Recap: I wanted to just send an item to my friend, she said barter or no deal.  So I chose one of her art pieces.) I said then that I got the better end of the deal, and I still say that today.

She received her item and had sent off my chosen print only to have a postal malfunction put a kink in the plan.  The communication was great and she sent off another print.  I received it today.

Sundrip Swap 1

I’m so pleased!!  Honestly.  I had chosen (but not told her) some pieces that I would like to get for Christmas presents.  I haven’t ordered them yet because she might create something else I want instead.  Now, after doing business with her, and holding the print in my hands, I WANT MORE!!!  I do not know what her largest available print is, but I do know I will be finding out.

Her styles vary some, so take a look around.  If one page is not your taste, try another.
You can see her artwork
here (etsy)
and here (POSTCARDS on redbubble)
and here (BLOG – a must visit) – and here you can find “The Galleries” which puts her work into categories for your searching and browsing convenience.

And NO, she is not paying me to say this.  There is no kick-back for me.
She’s just my friend and very professional in her business dealings, so I thought I’d share.

Besides, Christmas isn’t far away.  You might find something you like for that hard-to-buy-for-world-traveling-odd-auntie.  I know I did!  *laughs*

Austin, thanks again!

The Bag, The Interview, The Journey September 9, 2008

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(Please note this post is in response to the Let Us Begin: The Paper Bag challenge posed by Pat at Single for a Reason.)


The Interview:

Q: I know you are waiting for the next wind of change to carry you away, so I will try to keep this interview short.
Bag: Thank you.  Really though, I’m good. I’m in no hurry.
Q: Still, do you remember how you got to where you are now? Do you remember the events that took you to … to here?
Bag: Yes, I do actually.  It started what seems so very long ago.  I was little and had such dreams of growing big and strong. I’d be able to stand on my own no matter what storms came my way. I…
Q: Yes, that’s interesting. You’ve come a long way, Bag.  Did you ever see yourself ending up where you are now?
Bag: Not really. It wasn’t exactly how I pictured myself.  But life happens.  Certain circumstances came about that altered my reality.
Q: Would you elaborate?
Bag: Certainly.  See, I dreamt of being seen, of people looking up to me. I was good at what I did.  At times, it seemed I would become what I desired.  I was seen and played what I thought was an important part.  Then, there was an unplanned event that changed it all.
Q: Do go on.
Bag: My whole world changed and I became something I never thought I would.  My very being seems to change. I was no longer that lone being out in the world.  I had a new purpose.
Q: And that’s how you became what you are today, right?
Bag: Exactly.  Oh sure, I had purpose before… I had provided for others in various ways, be it a source of fun or shelter from whatever.  But now, now I had a whole new kind of purpose.  I had a new job, and I gave that job my all.
Q: Was the change difficult?
Bag: Sudden change is often difficult.  However, I saw my new role as important. Oh sure, there are many out there like me, each doing their job.  Still though, I did mine to the best of my ability before…
Q: Before what?
Bag: …Before I was no longer needed.  Once it was time to let go of what I held so dear, I felt useless. It seemed I was tossed away like, like, like some kind of trash.  No longer good to anyone.  No longer seen.
Q: So you felt used and discarded?
Bag: In a way, yes.  I know my job was important.  I know that I made a difference in the life of others.  Now though, I feel…
Q: How do you feel?
Bag: Sometime I feel a little blue.  I think I hide it well though.  You know, we all have those moments where we see the darkness, feel stepped on and are a little blue.  I guess in those moments, when it’s you against the world, you just have to let your light shine and go on.
Q: You sound sound almost angelic there.  Noble, perhaps.  Talking of purpose and light in the darkness.
Bag: I am far from angelic.  I am however hopeful.  Although by most I am still not seen, there are a few who take time to see me.  They may not know what is inside, but they see me for a just moment.  Most just go on with their busy lives.  I understand that. I mean, after all, I am just… well, me.  But there are those few..
Q: Which few?
Bag: Those few that take the time, though they may be few and far between, those few that take the time to look outside themselves and see the worth in what many see as worthless.

Q: Wow.  You are very deep, Bag.  Thank you for spending time with me today.
Bag: Thank you.

Bag feeling blue 1

bag feeling blue 2

bag feeling blue 3

Bag light in the darkness

Bag Close Up

**** **** **** ****

As I mentioned at the start, this is in response to Pat’s challenge.  However, I cannot let it end here.  I find myself asking questions of my own.  You do not have to answer if you do not wish, but at the very least, ask yourself…

Do you see yourself in the story above?
Do you ask questions not really caring about the answer, only to find yourself surprised once you do listen?
Do you use and toss aside?
And most importantly, who really is the bag?
Is it you?

**** **** **** ****





(The original photo is ©Pat Coakley 2008. Photo used and altered with her consent – this means she personally actually really truly knows about it and has okay’ed it.  Do not use her photos unless she has given permission.  And no, someone just posting a picture on the internet alone does not mean s/he has given permission…)

Sunday Songs 12 September 7, 2008

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Awesome God
By: Rich Mullins

His return is very close.
Are you ready?

Confessions August 20, 2008

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It’s true. I’m going to admit it right here, right now.

I am an escapist.

I have been for a quite some time.
I long for escape. It is what I do.

Oh sure, I can “go with the flow” and be content. Deep down though, more often than not, there is an escape happening. Even when I am in the moment, it is a form of escape.

Reading a book, to me, is an escape. I read as the images play in my mind like a high definition movie. The world around me fades away as I am immersed in the set of my imagination narrated by the pages before me.

Entering a virtual world, I, once again, escape by blocking out all around. Even though I stare at the monitor before me, I block out the chaos on my desk. I release tension there, I dance there, I fly, I laugh, I shop, I create, I have fun, I blow off steam, I immerse. Escaping fully into another world with others.

Chatting with a friend is even a form of escape. As I sit and listen to them talk, I am entering their world, their life and leaving mine behind. As they speak, I picture what they say, I empathize, I laugh with them, I smile, and nod in understanding. Understanding because I have left my life and entered theirs.

Reading blogs is like chatting with friends in that I, yet again, enter someone else’s world. I see their joy, their pain, their unshielded self. It does not matter if their story is painted with words, with pictures, or a combination of both, for those few moments, I have entered their existence, even if only through the one way looking glass they have provided.

Even if I am pulling someone into my world, my life, I am escaping. I have left my reality to communicate with the visitor. As I share my life through voice, photograph, text, movie, paint, song compilation, I am into the setting. I am into the communication. I am leaving my world to make a window for you to see in.

Yes, it is true. I am an escapist.

Now you know who I am.
Allow me to glimpse into your world. Escape with me and share who you are, what you are.
Tell me, are you an escapist too?