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Diets, Weather and TV May 7, 2009

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The diet is going well. Thanks for asking.  I don’t know if I have lost any weight, but I have been eating a lot of tomatoes. So, I’ll call it good.
Well, except for last night. Last night I was hungry.  I mean, the kind of hungry where even if you are full you are hungry. The only thing that would have satisfied that hunger would have been movie theater popcorn with lots of butter.  So, I ate some fruit and veggies.  Didn’t satisfy but it filled me up.

It’s been raining a lot here.  That’s probably no big surprise. I mean, rain is a part of spring, no?  The big surprise is how slippery grass is!  Plus, it was recently cut.  So I have little piles of cut grass randomly placed in my yard and driveway.  It’s a like trying to walk on a slip-and-slid in nylons during a tropical storm in some areas.

Today though the sun is shining.  I don’t know how long it will last.  I hope it will be sunny for a few days. We are in the time of year when school has several events and outings.  For example, Friday Son has a field trip and Monday Daughter has one.  Thursday is awards night.  Yup, the end of the school year wind down has begun.

You know what else has begun? Season Finales.  You do know what Season Finale means, right?  It roughly translates to “Cruel on-the-edge-of-your-seat worse possible moment to end a show episode”!  You know it does.  I mean, we’ve all been there yelling at the tv.  Usually it sounds something like this:  “OH NO! you can NOT! leave it there!”  or  “Uh! They can’t die!!!”  or “Bu.. I… How…. aarrrggh!”  with hands thrown up in the air.

One show I watch tries to be kind. They nicely wrap up a season with a little bow of “end of chapter xx” and show you a glimpse of the next chapter/season.  However, that’s just a minute or two taste.  You still have to wait.  It’s like bringing out the desert and giving you a sample of your favorite delight on one of those tiny disposable sample spoons and saying “Sorry, you can’t have it right now.”  Cruel I tell ya! Cruel!

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I must make a diet-shake, open some windows and catch up on my on-line shows.


Laziness Stole My Week! March 5, 2009

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A friend invited me to go walking with her today. That really interferes with my plan to dominate the world with passivity and laziness.  You know, to properly master being lazy is much more work than it should be. I’m just sayin’

I did skip working out again today. I blame my toe.  I’ve been (what I call) medicating it since last night. So, I think I’ll be okay to walk.  You know, other that it completely and totally contradicting my lazy plan.

Speaking of plans… I did have big plans that included massive cleaning and a daily workout routine, but that kind of fell by the way side.  I ended up eating poorly and watching too much (on-line) t.v.

I mean, seriously, LOST, HK, Heroes, Chuck, The Terminator: TSCC, Fringe, Bones… Can you blame me?
And thanks to a friend, I have added another show to the list.  See, she told me about a show on TNT.  I hadn’t actually seen the show myself.  So, it only made sense that I should go to the site and check it out, right?  Well, while I was there, I discovered some episodes of  The Closer I hadn’t seen. Well, you can bet your whole bag of Smarties that I watched what was available there.  And while I was on-site, I checked out one other show called Leverage.  Hooked.  That’s all I can say.  Hooked.  It cracks me up much like Bones does.  I can see the old me so much in one of those characters.  Don’t worry about which one.  And then, a couple of the guys in the show… How comical.  I know both those types.  I love the characters because it’s just… they’re funny.

Hey, I only claim to have a sense of humor. I don’t recall saying it’s a GOOD one, just that it exists.  K? K.

Anyhow, the computer and my toe and the ice cream have completely stolen all my time this week.  S-L-A-C-K-E-R!!!

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty to do this weekend. Yes?

I Blame Nan October 23, 2008

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I watch tv online.  This means my show options are limited, but I can watch them at my convenience.

One show that I enjoyed last season does not appear to be available online this season.  That’s too bad because every show I ended up laughing.  Of course, if others were around, they usually didn’t get it.  Still, it was a great show and I wish it was available online this season too.

The shows that are available are usually up the day after they air.  Some run about a week behind though.  This means, if I end up in a conversation about a show, sometimes I have say “I haven’t seen that episode yet.”

A while back while visiting a blog, I noticed a page that appeared to be dedicated to one show in particular.  Although I did look at the page, I did not read it.  It seemed to be every episode summarized individually.  The blogger explained (although she did not have to) how the page came about.  She’s not an obsessed person.  It just sort of happened.

I had only seen the show once (it is available online). Maybe not even a full episode as I was completely lost as to who the people were or what was going on.

This is a new season.  I gave the show another shot.  Even though it is season four, I dove in.  I watched the first episode.  Then the second.  Followed by the third.  Although I don’t really know what happened in the first 3 seasons, I get an idea from the “flash backs”.  As of today I watched the 8th episode and am all caught up on this season of Prison Break.

I would have to say this is not a show for everyone.  There is definitely violence in it.  I can think of a few friends who I would advise to avoid the show.  Others, I would say the story line, although a bit confusing at times, is pretty good.  I would not suggest trying to jump in during the middle of the season though unless you have someone to explain things.

At this point, I don’t really know if I like the show or not.  I keep coming back to it though. It’s like some sort of addiction.  It can get a bit intense. I don’t yell at the monitor like I do during some of the other shows that I watch. I would not have it on with children around.  Still, I keep going back.

I think this is what happened:
I have been visiting Nandango’s blog for a while.  People talk about the show there.  Not constantly, but now and then.  However, she has that page.  That page that says “Prison Break”.   Then watching other shows on the same network, I saw previews for PB.  It’s enough to peak a gal’s interest.  I found myself saying “What is the Prison Break show?”   I also remember not understanding the show the one time I did try to watch it.  I do not like not understanding… Soon, I bit.  I bit the show-baited line that was dangled before me. One thing lead to another.   Then today, I have done little to nothing because I had to fit in the last 2 or 3 shows that were there.  I’m all hopped up on soda.  Wired to last through the drama, wired with sugar (it’s a caffeine free soda. I didn’t totally jump off the edge).  And you know who I blame?  Not myself.  Not the network and their previews.  After all, I don’t watch EVERY show they have.  Nope, I blame Nan!  Totally and completely. She is a Prison Break pusher.  That’s what I think.   “Come on, give the show a try.  One episode.  It’s free……..”
(Besides, if I didn’t blame her I’d have to take responsibility. ppfft)

Yup, watch out for her.  Otherwise, you too may be under the spell of network tv.

Gone But Here September 23, 2008

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I may not be around much.  Oh, I will still read (a.k.a. lurk), but you may not hear much from me.

I’ve dusted off some old books that I have (a series) and am re-reading them.  It’s been so long since I’ve read it, it’s almost like a whole new story to me!

Also, I have discovered that new season episodes are up.  Yes, it is true. I am being sucked in by the network websites.  They are destroying what little brain I have left with their addicitve ‘television shows’.

*ssslllluuuurrrrrrrpppppp* Oh look…. a new one is up now………..

To Do List August 7, 2008

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As some of you may know, I use a blog-reader. (I’ll get part two of that post up some day, I just know it!) I have been using this blog reader for well over a year. Maybe even 2 years.

It is time to update it. It is disorganized (hush, Misty) and full of blogs that I do not read that often. There are even some blogs on there that seem to be inactive.

The problem is this: I don’t want to let go.
I am *inhales deeply* a URL-pack-rat. I do read all of them sometimes, some of them all the time. The inactive links might one day become active again. It has happened!

I need to cut the strings. I need to reorganize. I need to create folders, rearrange, and even use the horror-of-horrors!-delete option. I don’t want to. I mean, I can hear my justifications already “But I do read that one some times.” *sigh*

Maybe I could just make a folder titled “Occasionally Read”?


I was reading over at Nandango’s blog today. She has a whole page dedicated to a show that I have never watched. I am not sure if I should read it or not. Will I be lost, not knowing what she is talking about -OR- will I become interested and addicted like I have to HK, start a category here for it and watch it on-line every week? Then Misty will read my new post and become addicted like she did with RS. She’ll yell at me and get even by getting me addicted to something else…. See? It could be dangerous.
Then again, if I don’t read and watch PB, then I might get banned from Nandango’s blog!
(Not really, but it just wouldn’t end the same if there wasn’t a dramatic consequence… then again, maybe she would ban me…)


Sweetie occasionally posts photo-essays. I still need to get my family together to do our review of this photo-essay. I like to guess who will like what, then ask them (my family) and see what I got right. Is that wrong?


I need to clean my ‘fridge. It is gross.
Yeah, you needed to know that….


I have big plans to play on the computer later tonight. We (Hubby and I) were suppose to go some place this evening. I called my friend and let her know we would not be there since Hubby had to cancel. Then I made my big computer plans. I hope the rain realizes it must go around us and not interfere with my connection.


I need to pay the water bill too. I can do that tomorrow, I guess.


I have that Twitter account now, but only 1 person who I stalk follow. Where are all the people who I thought were Twits? Or is it Twitters? Maybe Twitterers?


Okay. No more stalling.
I must go…
…clean my reader.
…clean my refrigerator.
…make my menu for the week.
…and a bunch of other stuff I’ll end up putting off.

Random Stuff July 10, 2008

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I recently made my first bean soup in a pot on the stove!
I’m generally not a big bean eater (unless it’s refried beans. yum), but it didn’t turn out too bad. We may even have it again! That is, if I can remember what I did.

At first, I thought it looked gross. Then I cleaned the pot up (while it was cooking), and it looked much much better.


A friend of mine has a new racing game. That is how he is spending his vacation. I’d call him childish if I wasn’t sorta envious.


A friend of mine is away this week camping with her family. She doesn’t live locally so we mainly talk via the net. Looks like this week I’ll have to rule the webaverse alone.
I hope all this imagined power does not go to my head.


We went to the library recently. I picked up a book for myself. I have been escaping into it and am hardly seen without it.


We have actually seen the man for 3 days now.
I’m not sure what else to say about this right now.


Son went to his follow up of his follow up of his follow of his doctor’s appointment for asthma when he found he had pneumonia. He finally has a ‘clean bill of health’. That’s good news.

He’s also quite sun burnt. As in, blistered. Ouch.


Daughter has started blogging. She checked her stats after her first post.
I wonder where she learned to do that…


I’ve changed the way I make salsa. I love it but I got mixed reviews from others. I should care, but instead I think “Mwahahahaha! More for me!”. Is that wrong?


I’m kind of stressed about money right now, but not too bad. I see mistakes I’ve made with the little we had and think of how I could have been more wise with it. I have seen how the Lord has taken care of us and have no doubt He will continue to do so as He sees fit. However, I still question myself… “maybe that was it and I blew it… I have no gas now because I spent money on _________.”


I finally have the 3rd season of a show I like coming to me on video. If I’m not around much over the next few days, I’m lost in the book or the show.


HK4 is over.
I think if you do not win, it would be better to come in 3rd than 2nd. To be so close…….

I wonder what job offers the 2nd place person got.
(In case you haven’t seen the final episode, I am NOT giving away any hints here).


My bowl of salsa is now empty.
If I don’t go wash it right now, I’ll end up refilling it.
I don’t need that. Although, my taste buds would disagree with that statement………

All Sortsa Stuff July 5, 2008

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HK4: NO WAY! Why didn’t someone TELL me that it would be a two parter?!?!
*frowns* Stop laughing at me…

Hubby: He’s been released (more details at ThatPlace) and is diving my Blazer now. He was released to drive Monday. He took off to a friend’s place Monday. He hung out (once he woke up) with us on Thursday. That’s it. He’s home to sleep then gone again. As a matter of fact, he’s getting ready to leave right now.
Yeah, feel the love?
“I’m better now. See ya.”
(Warning or Preview: More rant on that possibly coming soon)

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4th of July: We actually celebrated the 4th on the 3rd. Once everyone was finally awake and had eaten, we packed up and got ready to go. We arrived at the park later than usual, but that was okay. Son was already there at the pool. Daughter went swimming too. This left Hubby and I confused. We were at lost as to what to do without either little one there. So…. we flipped open our phones. I called my friend and he returned a call to his momma. I got off the phone first (no surprise there) and started walking (I expected him to be on the phone for an hour). I heard him talk smack about me again and then they hung up. I straightened him out and he said ok or something.
Moving on.
It rained. We got the kids from the pool (they had already made everyone get out of the water because of the lightning). We sat in the car to see if the storm would pass. Then we went to my mother’s house to wait it out. We went back to the park, got our seats set up, started eating our supper, put stuff back in the van in the rain and then sat in the van again waiting for another storm to pass.
Eventually it lightened up so we all got out again.
Daughter and I had to use the rest room, so we waited in line. Daughter used the portapotty and then came back in line to wash her hands. Just as the person in front of me came out of the windowless bathroom, the power went out. *sigh* So, I got a general idea where the toilet and tp was and did what I could in the dark. Who KNOWS what I ACTUALLY sat on or IF that was toilet paper I used, but I felt better. We opened the door to try to get some light (remember, it’s night now and the power is out) and wash our hand. Back out into the rain we went.
We stood around waiting for the fireworks. Eventually they did happen.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I did not get my usual pictures because of the rain. There were a few really cool line type lightning strikes through the sky as the fireworks went off. They would have been the best pictures EVA!
I did however get some pictures and some video. In the video there is some lightning, but not the really cool stuff.

No Electricity: As I said, the power went out at the park. What I did not say (and don’t know if I’ll do a whole post on this by it’s self or not) is that the whole town actually lost power…. Two towns did. The one I was in and mine. Yeah, maybe some day I’ll give this it’s own post.

Whining Ends Here: Who knew this post would be so whiny?

I’m off to read other blogs now.

The Final Two June 30, 2008

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As some may know, I do not have a tv.

No, that’s not true. I do have a tv, I just don’t have cable or satellite. Where I live, the only thing I can pick up is PBS. Even that has more than it’s fair share of static.

For years I was lost in common conversations that revolved around shows. It was as if I missed a vital part of pop culture.

I found one show that I loved on line. Oh sure, it was a day late or so, but I was all over that. I picked my favorites and rated performances on this reality show. It seems that was either the last season or I just cannot find it again. (Yes, Misty, you know what show I’m talking about and what song is now in my head. I’ll be nice and not post the video and get it stuck in your head too.)

Then I discovered earlier series of some shows at a local video store. I soon became hooked on some and very unimpressed with others.

Finally, I hit the jackpot. Networks online! Oh yeah, baby. I am all over that sweet sight, site, sight….

I have to wait a day, sometimes longer, for the shows to appear. It’s a lot easier than waiting a year.
Not all the shows that I like are available online. And yes, occasionally I do cheat and search a popular video site for some show highlights on the unavailable shows.

I said all that to say this…
In a matter of days the final episode of H***’s Kitchen will be on line. I am so completely and totally hooked. Even though the language is offensive and I miss half the dialog because of the bleeping, I am addicted. It is down to two and I don’t know which one will win! I mean, usually I’m pretty good at this stuff. At least with the music contest type shows, I do pretty good. And I have definitely had opinions on this show. I was so glad to see some of the contestants go. (lots of emphasis on that go)

So here we are… Down to two.
Please, don’t tell me who wins. I will find out on my own on Wednesday or Thursday.

There is one boy and one girl left.
The battle between the experienced and the one who can be shaped, between messy and impressive, between the gentle giant and the seeker. They both cry. A lot.

I do not know for who I am rooting.
This one is a tough call.