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Swinging Low March 6, 2009

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A few days ago I was quite mean to a friend.  He said “Have you started yet or is it still a week away!”  It was more of an accusation than a question.
I became irritated.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that I was wearing my fake smile.  A lot.  I noticed that I was starting to disconnect.  Disconnect from the world.  Slipping into recluse mode.

Last night, I watched the final show of True Beauty (or something like that).  I hadn’t watched a full season, just the last few episodes.  I was not attached to any contestant.  Still, when they announced the winner, I became a bit teary eyed.

I noticed that chocolate doesn’t taste so bad right now either.

This morning, I heard a commercial. I don’t remember what the product was, but I did the cry that was a laugh. Or was it the laugh that was really a cry.  A commercial. On the radio.

Ice cream was a staple food this week too.
*sigh* I think I might have “a visitor” soon.

No, I won’t tell my friend he was right.  Because, well, that is just wrong. However, I might send a message to Tam and find out more about her hormone pills. Maybe she can email some to me…


Laziness Stole My Week! March 5, 2009

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A friend invited me to go walking with her today. That really interferes with my plan to dominate the world with passivity and laziness.  You know, to properly master being lazy is much more work than it should be. I’m just sayin’

I did skip working out again today. I blame my toe.  I’ve been (what I call) medicating it since last night. So, I think I’ll be okay to walk.  You know, other that it completely and totally contradicting my lazy plan.

Speaking of plans… I did have big plans that included massive cleaning and a daily workout routine, but that kind of fell by the way side.  I ended up eating poorly and watching too much (on-line) t.v.

I mean, seriously, LOST, HK, Heroes, Chuck, The Terminator: TSCC, Fringe, Bones… Can you blame me?
And thanks to a friend, I have added another show to the list.  See, she told me about a show on TNT.  I hadn’t actually seen the show myself.  So, it only made sense that I should go to the site and check it out, right?  Well, while I was there, I discovered some episodes of  The Closer I hadn’t seen. Well, you can bet your whole bag of Smarties that I watched what was available there.  And while I was on-site, I checked out one other show called Leverage.  Hooked.  That’s all I can say.  Hooked.  It cracks me up much like Bones does.  I can see the old me so much in one of those characters.  Don’t worry about which one.  And then, a couple of the guys in the show… How comical.  I know both those types.  I love the characters because it’s just… they’re funny.

Hey, I only claim to have a sense of humor. I don’t recall saying it’s a GOOD one, just that it exists.  K? K.

Anyhow, the computer and my toe and the ice cream have completely stolen all my time this week.  S-L-A-C-K-E-R!!!

On the bright side, I’ll have plenty to do this weekend. Yes?

Ice Storm Chronicles III February 12, 2009

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Part 3 of 3

Part 1 Here (opens in this window)

Part 2 Here (opens in this window)


Day 4:
Yesterday we went to Uncle’s house.  He still has power.  We charged our phones and charged my camera battery.  The camera battery did not get a full charge though.  His town is running out of water, so no shower there.

We went to Hubby’s friend’s house and showered. I washed my hair more than once and shaved.  It felt good!

Most of the ice melted off.  I won’t get a bunch of photos now.  I will, however, get photos of the branch on my house before it comes down – hopefully.

I spent too much money on food I don’t normally buy.  Chips are easy.  Canned food is expensive!  Neither require electricity.

I wonder what today will hold…



Day 5:
Hubby was offered, or rather re-re-offered the job that he left his last one for and left yesterday.  His friend took him to the main office out of state.  He was to stay in a hotel last night.  Bet he’s cleaner than me today!

We are ready for another shower, but have no place to go.

Oddly enough, I’m even wishing I could do laundry.

I think I am through the initial net-withdrawal.  Yes, I know I say that while blogging with pen and paper.  But, really, the hardest part is over.  And it only took 5 days.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I must text someone… anyone…


3:20 pm
We have power!!

4:10 pm
Starting a load of laundry.  If power stays on for that, next is shower.  If not, maybe the clothes will at least get washed before it goes back out.

4:40 pm
Modem is dead.  Why oh why am I taunted so?  It was protected…

Have I mentioned how nice a hot shower feels? Aahhh…



Most people have their electricity back on.  Some just within the last couple of days.
Although we did have electricity over that weekend, many people did not.  Most local schools did not open until Tuesday,  and then they began an hour late.
This week local businesses and schools have return to “normal”.
Branches and limbs still litter road sides and lawns. Broken trees are our current skyline.  Vehicles are in need of repair as are homes.
Some people are asking what the ice storm means.  Some have moved past it and have fallen back in to their rut.  A few saw God in the beauty of light reflecting off a frozen world.  And still some may have saw it as glimpse of things to come…

Ice Storm Chronicles I February 9, 2009

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(This is a 3 post series.  Below is Part 1)

I know this is a little late.  Although I have had Internet back for about a week now, I have not really been blogging.

I didn’t know how long I would be without electricity once it went out. The electric company said 2 to 6 weeks before everyone had power back. Local authorities were saying 2 weeks until electricity was restored. I ended up being out for only about 5 days, and 7 without net. At the time of typing this, people I know are still without power.

Below is taken from my “blogging notebook” (ink pen and paper), written by flashlight, candlelight or sunlight.

Ice Storm Chronicles:

Day 1:
I woke up around 9. It was nice to sleep in. However, before I was even able to make breakfast “Pop Pop Pop” and off goes the electricity.

Breakfast was a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  This kept the fridge closed.

I took a few photos of ice covered trees, tires, steps and such.  Hubby cleared off our steps and kept me company.  My camera battery is low so my photos will be limited.

A friend of mine received a text whining about my lack of electronics, I mean, electricity.  After a few exchanges I noticed my cell battery was low.

It’s almost 8:00 pm.  We’ve been in bed for almost 2 hours.  Bed time is dark. By that, I mean when darkness fell, we all went to bed.

Hubby asked if I was blogging as I reached for my pen and paper.  I said “No.”  We both laughed and he rolled over.  By flashlight I write as I listen to him snore and trees cracking.  Earlier we laid here watching flashes of light, trying to figure out what they were.  Cars?  Transformers?

There was a loud crack.  Another big branch must have fallen.


Day 2 & 3 next post


Part 2 Here (opens in this window)

Part 3 Here (opens in this window)


Ice Ice February 4, 2009

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Oh you know when you read the title you threw in “Baby”, didn’t you?

First off, I’d like to thank Austin for leaving a comment for all to read stating that I would be away for a while.  Thank you, Austin!!

Thankfully, I only had about a week of no electricity. There are still some in the area who are without power. They don’t have electricity either. *insert corny joke music here*
Everything in my fully stocked refrigerator and freeze had to be tossed out… again. On the bright side, it is so pretty and clean in that cold empty box right now that I almost don’t mind being foodless.  Plus, the whiteness of milk matches.  See, you just have to look and you can find the bright side.

Anyhow, before I bable on for too long and scare you off, I’ll mention that there is a post coming up from my days away.  I just have to type it up (it’s written in a notebook)   I didn’t know how long I would be gone so I was ready for it to be weeks.  That’s what the esitmates were.  They (the electric company) said their expeirence was 6 weeks before everyone had power.  The local authorities were saying 2 weeks before most have power.

There are still trees down and limbs all over.  I have just a few photos of the ice.  My camera battery died, so I wasn’t able to get many pictures.

I’m trying to catch up on some blogs, on class, and on life.  Today is busy, so I don’t expect much net work done.  No pun intended.

So, that’s what has been going on here.
What’s been going on with you?

What is the point? January 26, 2009

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Seriously? I mean, what is the point?

Yeah, I’m about to rant about something that I’m not even involved in!

Maybe I’m a bit off, but when I read blogs I begin to consider the people “someone I know”.  Once I start commenting and get a reply back, even more so.  I even call them friends.
Hubby calls them “invisible friends”.
Sometimes I’ll say “net-friend”.

I do realize that blog-friends are not the same as, say, Goober, who I have “known-known” for 15 years or so.  However, the initial get to know & build trust with a blog-friend is so much different than with 3D friends. You walk right into who they are inside (most of the time) when you “meet” through blogs.

One of these blog-mates recently had a commenter that just, well, when I read the comment I said “Ouch!”  I mean, it was hurtful and off base.  Maybe it is the tone that I “heard” as I read the comment.  If it was, though, I am not the only reader who heard that “tone”.

What is the point?  Why rip apart a blogger? It is your choice to read or not read.  If you disagree and are willing to do so in an manner that is not belittling, fine.  If you have constructive criticism and know how to deliver it, then ok, I guess.  If you want to rebuke a blogger, then do it as yourself without sarcasm.

Or is this just me?  Am I way off base?

If you don’t like what someone writes, blogs, tweets, plurks, comments, whatever… If you think they are wasting their time… What about you? Why spend your time hurting others online?  What is the point?

Okay, Rant Over.
I still don’t get it, but rant over.
In case you were wondering, I have said a prayer for the person who left the message that I would term “bitter”.

By the way, this question applies to spammers too.
What’s the point?



What do you do when you see a comment that is uncalled for on a friend’s blog?
Do you rip them apart?
Do you pray for them?
Perhaps you leave a reply comment defending the friend?

Have you ever left a comment that was taken differently than you meant it?

Kitchen, Sleep and Coffee January 22, 2009

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I am looking for some good cleaning music and getting ready to tackle the kitchen (again).  For those of you that asked, no I didn’t get it done. There. I confessed… and sighed with regret.  Now I have more to do today than I would have if I just stopped messing with music and Twitter. Yeah, Twitter. I went there.

On a lighter note, if all goes as planned, I will get to see my man in just a few days.  Yay!  It’s kind of fight at night though.  I mean, I miss him when trying to fall asleep.  But when I wake up over night, I don’t miss the snoring.  See what I mean? A night time fight.

I went to … are you ready for this… a coffee house! That’s right. Me.  I went to a little cafe that smelled like coffee and charges a whole-lotta money for a cup of coffee. Oh sure, it’s flavored and has fancy names that you need 3 years of coffee-bar-tending school to understand, but it all smells the same to me.  I went to meet and visit with “the ladies”.  I had a smoothie – no coffee, espresso, late or any other fancy named liquid caffeine. It was probably high in the sugar department.  She used some strawberry syrup to made the drink.  It was tasty.  The conversation was pleasant.  Time went by rather fast, so it must have been enjoyable. You know “time flies when you are having fun”.

I think I will go back next week.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn to tollerate the smell of coffee better.  That is smell & tolerate NOT taste & enjoy. Just sayin’

Cautious or Paranoid January 15, 2009

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I’ve been thinking (which might explain my headaches).  Many of the people on blogs – and twitter, facebook, myspace, Vimeo, etc – are not overly cautious.  I mean, they share pictures, movies, names, and locations.  They make themselves easy to find.  They are very open about themselves.

I use “net-names”.  I am fairly vague about where I live.  On this blog I post no family photos.  On the family blog, I have the pictures altered so that you can’t really see faces.  I’m very open about myself here, but still careful to not let (most) others know exactly who I am.

I have a loosened up a bit. I actually entered a contest – and won.  That meant I had to give my address to have something mailed to me.   I also participated in a swap/barter.  Again, that meant exchanging addresses.  There is no way I would have done this even a year ago.

Am I paranoid?  Are most people just not cautious enough?

One family that I know (okay, I read their blog so I feel like I know them, but don’t actually know them know them) opens their home up to many of their readers.  Wow!  At first I thought they were just crazy living on the edge.  Then I thought about this:  I almost went to meet a group of net friends recently.  I also may have one of my net-friends coming to my area for a visit this year.  But, that’s different.  I mean, we talk on the phone! …… Okay, so it’s the same thing.  Or is it?

If I were to send a message to the “open-house-family” saying I would be in their area, would they offer their home to me?

I heard a message recently (as in last night) and thought about them.
This isn’t my study blog so I won’t go deep into this, but part of the Scripture read was Matt 25:35
“for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;”

( NKJV )

At the same time though, we do have common sense.  Where is the line?  When do you offer to let someone come into your home?  At what point will you be willing to stay at someone else’s home?  Where is the line between caution and faith?  When is it common sense and when is it paranoia?

Just because someone is open about their life and family does mean they should open their home.  Where is the line of caution when it comes to showing and telling things online?

So many young people put so much out there that not only put them in danger now, but could effect them in ways they can’t comprehend now.  And so many proud parents share so much about their lives and location, it scares me for them.

Am I just overly cautious?  Is everyone else too open?  Am I paranoid without realizing it?  Or am I just using common sense?  Internet safety?

Hmm. Something to think about…



Where do you stand on this issue?  And why?

Soon. January 14, 2009

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It is almost time.
It is almost time to take the next step.
It is almost time to open one of the accountability blogs.
It is almost time to make public my triumphs and my failures.
It is almost time to let you know what in the world I am going on about now.

Yesterday I made a commitment.
Yesterday I made a commitment and then began to fret.
Yesterday I made a commitment that just backed up one I made to myself.
Yesterday I made a choice to follow through.
Yesterday I made a click that added more (positive) pressure to my goal.
Yesterday I committed to what was probably just an email mass mailing list.
…but what if it’s not.

A commitment is a commitment.

What am I going on about?
My health.  Some choices I made but have been inconsistent in with and without good reason… to a point.
No more excuses.  This is not a resolution.  This is not a promise.  This is… more.

I’m not real good with keeping with things.  I am a good starter.  I can finish up for others.  I am not good at doing from beginning to end without accountability.  I need accountability in certain areas.

I had set up two other blogs for that.

One for spiritual accountability.  I stop writing in that one when summer rolled around due to lack of morning quiet time at the computer.  I did not start back up once school was back in session.

The other for health.  I have issues.  Ben & Jerry’s.  Chips & Salsa.  A backside that is the shape of my desk chair.  Being almost 3 times the woman I once was.   Ouch. That hurt to confess.  I miss the old me.  The one that had energy to go to the lake or park.  The one who could buy clothes in the single digits.  It’s an area I must be very careful with though.  I need the accountability there.  I have issues that go beyond the “normal willpower/emotional eating”.  I have issues that go beyond being lazy.  But it is time. It is past time. It is way past time.

Soon, the body blog will be opened back up to the public.  It is more for myself.  To keep track of movement.  Share recipes – I often forget what I did “the last time I made this”.  And maybe to post what I ate.  I’m not sure on that one.  I don’t know if I will just keep a notebook or post.  It is the hardest blog I write in.  Because of my vanity.  Because of what I was and what I am now.  Because of who I was and what I’ve physically and materialistically become.

If you are interested in holding me accountable, or wanting to be held accountable, or if you are looking for a place to keep track of these things too but don’t want to join the many website communities out there that do that… let me know.  Maybe you can join me over there… once I open it back up to the public.

The same goes for the other blog too.  If you are wanting to hold me accountable, or looking to be held accountable in either way, let me know.  We can do it through my other blogs or through twitter… or both.




Do you have something that is “soon”?
When does soon start for you?

Hi. I’m Self-Absorbed January 4, 2009

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Ignorant: Lacking knowledge
Self-Absorbed: Preoccupied with one’s own thoughts, interests, etc

That is me.  Defined.

Everyone is ignorant in some area.  Two of my (many) areas of ignorance are politics and world events.  Last night, this was painfully obvious.

I often use the excuse that I don’t pick up channels on my television, so I can’t watch the new.  But, hello to self… I have do have the internet and I do know how to read.  I do see headlines on my home page, so I have a vague clue as to some things that go on.  However, I am still quite guilty of ignorance. I am guilty of only paying attention to things in my home, really.  I mean, I often don’t know what goes on inside my own community let alone outside of it.  Self-absorbed.

I could go on about the internet or computers to a degree.  I could talk about my husband’s health, my children’s health, our finances, in-laws, some of my relatives, my house and it’s needed repairs…  I could go on thinking I’m the center of my world.  But I’m not.

One would think that since I have, as one friend puts it, a “dooms day outlook” I would pay more attention to the world.
One would think, as  Christian, I would pay close attention to what is happening in one particular country.

Last night, I “saw” (re: connected with online) a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while.  He said he was “worried but safe”.  Huh?  “We are at war.”  Oh yeah, I think to myself, I’ve seen some headlines.  I knew where this friend and his family vacationed and where he traveled for work.  However, I either did not know or had forgotten where he and his family actually lived.  Once reminded, I felt guilt.  I should know more about what is going on there.  I should know more!

This morning there is a headline that reads

Civilians on both sides caught in crossfire

I think of my friend.  I look a the picture and wonder if that is what his life is like now.  War.  It seems so distant.

Yes, we have our own troops places.  But, again, to me, that is distant.  I know people or know people who know people who are “away” (in the military).  So, although that touches me, it’s not fully real to me.


I know things will get bad here one day.  I even believe it won’t be long before big changes happen.  However, my house does not shake.  I do not wonder if my friends who do not live in my town are injured, hurt, still have a standing house…

Until last night.  When my eyes were opened to my selfishness.  My ignorance, which I knew I had, was more than a bit embarrassing. It didn’t just leave me out of an intelligent conversation this time.  It left me seeming cold and callous to a friend.  As if I did not care.
It also made me realize, that as a Christian, perhaps I am failing. I see signs, but I am not watching.

I am self-absorbed.