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What? A post? Here? Really? November 26, 2009

Posted by L in Uncategorized.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes. Yes, it is Thanksgiving and I am waking up the old blog.  Whether I’ll let it go right back to sleep or not, well, no telling.  After all, it has been quiet here since May.  And so much has happened!

I stuck to the diet and tossed in some exercise.  I am now, actually, half way to my goal.

We moved to a newer house.  It is still a rental, but it’s nicer.  I have not finished unpacking even though it’s been long enough. I’ve been busy. Busy with what, you ask?  Well, let me continue updating you…

I took that entrance exam (COMPASS I think it’s called) and began taking classes.  That’s right, I started school over the summer.  What a way to begin! Note to non-traditional-potential-students:  Starting full-time in the summer can be rough.  Just sayin’

During the second summer session I had to drop my class. Summer classes are intense and you cannot fall behind. I had to have my gall bladder removed, so I dropped the class I was taking. I’m doing okay now and watching what I eat.

Which brings us up to fall and winter.  The children and I are students; we are enjoying our time off (for Thanksgiving).

So, yeah, that’s me.  I’d ask what you have been up to, but I’m guessing my few blog-mates have moved on to more active people.  Eh, what the hey, I’ll ask anyhow…. just in case someone – old or new – actually stops by:
So, uh, what have you been up to?



1. bluesuit12 - December 1, 2009

Hey I’m glad you’re back! Congrats on being half way to your weight goal and for going back to school. Sorry to hear you had to have your gall bladder removed. My mom had to do that years ago and every now and then she gets really sick and it’s a big mess. Hope that isn’t the case with you though. Glad to hear that things are going well and I look forward to more updates!

2. L - December 4, 2009

Hi! And thank you for your encouragement. 😀

So far, my gall bladder has not been an issue. But my diet is also quite lacking in the fat, salt and sugar area. I’m sorry it’s hard on you mom. Is it selfish to hope that I don’t end up getting really sick?

3. bluesuit12 - December 4, 2009

Heavens no it’s not selfish to hope that! No one wants to get sick. It’s really only when she gets overly stressed or eats certain types of food.

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