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Food in the Fast Lane April 30, 2009

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Yes. It is true.  After a long silence, I am returning to the blogging world.  What brings me out of hiding, you ask?  Well, to tell the truth, Mandy did.

See, I recently tweeted that after many years without a microwave, I purchased one today.   I’ll let that soak in for minute. ………….  Yes, seriously.   I have lived without a microwaves for more years that I can remember.

Mandy found this amazing.  So, I though “Hey, I should blog about this.”

Truth be told, she is not the first to find this shocking behavior.  My mother considered it some sort of twisted abuse that I dare make my family live without one.  People have asked “How you heat things up?”  “Is this some sort of cult deal you are into?” and “Is it for health reasons?”

Ok first the one that makes me laugh:  I heat things up using the stove top or oven. I make popcorn in my air popper.
Next: No, it is not some sort of cult restriction.  It is a personal choice that has nothing to do with any religious belief.
Finally: Yes and no to the health.  Microwaves are shady, in my opinion.  I mean, have you ever really thought about what they are?  There are no pacemakers or any medical restrictions causing me to live micro-wave-less.  It is just my own mind thinking too much about how the food is heated.  Oh, and seeing a microwave leak detector.  That simple.

So, now, after all this time, I have broken down and purchased one.  Why?  Well, that’s a whole other post. But it boils down to something new I am trying that requires a microwave.

See, it is all rather simple.

But now, let me ask you…
If your microwave broke today, how long do you think you could hold out before buying a new one?



1. bluesuit12 - April 30, 2009

Not long I’m afraid. I didn’t own one until I moved here but that’s because all my apartments had one. That was one of the first things purchased. Weirdly, when I lived in both Mexico and Guatemala I didn’t have one and got along just fine. When I got back to the states it was a bit of an adjustment to using the micro again. I was so used to gas stoves that I just forgot all about it. Hmm, now that I think about it I guess I could go a while without one but I’d rather not retest that theory. By the way, I’m glad to see you back here!!

2. Austin - April 30, 2009

It depends on how fast I could get one off IndyFreeCycle.com
If I could get it within 10 min then it would only take that long but I’d begin to search for a new one at the last beep.

I use an air popper for my popcorn too.


L - May 1, 2009

Thanks, I’m glad to be back too.
I love cooking on a gas stove. Don’t you miss it? I wonder, are you complete micro-addict now or do you still use your stove to cook/reheat?

LoL! So you are saying you use yours a lot then?

3. mandythompson - May 5, 2009

This is so fascinating! No real reason to *not* have one, and no defined reason for why you just bought one…
I think you may be the shady one! 😉

Thanks for letting us know “why” you didn’t have one to begin with!!

L - May 7, 2009

lol Maybe I am shady.

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