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Update on the Crud February 16, 2009

Posted by L in General, Life.
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The doctor’s office has Saturday by Appointment hours.  They had appointments, so when I called, I got in.

My voice was audible, which was nice. It was not my normal voice, but I did not have to write answers nor hope they could read lips.
I was diagnosed with pharyngitis and sinusitis.  We talked about strep.  If I have it, it would be the same medication I was already going to be prescribed.  Therefore, we skipped the test and called it done.

I am feeling slightly better.  Last night I finally got a little better sleep too.  I’m still not all good, but I’m heading towards getting over this yucky stuff.  My throat is still giving an occasional odd pinch and is still not happy.  On the bright side I did not spend a full hour coughing up… stuff this morning.  So, I’d say, so far, it’s a better day health wise.

How is your day going?



1. bluesuit12 - February 16, 2009

Glad to hear that you’re feeling a little better. Hope the medication does its thing and you recover fully soon!

2. tam - February 16, 2009

im sorry youve been so sick. i know how much of a bummer that is too. but on the flip side- youre getting better, right?

3. Gledwood - February 17, 2009

I hope you get over all that soon. I got absolutely knocked sideways by barely even a common cold. It’s not the sore throat that got me but the hypersomnia and severe depression. Nasty.

4. L - February 18, 2009

Me too and thank you. I’m doing better. I almost sound like me again!

Right! I am getting better… which means rest time is over. Back to busy now.

Hi & Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you are feeling better too.

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