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I gots the crud February 13, 2009

Posted by L in Disgusting, General, Life.

It started simple.  A bit of a sudden sore throat.  By sudden, I mean all of the sudden I needed a drink of water… and the water hurt a bit to swallow.
At bed time, I had an odd pain in my back.

That was almost a week ago.  I still don’t know what the back pain was about.  I do know that the sore throat now appears to be a full blown sinus infection.  I know that every morning I cough up… gross stuff.  I am debating heading into the doctor today or giving it another few days.  The laryngitis I had yesterday kept my yelling to whisper yell.  Not effective… or very audible. Phone conversations were, well, unrealistic.  Of course, that did not stop my mother from trying!

I don’t like having a sinus infection, cold, or flu.  Odds are, no one does.

I have tissue.  I have some medicine from the store that does not seem to help.  I’ll do a nasal rinse in a little while and see if that helps.  It has in the past.  Really what I want though is for it to just go away.

It could be worse, but it could be better too.



1. Austin - February 13, 2009

😦 poor L
I’d offer you a nice cup of hot coffee but ya know… you don’t like coffee so I’ll just offer virtual hugs and drink coffee for you.


2. bluesuit12 - February 14, 2009

Oh man! I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. Being sick is the worst, especially what you have b/c you can still technically function with day to day stuff even though you don’t want to and it lasts longer than just the flu. I really hope you start to feeling better.

3. L - February 16, 2009

Thank you Austin & Bluesuit.

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