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Observations January 22, 2009

Posted by L in General, Life, Random.
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Some observations I made today:

*Running water to wash the dishes is like a switch on your bladder.  Almost every time a bathroom trip is needed before the sink is full.

*The area around the trash can is the dirtiest spot in the whole house.  Why? The trash can is right there! The floor should not have paper, unpopped kernels, and various bits of garbage!

*Cleaning one room makes the room next to it messy. “This doesn’t go in here. Oh, I’ll just set it on the table/couch/bed for now…”

*If I vacuum a big spider before I identify it (thus making me unsure if it’s poisonous or not) OR if I vacuum a brown recluse off of the ceiling, I will let the vacuum run for a long time afterwards to make sure that thing is not clinging to the side of the hose.

*If I vacuum enough spider webs, everything feels like a spider for several minutes afterwards.  My hair, the wind, a string… every-thing!

*Just as soon as you say “I’m almost done”, you remember some place you missed cleaning.  For example, if you say the kitchen is almost done, you’ll remember the top of the fridge…

*Noticeably cleaning causes my daughter to smile.  She likes to rearrange, and apparently likes when others do too…

*Teen age boys don’t notice changes until after they’ve eaten.



What observation did you make today?



1. tam - January 22, 2009

i think ive observed a change to your blog???

2. L - January 24, 2009

Well, Tam, that depends on what change you mean? lol
I am pretty random with topic and writing style. Is that what you means?
Or maybe the header/template/layout? That is a fairly new picture (new this month, but not this week). It’s a snippet from a shot I took from my front yard. Really, it is. 😀
Good job observing

3. Austin - January 28, 2009

I don’t know how many times I’ve huffed back to my area cause I had to use the restroom after turning on the kitchen sink. It annoys the heck out of me.

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