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Random Ramblings January 19, 2009

Posted by L in Life, Random.
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I’m over they whiny stage and I survived another weekend.  Life is good.

Church service was good.  That’s pretty much a given though.

I’m becoming more and more involved with Twitter.  One of my friends joined Plurk.  Now, what to do?!?  Do  I really need another place to say “MMmm, bacon!” ?!?

My feet were well enough to go walking today.  My legs however, they did not do so well.  I turned my music up to drown out their complaining.  My body hates me. I tell it eventually it will thank me, but I’m pretty sure it said it would make my life miserable first.  Hmm…

Wait, did I just say – on the internet – that my body talks to me?  And I talk back?  Ummm….

Have I mentioned that I was asked if I would be interested in being part of a team for the iCampus?  How cool is that?  I was quite excited.  Last week, we (the “team”) were asked to email some ideas.  I sent off a few.  I have no idea if it is anything even close to what they were looking for, but I am quite interested to hear what changes are going to take place.

I am stalling. Today the plan was is to “do” the kitchen.  That’s right, the kitchen.  As in, empty shelves and get rid of stuff I don’t remember buying.  Toss out cups that haven’t been used by anyone, ever.  Figure out where to put things that are cluttering my counter.  Yup, that is “doing” the kitchen.
If I have time when I’m done, I think I’ll do the list.

Which reminds me, if you really want to know what I’m eating or if I worked out, I opened the other blog to the public as well put a link here.  I know, you’re thrilled, right?  You don’t have to answer that.

Alrighty then, I guess it’s time to turn up my music and go a few rounds with the kitchen.  If you don’t see me for weeks, I’m probably buried under the can goods.



1. bluesuit12 - January 19, 2009

I joined or logged onto Twitter a couple of months ago to see what it was but still have no idea. I don’t think I’ve logged back on since. What the heck is plurk? I’ve never heard of that. That’s awesome that you were asked to be a part of a team for iCampus and that you’ve got the other blog up and going. How was cleaning the kitchen? I need to start going through all of my stuff but I’m too lazy. Instead I’d rather watch TV.

2. mistyisforeverlost - January 21, 2009

I have officially decided that I like Plurk better then Twitter. The page for time lines is easier for me to follow.

blue, Plurk is basically like Twitter except there are karma points you can earn for doing things like “plurking’ (twittering, making comments, making new ‘posts’, etc), sprucing up your profile page, filling your profile, adding friends and fans as well as other things.

The karma points are sorta fun to gather as you get more, then you also get more options to make your page fun. But they are not something you need to enjoy the Plurk Timeline.

L - January 21, 2009

I am so excited about the iCampus!
Twitter is like mini-blogging. Here’s a youtube to kind of explain it.

Also, here are some tips that were recently passed around the twit-world. They would probably also work for plurk…
As for the kitchen… Um, could you ask me that again in a week or so?


Plurk does have a funky layout. I mean, with more options and such I guess. But I am a twitter-girl. I’ve got 3D’ers on there. I’ll set up plurk for the game & maybe a RL one (darn sl-stalkers!), but *shrugs* you’ll just yell at me for having too many like you usually do when I start signing up for stuff. Then a couple of months down the road I’ll wonder why I spread myself out again.

3. tam - January 22, 2009

i am officially exhausted reading this.

how did the kitchen go?

L - January 22, 2009

The kitchen went fine. I however did not. I blame my music. It didn’t keep me going. I did get a good start, but not much beyond that… I’ll do “the list” another day, but that kitchen will get finished today! … maybe.

4. mistyisforeverlost - January 22, 2009

*points out for everyone to read that L said I can yell at her*

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