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Late Night Rambling January 10, 2009

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Ok, so here I am. I’m up way too late again.
Wait. I just called 10:45 PM late.  WHAT?!

The children talked me into a “junk night” tonight.  Alright, so they timed it well. I was hungry.  I gave in.  Then I burned my eye – jalapeño oil on skin + something in eye.  Then I ate too much.  All in all, a typical junk night here.

I still have not even started my new menu.  I mean, I have the some basics ideas, but not really ALL the details.  And nothing written out.  And I told myself I’d put it into effect next week.  Yikes!

I am looking forward to going to service tomorrow.  Week 2 of the new series.  I love that I look forward to going, even if I do long for just one day to sleep in.

I saw my mother tonight.  She told me a bit about the drama that the some of the relatives are involved in. She showed a photo to me that is quite odd.  We visited for a brief moment with an Auntie.  It was all-in-all not a bad visit.

Hung out with the children during “junk night” and watched a movie.  Then Son wanted to go to bed. I hope he does not get ill tonight.  Daughter wanted to watch another a movie.

I’m rambling.  Again.
And yawning.
But I didn’t want to go several days without blogging again and I don’t know if I’ll get around to it tomorrow.

I’m distracted by daughter’s last movie of the night.  It is almost over. So, I’ll end my rambling and say good night.
Good night.



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