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Stinky No-More! January 9, 2009

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I may or may not have mentioned that I had a leak. I called the water department to confirm this fact. They said either I do not have a leak or it’s a small one.

A few days later I hear “drip drip drip” coming from under the bathroom floor.  I called our fixer-upper-guy, CN.  Well, that was just after Christmas but before New Years.  He said he’d try to come over that day. Otherwise it would have to wait because he was going out of town.

He didn’t make it that day.

After the new year began, I bumped into his wife. I kindly asked her to remind CN.  He showed up, ready to find the drip-drip-drip.

Well, between calling him and the time he showed up it had gotten even worse.  So much so that Son was standing in the bathroom and yelled out “Mom, do you have the water on?”
“No. Why?”
“Is that the leak I hear?”
Resisting urge to remind him I am not inside his head hearing what he hears I reply: “Maybe”
“It has gotten way worse!”

CN shows up and the wall behind the tub, from the other room that is up against the bathroom, is SOAKED!  It wasn’t soaked last time I looked.

CN takes off crumbling wall, and says something like “Yup. I’d say you have a leak.”  He capped the pipe. The next day I went to the store. Today (Wednesday) he shows up to finish the job.

I ended up not having to redo the whole bathroom right now, but that’s a “soon” project.

There is a hole in the wall now.  It’s not a used area, so I will just cover it with a leaf that I still have from an old table.  (pack rat) Eventually, I’ll find some scrap drywall and patch it.

The leak was here:
Leak 1

The easy fix didn’t work. It wasn’t easy. We ended up needing a whole new “diverter kit”.

Leak 4
Oooo and Aaaahhh that because even at being the cheapest, it was still $80!

On the bright side, the mess left for me to clean up was free of charge!
Leak 5

I’m not complaining though. Especially since I can now take a shower at home! Yay!!



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