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Non-Traditional Resolution Post January 3, 2009

Posted by L in Friends, General, Life.
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Three days in to the new year and one question has been asked more than any other.  “Did you make any new years resolutions?”

Well, at one particularly bitter moment I explained how resolutions are nothing more than promises that are expected to be broken.  I don’t do promises or resolutions.  I think that person told me take some medication and call her in the morning, but I could be mistaken.

I really didn’t make any resolutions.  I am not really so jaded – at least not about resolutions.  If you made them, I hope you follow through and reach your goals.  If you don’t make resolutions, maybe you should try a few goals instead.

One friend, who had asked me so I asked back, said she makes resolutions daily.  Another said he thinks if there is something to be changed, he shouldn’t wait until January first to do it.

What happened to the joy and fun of laughing with friends and making a list of things you want to do but even as you say them you doubt yourself?  Is this a lost art of expressing desires that no one expects you to achive?  Has that tradition faded with age? Or is it a sign of lost hope, resignation and laziness?  Yes, I went there – LAZINESS.

Most resolutions require work.  Of course, if they really were resolutions, we wouldn’t be thinking to ourselves as say them “I’ll never do it”.  Resolution – to resolve.  I guess the question is: Resolve to fail or Resolve to follow through?



What is a resolution to you?
If you make one NOT at new years, do you expect follow through?



1. bluesuit12 - January 5, 2009

I usually make a resolution to not make resolutions. That way I keep it. But this year I decided to come up with some goals that I want to accomplish. For some reason that seems easier and more likely that I’ll do them.

2. tam - January 6, 2009

resolutions stress me out. its too much pressure. and i always seem to over do them. so i stopped the madness years ago.

i do have a few goals, thats for sure. but no resolutions.

shoot. is that the same thing?

3. L - January 7, 2009

Resolutions, I think, are more demanding. A resolution is saying “I WILL do ______” and leaves little to no room for anything else.

Setting goals is more like saying “This is what I am working for/towards and what I would like to accomplish” Goals do leave room for set backs and do not scream immediate change/results.

So, Blue & Tam, I’d have to say good for you for setting goals!
And no Tam, they’re not the same. You’re safe, girl. Relax. 😉

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