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Following the Crowd December 31, 2008

Posted by L in Random.
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I’m not always just part of the herd.  Sometimes I go my own way.  On the blog though, I have been known to post like others.  Why?  Well, that varies. I might be inspired or want to say more than what I feel I should in a comment.  Then again, maybe I just have the same idea as the most of the blog world. Like, for example, holiday posts.

The problem is, I have had this location for less than a year (although it seem longer).  That means I don’t really have a lot to choose from for a “year end” post.  HOWEVER, lucky you, I found a way around that.  I will do some sort of a review.

Hey!  Stop yawning! That’s is suppose to be exciting!

What kind of review?  Well, I guess a “this blog” review.  Or, maybe a year end review of my life.  Okay, not a year end review. That’s too much drama and you’ve heard it all before!

So, with little much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that rather than a “best of” or “favorites” or “rerun cuz I’m away” sort of thing you’ll get…….. ready? …….. wait for  it…….  useless random blog facts!
Yes! I know you are thrilled.  And you’re welcome!

Fact 1:
WayTMI is less than a year old.  It seems the 13th of April was my first published post.

Fact 2:
That was just 2 days before I took my husband to the hospital while he was having a stroke.

Fact 3:
Month wise, September I had the most hits.

Fact 4:
Top 4 posts (according to hits) are:
Only Me (a friend had this post as their link to my blog. It got a hit ever time she visited)
Danger vs.Platonic
Spiders Are Everywhere

Fact 5:
I have 17 posts with only one hit.

Fact 6:
My top for refers are:
WP tag wolf-spider
WP tag random
WP tag life

Fact 7:
Top 4 Searched Terms:
brown recluse
brown recluse spider
brown recluses
crab spider

Fact 8:
Top 4 cliks:
3 different spider photos

Fact 9:
This is not my only blog, but it is (at the time of typing this) my most active.

Fact 10:
My stats page says 1,224 spam comments have been caught – this year… under a year.

Fact 11:
My most commonly used tag is “General”

Fact 12:
My most commonly used category is “General”

Congratulations! You made it through my random-blog-facts-end-of-the-year-following-the-crowd-post!

No, walk it off.  Get the blod flowing. Splash some cold water on your face to wake up.
And have a Happy New Year!



1. tam - January 2, 2009

we have brown recluse spiders here. ugly and bad. very bad 😯

happy new year L!!!

2. L - January 3, 2009

Tam: Happy New Year to you too.
And watch out for those spiders. They have a nasty bite!

3. Austin - January 10, 2009

wait for it… wait for it….
brown recluse spiders are beautiful creatures, but only from a distance.

I recognize your new header as the sunrise photo on your Flickr. 🙂


4. L - January 11, 2009

Good spotting, Austin! That is a part of one of my flickr posted photos.

Not touching the “beautiful creatures” part though. lol

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