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A glimpse December 24, 2008

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I’m sitting here listening to a new download from a blog-mate.  It’s the second or so song I’ve ever heard of hers.  She has a wonderful voice.
I always wanted to sing.  To just let it all out.  Then when I was little I heard myself on a cassette. (Yeah, I’m that old)  That pretty much ended it for me. Crushed, I was. Completely crushed.  I knew I had no vocal talent.  The heart, flesh, mind and soul are willing, but the vocal chords just aren’t up to par.  Unless, of course, the listener is tone deaf.

While I am listening to this wonderful song, I am also waiting for Christmas Eve service to start.  That’ll be in about 10 minutes.  It’s online.

One child is getting ready for bed so that tomorrow comes sooner.  The other is winding down.  It’s an early night for them both, without complaint.

Hubby might make it home late tonight.  That’ll be nice for everyone.  Although “two Christmases” might be fun, I think it’s better that he is here when the children wake up Christmas morning.

Our oven isn’t working. That’s not a bad thing. I plan to make dinner in the crockpot. Yes, seriously. Turkey in the crockpot.  Okay, maybe it’s only a turkey breast, but it is a large one.  I also have a recipe for breakfast.  I have two crockpots.  The small one will cook breakfast while we sleep, then the large one will do dinner.

The song has ended.  Son is saying good night.  Daughter is drying her hair then going to sleep. Service is starting soon.
I guess I’ll wrap up this glimpse into my night and hit publish.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.



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