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blogroll December 19, 2008

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We almost all have them.
Some hold only a few links while others make you wonder if the blogger really checks every link every day.  This observation lead me to ask a question today.  That question is this:
“Have you ever checked every blog on someone else’s blogroll?”

I have.  The blogroll was small.
I have also chosen several random blogs to visit from large blogrolls.

Sometimes I visit new blogs because I see them commenting or mentioned often on a blog that I regularly read.

The person who responded to my question said she needed the community. I didn’t mean to pose the question with the implication that it is bad to check out another’s blogroll.  I merely asked because some are so large that I think it would take hours to visit them all, especially if you find some you like and want to read more than one post.

Blogger are like little communities, or cliques, sometimes, aren’t they?

You comment.  Sometimes you return to the blog, other times you don’t.  If you do return, you may find yourself visiting often.  That is followed by leaving more comments.  Eventually the blogger or another commenter responds to your reply.  Does that make you part of the community?  Is it a trial run to see if you fit in “the group”?  If  no-one ever responses to you, do you keep going back?  Do you continue to comment or fade into lurkersville?

When do you add someone to your blogroll?  After how many visit?  When you’ve been visiting for a while, do you look to see if you are on their list of links?  Is that vanity?

Personally, I have commented with the intent to go back, but then lost the link. Or I go back (via wp’s “my comments” page), forget to book mark, and then lose the link.
I also use Bloglines.  I have a folder in there called “trial blogs”.  Occasionally, when I find a place I may want to return to visit, I remember to “bookmark” there.  That allows me to see when new posts are up and decide if I really do enjoy visiting them or not.
I have begun to switch over to Google Reader.  At this point, I only have a handful of site there.

I also blogroll.  I have the links page more for others (who may be looking for new-to-them blogs to visit) than for myself.  I also do it as a sort of support for my new and old “blog-friends”.  I don’t update it often, and I don’t get a lot of hits on that page.  But it is there.  And you are welcome to visit every link there if you want to do so. Perhaps you will find a new community you really enjoy.

So, how about it?
Have you ever visited every link on someone else’s blogroll?



1. bluesuit12 - December 20, 2008

Not every link on someone’s blogroll but I’ve scrolled through some from time to time. Sometimes I add them and sometimes not. Sometimes I leave comments and sometimes not. It really just depends on how active they are on their own site and if I like their style of writing. Or if they click on my page and start commenting. If they do that a few times then I’ll probably add them.

2. mistyisforeverlost - December 21, 2008

I look at the links on my blogroll at least once a week. I also have links in my bookmarks that are not linked on my blog that I look at a bit more often if I can, but always at least once a week.

The links I have are more for me. Anything from amusement to serious to fashion or information re: an on line game I play. It all just depends. Not everything I bookmark makes it to my links and my links need to be cleaned out again since a few are inactive and there are a few I still need to add.

I generally don’t comment unless it’s friends or I feel I have something that can add to a conversation. Occasionally I’ll comment nonsense stuff.

I don’t expect or look to see if anyone has me linked back but I do use most peoples links to find new links *nods* as for YOUR links…..took me a bit to figure out what you meant by “page” you HID THEM!

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