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Stat Battles December 17, 2008

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I look at my stats.  Sometime… Okay, often more than once a day. I get excited with each little hit.  My average is like seven or something.  There were a few days where I hit big time numbers – that mens anything past x-teen.

There are blogs that hit hundreds or higher.  Although stats are not my goal here, they do give me a little boost now and then.  Those that have a ton, I wonder how they keep up with all their readers.  I guess maybe it’s a slow progression to the stat top.

Unless, of course, you hijack your spouse’s blog.
What?  No, my spouse doesn’t blog. He does not even like computers.


Mandy does have a spouse, a blog with big number hits, and a husband who has a blog with little to no hits.  Yesterday, Drew, Mandy’s husband, guest posted on her blog. It was a big ta-do and put her readers in a spot.  See, he asked, out of love of course, that everyone not visit her blog tomorrow (which is today) due to her stat-addiction.  He suggested that for a reading-fix we visit his blog instead.

Whether the jealousy is of her blog or her stats, I’m not sure.  As for her readers responses? Well, they were somewhat split.

If you want to read about it, you’ll have to go here (but that will give her a hit for today. Just so you can’t say I tricked you).

If you are a stat-addict and want to help another stat-addict, go here to Mandy’s blog.

If you feel the love Drew has for his wife, and are wanting to support him in his efforts to get better stats help his wife, you’ll need to go here to Drew’s blog.

If you would rather just not get involved, then stay here.

If you do go to the other blogs, please make sure you come back.  I need you more than they do…  Not that I  am a stat-addict or anything…..


Do you watch your stats?
Do you remember getting excited over your first reader?
Or were you nervous that someone actually read what you wrote?
How important are your blog stats to you?



1. mandythompson - December 17, 2008

L: This rocked my face off!!
As for the addiction thing? I’m not an addict. I can quit anytime I want! 😉

L - December 18, 2008

Thanks for stopping by, Mandy! 😀
And I’m not touching the “I can quit” portion of your comment. It’s safer that way.

2. bluesuit12 - December 18, 2008

I used to be obsessive about checking my blog stats. My sister told me about technorati and I would check that constantly as well. Now I’ll check them every once in a while. But I do get excited when people leave comments on my blog. Especially b/c I feel like I know some of my regulars even though I don’t really. And I still sometimes get nervous about posting some things b/c I don’t want to offend someone and sometimes I’m worried what someone might say about one of my posts.

L - December 19, 2008

I like getting comments too, bluesuit12.
As for not wanting to offend someone, I think you need to borrow my blog-moto “It’s your blog, say what you want to.”
Wait, your family reads your blog… nevermind! 😉

… I have blog-moto?!?

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