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Embarrassment December 15, 2008

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Your cheeks redden, unless you are one of those people who turn red around their ears or neck instead.  Maybe your palms sweat or you give a goofy smile  and look around, not making eye contact. You feel warmth, and uncomfortable warmth, throughout your being.


We have all experienced it on some level.  Some people are easily embarrassed, while others seem to have no sense of shame.  There are those that get mad because they have been embarrassed and, on the other end of the spectrum, those that take it well and laugh at themselves.

Many people find humor in the embarrassment of others.  I am one of those people.  For example, in my younger city-living years I might try to gather a bunch of strangers to sing happy birthday to friend in the middle of the mall, even though it’s not their birthday.  Many mornings I ask my son if he wants me to walk him into school.  He’s 13.  Just the mention of it is embarrassing.  The answer is always a definite no with a slight smile.
It is good natured embarrassment.

I don’t like to be embarrassed.  Some small things I could handle and laugh along with though.  I don’t like to be the center of attention, so I would not like a publicly sung happy birthday on my birthday.  On the same hand though, if it were NOT my birthday, I’d still be embarrassed but I’d think it was amazingly funny…. and possibly begin planning my “get back” by the second verse.

Again though, that’s mainly good natured fun.  It is not the “I’ll never go out in public again” kind.   But really, what is reason for embarrassment?  I mean, what does it matter?  And why is it so different for so many people?

As a Christian, I must be careful of what people think, yes.  But really, will my awful singing turn someone away from Jesus?  Probably not.
So, why then does it matter?  It’s not just Christians that get embarrassed anyhow.  So, why do we, people, get embarrassed?  Animals don’t. Have you ever seen a dog blush because someone saw him “doing his business”?  No. They don’t care.  And how much of it is society?

I think much of it is individual.
Some people would not be caught outside without makeup.
Some people would just be mortified they were seen in an older automobile.
While others can dig for gold in varies body parts and not care who sees them. They don’t know the word discreet when it comes to crawling undergarments.
Some are embarrassed by others, while some don’t have a care in the world.

Which kind of person are you?
What is embarrassing to you?




A special thanks to darkeve who unintentionally inspired this post when commenting on yesterday’s Fears post.



1. mistyisforeverlost - December 15, 2008

I don’t get embarrassed very easily. I think the last time I was embarrassed was while my child was throwing a tantrum in public and I could hear the eyes rolling and whispers “what a horrible mother” of which comes back from karma as I have done that before as well. So really, was I embarrassed because I was being judged or because I was caught in the act of return judgment *blinks* I’ll ponder that….

As to why people get embarrassed? Dunno..maybe has something to do with insecurities of how others might perceive us versus how we want to be perceived?

I humor embarrass based on personality. I would not roll down the window upon drop off with my youngest in 5th grade and yell out that she forgot her Barney lunchbox. She’s sensitive. I would however, do that to my oldest because she would find the amusement in it.

I would not tell the oldest really loudly that she has a zit on her nose in a room full of people because that would turn her three sheets of red. I would tell the youngest she has a snot hanging because she just wouldn’t care either way.

2. Karen @ Surviving Motherhood - December 15, 2008

The comment about the animals “doing their business” made me laugh. It’s a good thing they don’t care, or we’d be doomed in our family. We are presently trying to house-train a puppy and we have to make a big deal of it every time she does her thing OUTSIDE. How difficult this would be if we were embarrassing her terribly every time we watched her “go” and then told her what a good girl she is! LOL

3. bluesuit12 - December 15, 2008

I don’t really like being the center of attention either so putting me in the spotlight will embarrass me. Though, a lot of times when I’m embarrassed I can laugh about it.

4. darkeve - December 16, 2008

I don’t think I get emabarrased easily as well. It always depends on the audience and my mood. I remember one time at school I tripped and fell infront of 10 strangers so I said I’m ok people (no one asked if im ok, they just stood there staring at me) and I just walked away and told my friends about it later and we had a good laugh.

This could have been a mortifying experience for a lot of people I guess, but I was cool with it, it could happen to anyone.

It also depends on the people you have in your life. They could be the kind of people who laugh with you and tell you it was perfectly ok and funny. And they could be the kind of people who give you that look and have that look of “I-think-you-should-kill-yourself-right-now” written over their faces.

5. L - December 17, 2008

“maybe has something to do with insecurities of how others might perceive us versus how we want to be perceived?”
Oooh. Food for thought.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Thank you for commenting and for making me laugh. That would be a rather difficult situation. lol

Sounds like if you and I are ever out, we need to bring Misty. She doesn’t get embarrassed, so SHE can be the center of attention.

I do that too… Tell others about my embarrassing moments… okay, and I trip over nothing too, but I’m leaving that part out. 😉

6. Austin - December 29, 2008

Will my awful singing turn someone away from Jesus? Probably not.
That is too funny.

I’m a Deaf Atheist because I heard bad singing. LOL


L - December 31, 2008


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