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*insert-snazzy-title-here* December 13, 2008

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Welcome to the hormone roller-coaster ride.

Yesterday – the day after the pity party post – I started (but didn’t complete – obviously) a happy dance post.
I received one of the packages I was waiting for in the mail.  I love getting good mail. Really, I do!

Yesterday was also a bit chaotic.  The cell was going crazy.  A call while on call while getting a text while getting a voice mail.  Aaahhhh!!

Last night the children and I went to a high school drama club production.  It wasn’t too bad.  I mean, I didn’t spot any outstanding talent that screamed “I’m headed to Broadway when this high school gig is up!”, but it wasn’t too bad.

Ever hear Larry the Cucumber sing Feliz Navidad?  That’s what it sounds like is playing in the back ground here.  Some how, I feel that is just wrong.  Is it just me?

Today the children and I go to Mother’s house to set up her tree and decorate it.  Ok, mostly her and the children, but I get to sit and watch. Actually, I’ll probably do updates on her computer in an attempt to avoid calls from her about them this week.

Speaking of this week, the forecast is simply dreadful.  I mean, it’s like all winter weathery.  Again, that just seem so wrong to me.  All the s-stuff is there for everyone to see.  Snow.  Sleet.  Stress. School-closing-potential.  It’s all right there, in little images of a tree branch with ice dangling.  Yuck.  Brr.

On the bright side, if I miss church service because of the slick (another s-word) roads, I’ll be able to download it later in the week.  I think it’ll be okay though.  The morning will be fine.  The slippery (there it is again, another s-word) roads probably won’t happen until late Sunday night or sometime Monday.  I said that already, didn’t I?  Or did I?

Okay, enough of this hodgepodge of random life glimpses. I’m off to get ready for the day.  I hear there are chips and salsa in plans. Not that Mother needed to bribe us to come do her tree, but free lunch is a nice bonus.  Right?



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