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Restless Sleep and Dreams December 2, 2008

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I’m tired.
Well, not really.
But I have been tired lately.

Maybe I can blame it on winter. I usually do.  I say I am hibernating.  I look forward to warm weather already.  As a friend pointed out – much to my dismay – I have a long wait (until spring is here).

The past several mornings though, I have been more tired than usual.
I have a history of bad dreams.  No biggie because, well, with a history of them, they aren’t as disturbing as they would be if they were uncommon.  It is sort of “the norm”.  As a matter of fact, when they lessened, that was more disturbing to me.

At some point – within the last year or two (I’ve little to no sense of time) – there became a balance. “Regular” dreams and “Bad Dreams” had joint custody.  There were a few visit from “Dreams that are different” and a rare visit from the “Keep her awake for days” dreams.

But lately, the bad dreams have taken on a completely different… theme.  And this new theme leaves me exhausted.  I don’t think I’ve been staying up later.  I have been getting up earlier since Hubby went back to work.  But, not that much earlier.  It is my “old schedule”… old only meaning by a couple of months.  Also, I didn’t get up that early over the recent holidays.

They started before Hubby went back to work, so I cannot say that is my mind processing that change.  Only this morning did I finally see a small thread of a potential theme.   I think I only saw that because I went back to sleep once the children were off to school.  This means I followed that dream to the end.

No, I won’t detail it.

I think my morning nap was over three hours long.  I woke up on my own (no alarm, no phone, no person woke me).  I’m not quite exhausted; I was ready to be awake.

I don’t know what tonight holds.  I don’t know if these dreams will return.

A while back, I read that adults rarely to never have nightmares.  What I was reading also stated that having them is a sleep disorder (as an adult, not as a child).  I do not know if this is true or not.  I only know that I have always regularly had nightmares.

Is it truly rare for adults to have bad dreams?
In general, how well do you sleep?
Do you ever have nightmares?
If you do, do they only seem to happen around certain times or events thus being an understandable process?
Do you believe your dreams (good or bad) are ever more than “just a dream”?



1. bluesuit12 - December 3, 2008

Well this really sucks for you! I can’t really remember if I have bad dreams or not. So I guess that would be a no. I know that I have multiple dreams every night because I’m always waking up to look at the clock. The other night I had an awesome dream though. I was at work at the co-worker I can’t stand did something stupid and I finally freaked out and went postal on him. It was awesome! I even remember my boss being there and not doing anything about it and the co-worker was surprised and looked scared. *sigh* LOL

2. L - December 4, 2008

Nan, I have to say, that made me laugh.
Thanks for sharing your dream!

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