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Thanksgiving 2008 November 25, 2008

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Yeah, I’m sure the blogaverse is overflowing with these Thanksgiving posts.  And it probably will be for a few days yet.  Still, I’m tossing mine in the blog-pot too.

Thanksgiving.  The Big Four Letter F Word Holiday.  That’s right. It’s the holiday that has everyone uttering this word. From the youngest to the oldest you can hear the word FOOD pass their lips.

What?  Did you say something about history and pilgrims and Indians and dinner?  P-shaw, I say.  Pshaw!  It is all about food.  At least, this year, it is for me.  Oh, yeah, and being thankful…

Let’s back up a bit, shall we?

As you may know, Hubby has been without a job for some time now.  We were getting low on food.  His mother, who was going out of town to visit her daughter and family for Thanksgiving, gave use some of the basic fixings.  You know, turkey, roasting pan (loan), and um, well I don’t know what else.  I had taters already and there was just going to be the four of us.  Oh, and she sent a frozen pumpkin pie too.

Then, MIL has a change in plans and isn’t going out of town.  Okay, so we offer the turkey and pan back.  She has another so it’s fine.

Next, Man takes a job.  The one I dropped him off at over the weekend.

So, now, instead of our usual small dinner and small turkey, I have to make this like 20 pound bird and the extras for just the 3 of us.  I have to stick my hand up that frozen bird and take out the guck and do it all myself and entertain the children and it’s for just the children and me.

See, if it was known that it would just be the 3 of us, I could have gotten away with the way I use to do it. I would just order a dinner for each of us from a local place OR just gotten some sliced turkey and done it that way.  Oh say it’s wrong all you want, but when it’s just you and the children, you don’t need a 20 pound turkey, ham, stuffing, pie, whipped cream, green beans, mashed taters, cranberry sauce, sweet taters…. And this year, I’m not making all that either.  Granted, when I do, I don’t have to do much cooking for days to come.  But still, it is just the 3 of us.  I don’t wanna spend the whole day in the kitchen. I just don’t wanna!!!!

But, I am thankful that I have food to whine about having to cook.  And there are a few people locally that I can make plates up for and drop off if they don’t have plans.  Of course, since I was away Sunday, I didn’t get to see “the boys” (a couple of young guys out on their own without local family) to see if they have plans.  So, I don’t know.

Anyhow, that’s my Thanksgiving Post.  Too much food for too few people.
Then we’ll pull out the Christmas stuff.

What about you?  What do you have planned for Thanksgiving?



1. bluesuit12 - November 26, 2008

You may have already read my post on Thanksgiving but I’ll tell you again anyway. I’m going hiking in southern Utah and plan on doing some photography while I’m there. The bummer part? It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday. The only two days they’ve had rain in like a month. Figures. My big meal will probably consist of trail mix and carrots. Yummy…cough, cough.

2. Austin - November 27, 2008

I’m having pizza. I just took the toppings out of the freezer a bit ago.
Tonight’s dinner was fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli, a three pepper blend w/ onions then grilled chicken on top of it all. Then I had coffee to finish it off. Oh yeah, that’s right!!! I said it!!! Coffee 🙂

3. L - November 27, 2008

I hope the weather stayed clear for you today. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

I should ban you for saying Coffee here! And I would too, but then I wouldn’t get to read you comments that make me laugh out loud. So, I’ll over look your coffee … especially since it’s at your own house. 😉

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