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Tired of Theft November 8, 2008

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You hear nothing from me for days, then you get two post in the same night!

While I could go on a rant, making this post more of book than an entry, I’ll keep it short and just say the following.

I am tired of my posts being stolen.  I am tired of my posts being taken and credit given to another.  Though I find it ironic that some of the sites that steal my posts have actually stolen posts that stating I dislike either their product (coffee) or their practices (spam), I do not find enough humor in that to dismiss them taking my life as their own.

I looked around tonight to see what was out there.  Meaning, I decided to see what options are available to me… such as blocking IP addresses or making them give me their computer to use for good instead of evil.  In searching through some faq, I came across this:

I highly suggest that you take a look there.  Especially if your “p i n g  b a c k” says stuff like “NotTheRealAuthor’sName wrote this today….” followed by your post.

Good luck and happy blogging.

Oh, by the way and just in case…
This post was written by L of WayTMI.WordPress.com.  If you are reading it anywhere else, then you might be reading a thief’s blog.  Just sayin’



1. sweetiegirlz - November 9, 2008

i blog pings, it cut down the amount of stealing by a whole lot. 🙂

2. mandythompson - November 11, 2008


i’ve noticed that a friends’ blog posts get stolen about once a month… But I haven’t noticed any of mine. Guess that’s a good thing?

3. L - November 11, 2008

I really don’t get it. I mean, it’s not like what I blog about here is really worth stealing, ya know? lol

Hi there! Welcome to my blog
Yeah, I think it’s a good thing.

4. Austin - November 17, 2008

It is worth stealing because what happens is people that might want to look up information say about coffee haters or people who didn’t get fudge at the festival they might end up on your blog. Well if a scrapper blog takes those entries and a person clicks on it then they get money for the clicks, especially if the visitor clicks an ad on the sidebar. They’re making money off your stolen content. Also, your Technorati numbers fall and the real you is harder to get back and sort out because every scrapper says they’re you and says your content is theirs. It’s a personal invasion for profit. Breaking and entering is what it is.

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