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Ramblings October 22, 2008

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I was going to post tonight.  Instead of something coherent, you’ll have to deal with this instead.
I didn’t really know what I was going to write about, I just knew it had been a day or two since I have blogged.

I have been having crazy allergy problems.  Which of course means I’m popping the benny (anti-histamine).  Most of the time, benny knocks me out.   I took one tonight.  Add that to the lovely sounds of rain and the later hour… I am so not with it right now.  Someone should come take the keyboard away from me!

Youth was great.  I think I got some good shots.  Have I mentioned that I usually take photographs of the events?  Anyhow, it was fun.

Tomorrow our water will be shut off if I forget to pay the bill in the morning.  The sad part?  I’ve had the money in my purse since before the due date, let alone the shut off date.  I won’t even mention that I pass the water department several times a week.  Nope, not mentioning it.
In my defense, I did try to pay it.  They were closed though.  So, I did not completely flake out.

Hubby gave his notice with no other job lined up.  He is considering going back to his pre-stroke career.  Yes, I know it’s only been a couple of months.  I am also aware of how severe it was.  Stroke, not TIA.
However, I also know that he has already basically gone back to the lifestyle he was living before the stroke only without smoking.  He has quit that, Praise the Lord.  So, he has not completely gone back, but in many ways he has.

I’m not sure what I’m doing. I want a job, but I don’t see how it’s feasible.  That week I spent helping out a friend was a reminder of one of the reasons I left one of my last employers.

I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

I guess I’ll wrap this up since I need to help Hubby with something.  Then I’m off to sleep.  Well, actually, I might already be asleep.  Maybe I should say “off to bed”….. hmmmm….. sleep-blogging.  I’ll have to decide if that is a new word for me or not.

Good night.



1. Austin - October 23, 2008

You didn’t ramble at all. You lead us from one subject to the next quite smoothly. Anyway…I didn’t realize your husband had a stroke.

I’m not sure what issues you had while working but I know for me staying closer to home allows me to function. If I had an outside job I’d be more frazzled than I am now which would render me emotionally paralyzed. Working outside the home is not an option for me. I can honestly say I’m okay with that now. I have to do something with my time but holding a job outside the house isn’t within my best interest short term or long term. Whatever your reasons are, you know you and how you work. It may take a bit to accept but think of it this way, you’re accepting what is within your best interest. You’re accepting health above anything else and that is always a good thing.

smiles to you and yours,

2. L - October 23, 2008

Thanks, Austin.

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