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I do not like cold October 20, 2008

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It is cold.  It almost kind of feels like… like… *sigh* like winter is on it’s way.

Have I mentioned that cold and I are not friends?   It’s true.  Cold makes me shiver.  It makes my toes go numb.  It makes my muscles ache.  It makes my mornings longer (as I have to wait for a vehicle to warm up).  It has been known to bring “the s word” and ice.  (“The s word” is s-n-o-w and snow is a bad word.)  Oh sure.  Cold and ice and “s”, they say, is needed to keep the tick and flea population down.  The ground needs a good freezing.  However, let me say, I have lived in places where it does not snow.  You know, like Southern Texas and Florida.  While living there I was able to walk through an entire mall and not be attacked by bugs.  Therefore, I say that this state will too survive if there is none of the cold stuff.

I’d try calling a boycott on winter weather.  I’d try writing my congressman.  I’d try getting people to sign a petition.  I’d chain myself to summer.  However, I don’t think any of that would have an affect on the weather.

I don’t like giving in.  I really don’t.  However, since I am suppose to be the responsible one, the parent, I shall drag out the flannel sheets, electric blankets and plan on a lot of oven made meals.  I guess I’ll also clean and rearrange so the the heater is no longer blocked.  Yup.  It might be time to light the ol’ flame and call it expensive heater time.

But, let me just say, for the record, in  case you missed it, I do not like cold!



1. bluesuit12 - October 20, 2008

Man, I’m with you. I HATE cold weather. Every year I swear it’s the last winter I spend in Utah but…I’m still here. But this is the last winter, for real!

2. L - October 22, 2008

Sounds like me. I live in a very old house. Each year I say “This is the last winter in this old house.” …. Guess what. Yup, another winter is around the corner and I’m still in this ill-insulated old house.

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