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The Fair, The Search October 9, 2008

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Recently we (as in the family and I) went to the fair.  Normally, this is both something I look forward to and something I dread.  I look forward to it because the children so enjoy going, there is lemonade and of course funnel cake (don’t consume both at the same time because that’s gross). I dread it because it’s a small town and EVERYONE is there, it is so expensive and the lines can be so long.

This year though, this year there wasn’t so much dread.  “Why?” you ask.  I’ll tell you why.   Because of Misty.  Yes, Misty of Misty is Foreverlost.  She talks of fair-fudge.  Her whole fair-purpose is the fudge.  Not the rides, not the animals, not the people.  No, her fair-purpose seems to solely be the fudge.  I had never seen fudge at our fair.  This year, I did not dread the fair because I had a mission.  I had a fudge-finding mission

I had everyone looking for this so called fair-fudge.
We looked high.

The Fair - Ride

We looked low.

The Fair - Sleeping Beauty

I tried to ask some that had spent all day at the fair if they had seen or heard of any fudge.

The Fair - Barn 4
“Fudge? Someone say fudge?”

The Fair - Turkey Love
“Who needs fudge when you have an awesome ribbon?”

The Fair - Impressionist
I’m sure you know what this one went on and on about. It’s wasn’t fudge.

We wandered about the grounds some more, looking all around. Until finally we spotted it. A choir broke out in the standard “AAAahhhhhhhhhh” as time stood still, all went dark and a light from nowhere shone upon the beauty that is fair-purpose.

The Fair - Funnel Purpose

That’s right. Funnel Cake. The fudge forgotten, we looked that the 1500% profit confections.

The Fair - Funnel Powder The Fair - Funnel Fruit

Now, try as I might, I was unable to resist. I forked over the cash and received my warm sugary goodness. The family and I shared one of these delightfully messy treats before heading out.

The Fair - Funnel Yeah Baby

We were covered in white flecks but were content.
It was a good time.

On the way out, though, I could have sworn I heard someone yelling out.
I wonder what that was all about…





The Fair - Rooster

“What about the fuuuuuudddgge?”



1. mistyisforeverlost - October 9, 2008

you could have had fudge with the funnel cake at the fair *grins happily*

2. Austin - October 12, 2008

No fudge? Goodness!
Love the duck and the goat. I do mean to tell you, you’re a great photographer.


3. bluesuit12 - October 13, 2008

Overall sounds and looks like it was a good time. Sorry you couldn’t find fudge but funnel cake makes up for it. Hmm, funnel cake…

4. L - October 14, 2008

*frowns at Misty*

I know, right? To be honest though, I don’t recall seeing fudge at any fair I’ve been to.
Thank you. I’m glad you like the photos.

Who needs fudge when you have funnel cake, right?
One of the blogs I read has a funnel cake recipe. I have that on my list of things to try. It’s got to be better than a store bought mix. Although, probably not as good as at the fair. Mainly because at the fair, I don’t have to clean up the mess from making it!

5. Austin - October 18, 2008

No fudge at any fair you’ve been too, why that’s absurd.
Here in the Bible belt of Indy we not only have fudge but we have fried pickles, YUCK, fried Snicker Bars (YUCK) as well as a mountain of salt water taffy… oh yeah, that’s right. And being Indiana we’ve got corn but since most of our corn fields are being plowed down by the current Governor then we’re probably importing it.
The slogan use to be, “There’s more than corn in Indiana.” I believe it’s now, “There’s almost no corn in Indiana.” Dang Govt Mitch Daniels. Okay, enough political conversation. Every time I see that little Hitler in disguise he’s eating something…… but not corn.


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