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Quick Update October 1, 2008

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Real quick update since I did in fact go MIA.

I’m doing alright now.  Got into a bit of a funk last week and didn’t read as much as I started out reading.  I didn’t even read blogs for a few days.  You know, some people blog a lot, others not so much.  You can really tell after a few days. lol

I was talking to a friend on the phone today.  We hung up and I went in the house (where I do not get good reception on my cell).  She called back as I was letting the dog out.  I answered and said “Hello, hold on” to her then “Hold on, Dog”  to the dog.  Then after I go him on his leash, I said “Okay, go” to the dog but my friend starting talking.   Now I am worried she thinks I was calling her a dog… maybe she thought I meant “dawg”?  Either way, I’d have called her back to explain, but her ride showed up.
So, maybe she’ll read this and know that  was NOT calling her a dog.

My feet hurt. I walked.  I hope to get my other blog updated and running in the next few days so I can complain keep track there.  But, since it is not ready yet and I’m doing a quick update here, you get to hear about it.   MY FEET HURT.   You’d think it would be my legs.  No.  No, it’s my feet.  I think I need to get some gel inserts or something.  Then I can come home and say “I walked and I’m gellin’. ‘

Yeah, I know.  That was bad.

Daughter had a medical issue come up.  Spoke with a friend about it.  Thank you, M, for dealing with the Momma-Drama via the phone.

Let’s see…… I guess that’s all I’m rehashing for now because I am hun-gry!



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