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It Has Arrived! – The Swap pt2 September 20, 2008

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A while back, I told about a swap I was involved in.  A bartering deal that I was “forced” into.  (Recap: I wanted to just send an item to my friend, she said barter or no deal.  So I chose one of her art pieces.) I said then that I got the better end of the deal, and I still say that today.

She received her item and had sent off my chosen print only to have a postal malfunction put a kink in the plan.  The communication was great and she sent off another print.  I received it today.

Sundrip Swap 1

I’m so pleased!!  Honestly.  I had chosen (but not told her) some pieces that I would like to get for Christmas presents.  I haven’t ordered them yet because she might create something else I want instead.  Now, after doing business with her, and holding the print in my hands, I WANT MORE!!!  I do not know what her largest available print is, but I do know I will be finding out.

Her styles vary some, so take a look around.  If one page is not your taste, try another.
You can see her artwork
here (etsy)
and here (POSTCARDS on redbubble)
and here (BLOG – a must visit) – and here you can find “The Galleries” which puts her work into categories for your searching and browsing convenience.

And NO, she is not paying me to say this.  There is no kick-back for me.
She’s just my friend and very professional in her business dealings, so I thought I’d share.

Besides, Christmas isn’t far away.  You might find something you like for that hard-to-buy-for-world-traveling-odd-auntie.  I know I did!  *laughs*

Austin, thanks again!



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