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And the wind blew… September 17, 2008

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We made it through the storm with basically no damage.  Thank you, Lord!   I had a yard full of leaves and tiny branches.  Also, I was without power just long enough to make me throw away everything in the refrigerator and freezers. Well, almost everything.  I kept the gallons of water and few other things because technically they don’t have to be refrigerated.

Freezer 1 fridge fridge door .

Yes, we drink bottled water.  Distilled water, actually.  The town is really old and has really old pipes.  We even have boil orders occasionally.  Drinking bottled water allows me to not worry about getting sick every time I have a cool refreshing drink.  I’d feel guilty about even giving it to the dog, but, let’s face it, he drinks rain water in puddles and eats p**p.  This means the tap water is probably okay for him.  Although, it does make his bowl look rather icky.  (VERY hard water)

Until I went to the store, we were forced, FORCED I tell ya!, to eat out. There is a little restaurant in town that is not too bad for breakfast. Next to the restaurant is someone’s home. There was a fence dividing their yard and the parking lot. Their big tree fell over in the storm. Either that, or it wanted to park cars.
Tree - Parking Cars Either way, I am thinking that the owners of the house are glad they only have to repair a fence and not a house. Thankfully, the parking lot was most likely empty at the hour the storm blew through here.  Yes, in the days that followed, people just parked around the tree and went in to eat.   “Oh look, Honey, a giant tree.  I hope it didn’t eat all the biscuits and gravy.”

I did wake up when the power went out.  I was awake for a while afterwards as well.  No, the storm wasn’t scary; my husband was snoring.  Daughter woke too.  She wasn’t upset, which was good.  She actually did very well during the tornado warning that happened earlier that night too.  Sirens and rain, but she was clam.  I don’t think she even knew why I sent her to the bathtub at first.  (No pictures of that, sorry.)

I do not think we had as much rain as “they” were expecting.
The next night, the moon was OUTSTANDING.
(Again, no pictures.  I know, slacker! )



1. sweetiegirlz - September 18, 2008

I’m so glad to hear you didn’t have major damage! I didn’t realize this storm was so bad for you. Throwing away ruined food from your frig really sucks! sorry.

2. bluesuit12 - September 19, 2008

Glad to hear that all is well for you and your family. Your fridge looks a lot like my side – empty except for various condiments.

3. L - September 20, 2008

Thank you. I’m glad too there wasn’t major damage too. 😉

Thank you. If your fridge looks like mine though, Girl, you need to go shopping! lol

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