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Rain and Other Stuff September 13, 2008

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Yup, that’s right.  Another person posting another blog about another storm.

It seems that myself, along with others, are finding ourselves in the path of a hurricane even though the state we live in is not, I repeat, NOT near a gulf or ocean.  It seems the second hurricane of the season is heading straight for my inland butt.  The last one was just some rain.  This one, so the rumors go, is going to be A LOT more.  Living only about 5 blocks from a river – which is fed by a dam not far away – I should probably be concerned… again.  I am tired of being concerned.

I wonder if this is how it is for some of those waiting on Jesus.  “But I am tired of waiting…”

Ok, fine fine.  I will be ready.
But how does one prepare?  … here?  …. in my situation?
How does one get ready for a storm?  I mean really, what more is there to do?

I’m as ready as can be, I think.

**** **** **** ****

Now for a completely unrelated story…

We went to the fair last night.  It was not bad.  Other than my feet, legs, and back killing me and the few times the children were, how shall I say, were impatient, I had a rather nice time.

I had the opportunity to take some rather interesting photos, too.  I’ll try to get some of those up soon.

**** **** **** ***

I help HER (my mother) with internet again today.  Do you think that is why I have a slight headache?
She is trying to get with it.  I’m so glad and so distressed all at the same time.   It is almost watching a child take a first step.  You are excited, but you aren’t looking forward to the messes you’ll have to clean up.

**** **** **** ***

Speaking of getting with it…

Which is best and why?
Twitter or Plurk

I guess now I’m the one who is falling behind in the times.



1. sweetiegirlz - September 13, 2008

Well, Yup someone had to get the rain, God decided you guys needed it more than us. hehe

You can always escape to my house if you need to. I got 3 bedrooms..

Is there any basic classes your mom can take on computers nearby? That might help you destress

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