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To Do List – 10 Sep 2008 September 10, 2008

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For about a week now, I have had two things on my “DO IT NOW” board.  They are still undone.

My goal today is to get them done. Okay, to get at least one of them done.  Especially since the people who I was suppose to email the finished product to last Thursday, I will see again tonight.  Maybe I can just hand them a disk instead?

Yes, I am very very good at procrastination and have lazy down to an art form.
I guess I’m a “do it now or at the last minute” kind of person.  Maybe it’s just the last week that I am a “now or last minute” kind of person.

Either way. I must get my stuff done.
So, for anyone who read this on the day it is written, this is what I should be doing:

Today’s Must:
Pictures completed, a select few edited, all put on a disk x2
Winter clothes washed (namely, jeans)
Schedule P/T conferences
Supper in crockpot – DONE (added it to show I have done something!)
Bacon – DONE (more on that another time)
Pay water bill that has been in my purse for the last week

To Do:
The rest of the laundry
Take care of stacks of paper on work table
– Maybe I can start working again when I have my desk back
Find out how to ebay
– Can you charge less for shipping if more than one auction goes to the same winner? And if you can, how do you do that?
– Decide if I want to ebay all the clothes that the children just outgrew.
– Why do they have growing spurts right after you get clothes for them?
– Find out if anyone needs the clothes. That would be easier than ebay, wouldn’t it?
Brown meat and freeze
Work on LA blog
Work on and revamp BA blog
– Which would mean that I’d have to try to remember what I did in all those recipes that I have pictures of from the last several months.

I’m sure there is more, but I took a break from this entry to eat. Now I’m completely lost and ready for a nap.
What are you laughing at?

Oh… I guess I should work on the photos, huh?
I mean, thanks for reminding me….



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