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The Bag, The Interview, The Journey September 9, 2008

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(Please note this post is in response to the Let Us Begin: The Paper Bag challenge posed by Pat at Single for a Reason.)


The Interview:

Q: I know you are waiting for the next wind of change to carry you away, so I will try to keep this interview short.
Bag: Thank you.  Really though, I’m good. I’m in no hurry.
Q: Still, do you remember how you got to where you are now? Do you remember the events that took you to … to here?
Bag: Yes, I do actually.  It started what seems so very long ago.  I was little and had such dreams of growing big and strong. I’d be able to stand on my own no matter what storms came my way. I…
Q: Yes, that’s interesting. You’ve come a long way, Bag.  Did you ever see yourself ending up where you are now?
Bag: Not really. It wasn’t exactly how I pictured myself.  But life happens.  Certain circumstances came about that altered my reality.
Q: Would you elaborate?
Bag: Certainly.  See, I dreamt of being seen, of people looking up to me. I was good at what I did.  At times, it seemed I would become what I desired.  I was seen and played what I thought was an important part.  Then, there was an unplanned event that changed it all.
Q: Do go on.
Bag: My whole world changed and I became something I never thought I would.  My very being seems to change. I was no longer that lone being out in the world.  I had a new purpose.
Q: And that’s how you became what you are today, right?
Bag: Exactly.  Oh sure, I had purpose before… I had provided for others in various ways, be it a source of fun or shelter from whatever.  But now, now I had a whole new kind of purpose.  I had a new job, and I gave that job my all.
Q: Was the change difficult?
Bag: Sudden change is often difficult.  However, I saw my new role as important. Oh sure, there are many out there like me, each doing their job.  Still though, I did mine to the best of my ability before…
Q: Before what?
Bag: …Before I was no longer needed.  Once it was time to let go of what I held so dear, I felt useless. It seemed I was tossed away like, like, like some kind of trash.  No longer good to anyone.  No longer seen.
Q: So you felt used and discarded?
Bag: In a way, yes.  I know my job was important.  I know that I made a difference in the life of others.  Now though, I feel…
Q: How do you feel?
Bag: Sometime I feel a little blue.  I think I hide it well though.  You know, we all have those moments where we see the darkness, feel stepped on and are a little blue.  I guess in those moments, when it’s you against the world, you just have to let your light shine and go on.
Q: You sound sound almost angelic there.  Noble, perhaps.  Talking of purpose and light in the darkness.
Bag: I am far from angelic.  I am however hopeful.  Although by most I am still not seen, there are a few who take time to see me.  They may not know what is inside, but they see me for a just moment.  Most just go on with their busy lives.  I understand that. I mean, after all, I am just… well, me.  But there are those few..
Q: Which few?
Bag: Those few that take the time, though they may be few and far between, those few that take the time to look outside themselves and see the worth in what many see as worthless.

Q: Wow.  You are very deep, Bag.  Thank you for spending time with me today.
Bag: Thank you.

Bag feeling blue 1

bag feeling blue 2

bag feeling blue 3

Bag light in the darkness

Bag Close Up

**** **** **** ****

As I mentioned at the start, this is in response to Pat’s challenge.  However, I cannot let it end here.  I find myself asking questions of my own.  You do not have to answer if you do not wish, but at the very least, ask yourself…

Do you see yourself in the story above?
Do you ask questions not really caring about the answer, only to find yourself surprised once you do listen?
Do you use and toss aside?
And most importantly, who really is the bag?
Is it you?

**** **** **** ****





(The original photo is ©Pat Coakley 2008. Photo used and altered with her consent – this means she personally actually really truly knows about it and has okay’ed it.  Do not use her photos unless she has given permission.  And no, someone just posting a picture on the internet alone does not mean s/he has given permission…)



1. sweetiegirlz - September 9, 2008

awww…L. That was awesome. Bag, er, I mean YOU are really deep! What a great interview. I bet a lot of people can see themselves in this story. Thanks for that. ((((hugs))))

2. Pat Coakley - September 9, 2008

Now, how did you get me to laugh ” Wow, that was very deep, Bag” amidst the truths in this interview? Amazing.
Of course, this is the genesis of this whole challenge: making something discarded and thrown away, valuable again. I think you have done that, don’t you??

Thanks for this!

3. mistyisforeverlost - September 9, 2008

thank you

just well…thank you.

4. austin - September 10, 2008

that really is something. I like how it’s written. Do we feel tossed aside or are we quick to toss aside.

5. L - September 10, 2008

Thank you. ((((hugs))))

Perhaps it is you who has brought value to something that has been discarded. Weren’t you the one who first stopped and noticed the bag, bringing it to out attention?
Thank you for sharing and for posing the challenge.
… I’m ready for the next one.

*nods and offers a hug*

It is so nice to see you here again.
I’m glad you liked the writing style. It does give one something to think about, doesn’t it? I think maybe most of us have parts of ourselves that can identify with both being tossed and being the tosser – whether both those parts of us are justified in identifying or not may be a whole other story though. Just an early morning thought.

6. Tony - September 10, 2008

Excellent Paper bag challenge response.
Mine is posted too now

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