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This One is For You September 2, 2008

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A friend of mine is traveling this week.
She is traveling to a place where I have friends.
She is going to a town that is a part of my history.
A friend is going to fly from her current home to my former home.

I am staying here.

Oh sure, I could have gone to the event that she is going to too.  However, my life circumstances (and vanity) do not allow such things.

So here I sit, as the rain moves into my area of residence.
Heavy rains, so they say, will last throughout this week here.
Nice days, friends and fun are what she has to look forward to.

Normally I enjoy the rain… as long as I don’t have to drive in it.
And as long as it’s not too severe (because then my youngest freaks out).

The rivers and lakes are still high though.
That, I suppose, is cause for concern.

So here I sit.
On a deliciously gloomy day.
Unable to enjoy it because I sit here dealing with daily life and a recently discovered medical issue.
In one week I will have either resolved it myself, or I shall start acquiring my  stack of medical bills.
In one week she will be back full of tales that will make me sorry I missed it OR glad I was not there.

So, to cheer myself up a bit I shall eat ice cream (the comfort food of choice) and watch a movie.
But first, I will play this little video for my dear friend.
My friend who is traveling this week.
My friend who hates flying.

Remember, M, to relax on that flight.
*smiles sweetly*



1. razzbuffnik - September 4, 2008

It’s raining here today as well. Since it’s spring here, I’ve just put my tomato seedlings out in the rain.

If you can’t go to your old friends far away, do what I do, and have your nearby new friends over for diner.

Thanks for the video, Forster brooks is a master. I used to love watching him on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.

Hope your health concerns resolve themselves in a good direction.

2. L - September 5, 2008

It’s Friday and the sun has popped out, but it’s still not spring here. Maybe I should forget my old and new friends and come visit you and your tomatoes instead!!

Thank you visiting and your comments. My health concern seems to be doing better. It is still a wait and see though.

3. Austin - September 6, 2008

For some reason this poem has stayed on my mind. I’m not even sure why. I like it a lot though…. it’s kind of sad but still confirming somehow. I don’t know…. I just wanted to leave a comment that the poem has been on my mind for a few days now…. not sure why.

until again,

4. mistyisforeverlost - September 9, 2008

somebody owes me an emailing *points to L* cause she has some ‘splaining to do….

ooh and nice video….I still had a flight home ya know!

*wanders off before the storm takes my electricity again*

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