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Challenge Accepted 01 August 28, 2008

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You may not know this, but I occasionally stop by a blog called
Single for a Reason™
There I find many photos, deep thoughts, challenges, as well as stories of life and spud.

I do not think I have ever so much as commented on the blog, let alone participate as anything other than a lurking spectator in any posed challenges.

Until now.

Looking Down, The Series
a challenge was posed.

Manhole Covers.

Simple enough.

Or is it?

I grabbed my camera and headed out to challenge the rules.  Manhole covers.  Inspired by the uninspiring.
I of course knew there are no manholes where I live.  Perhaps we are a wholly inspired community.  Perhaps it is a town full of people who only look up, with no underground to speak of.
Despite this, I set out, eyes down cast, peering through the lens of my camera, to face my first “Pat’s Challenge” – even if it means crawling through a loop hole.

In my first journey of photographic challenge I shot this

man a hole looking down

thinking, “Man, a hole”

Knowing Pat is much to wise to fall for such a play on words, I traveled on.
I found these covers calling out to me.

manhole poser twins looking down

“Hey, You, with the camera… We hear you are looking for a man in a hole. Is it true?”
“No” I reply in the middle of the street in my small town. “I am looking for a Manhole Cover.”
Laugh, the twin covers did. Laugh and point to the outcast down the street. My camera and I, carried by my chariot of the mini-van variety, traveled down to the lonely Sewer Cover.

manhole poser 1 looking down

It told me of it’s dirty existence. It weaved tales of dreams that perhaps only a heavy metal cover can.
“One day I’m going to the city and living in the street.”
The cover wistfully went on “I’ll be traveled over by endless tires, shoes, and animal paws.”
As it brushed gravel aside, it told of it’s sorrow of constant stench as it is always forced to look up and watch the clouds go by. The cover shared with me as I stood broken hearted with my camera. It shared how it dreams of one day looking down on the hidden ways of the underground in the big city. It was the fading dream of the manhole cover wannabe.

Perhaps we are more like a manhole cover wanna be than we realize.  How many of us dream of an existence similar to the very one we want to escape from?  How many of us trade our life away for a different version of the same thing?  We don’t see the important role we play.  We smell the stench of our unfulfilled dreams.

Perhaps in Pat’s Challenge one will find more than a manhole cover.  Perhaps in this challenge, taking our eyes off the clouds and looking down, we will become, if only for a moment, grounded with a new way to look at things.  And maybe, just maybe, we see the beauty that surrounds us…




1. w1kkp - August 28, 2008

WOW!! WOW!! Now, for your debut on my site, you’ve really outdone yourself! I totally love everything about this. Your attitude. Your Photographs (The Sewer one is actually quite a beautiful one, I think) and humor, “Man, a hole.” And, then, ending with philosophy ( I was a philosophy major back in the dinosaur age) which actually does elevate all things mundane into objects worthy of reflection.

Don’t be lurkin’ no more, OK?

We need you!

2. L - August 28, 2008

w1kkp (Pat):
First let me say welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.

I think my head was visibly swelling as I read (and re-read) your comment. Thank you very much for kind words.

As for lurking, I might have to return to it. The expectation may be beyond my performance level. I suppose that is what makes a challenge a challenge though, no?

(I wish I could take some philosophy courses. I think I would really enjoy it.)

3. Misty - August 29, 2008

*wanders in, looks around, reads then wanders out crying*

nice…very very nice…..

4. Tony - August 29, 2008

Wowee!!! Manhole Personhole covers photo’s & a great story to go with them….
BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!!! 🙂

5. Tony - August 29, 2008

BTW don’t just lurk, jump in feet first & post comments, makes blogs more interesting & enjoyable
Cheers, Tony

6. L - August 30, 2008

*hands you a tissue* thanks.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Oh, and you don’t have to be politically correct here… I’m not a very political person. 😉 *clears throat to keep from laughing*

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting.

7. bonnieluria - September 4, 2008

L- is for liking this post and the challenge accepted with lurking , not.

Great musings, and photos add up to a really interesting contribution.

No pressure but keep visiting.

8. Passerbys « Blog Archive « Single for a Reason™ - September 4, 2008

[…] L who has been lurking on this blog but who came out from behind the curtain in a wonderful fashion with some manhole covers as well as some humor and philosophy. […]

9. L - September 5, 2008

Thank you for visiting.
I’m glad you enjoyed my post.
Don’t worry, I shall keep visiting… and lurking.

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