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The Swap August 26, 2008

Posted by L in Friends, General, Random.
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An invisible friend (as my hubby calls all my net-friends) mentioned some movies that she wants to own. She is a blogger and an artist. She offered a trade on her site; she enjoys bartering.

I ended up coming across one of the movies on her list. So, I sent off an email asking if she still needed said movie. She did. It all seemed to be going well until she told me to pick a piece of art for her to send me or no deal. No deal? Hmp!

What if I just want to send her the movie? What if I think her art is worth more than the movie? What if I feel like I’m taking advantage of her? Hmmm? What then?

She tried to use logic on me. She told me how much she enjoys bartering. She told me that if I did not pick something to send she would no longer be my friend. Ok, fine. I made that last part up.

So, once all was said and done – as much as one can say and do things via email – the swap was on. She is getting her movie whilst I am choosing one of her fabulous art works. I am still getting the better end of the deal.

But, oh, it’s not over. See, I am married to a very passive aggressive man and I have learned a thing or two. Yes, I have. So, by way of “getting even” I have chosen two others to send two other videos too. Ha! That’ll show her! And I’ll email the other 2 ladies tonight or in the morning so they know to watch the mail.

Ha! Ha! That’ll show her!
…. Wait a minute. How will that show her? Gah! I guess I don’t have this passive aggressive thing down after all. …



1. Austin - August 26, 2008

LOL! I’ve been shown. Just know, if you don’t choose and art piece I will mail the movie back. LOL


2. L - August 28, 2008

I chose.
I even emailed my choice to you.
So now you have to keep the movie.

3. Austin - August 30, 2008

Yes you did and I was quite surprised by your choice. You will have the very first print of Red Flower Red Apron. I sign, date and number my prints. You’ll have the very first print of this one. Expect it soon – but without a tracking number confidence level blog entry 🙂


4. L - August 30, 2008

I get the number one print! Yes! *does arm pump* Cool!

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