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Sunday Songs 9 August 18, 2008

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The “last weekend of the summer event” went off quite well. I even swam with my children!

Okay, so I did go through a bit of electronic withdrawal and I did end up using my cell phone. However, the children we happily playing in the water and I was watching them while I was on the phone.

Which reminds me… Thank you to a friend of mine and her reminders.

We did have a good time though.
And we made it to church too.

Next week we start a new series. There are two online services if you want to attend this weekend.

I did talk to the school about the Honor’s Class. It was not a credit class. The only credit class is Algebra. So, Son will still have his first high school credit before high school. We (the counselor and I) talked about the class thing and the English teacher. We spoke about the students (in general and about Son in particular) and the teaching style of L.A. teacher. The things that are going to be different this year were discussed. We spoke about another teacher, teachers in general, the benchmark test, and a few other things. So, I am feeling much better. Which means she is either good a placating parents or we really did reach an understanding.

With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. I wasn’t too fond of the original official video. Actually, that’s not completely fair since I did not watch the whole thing. So, let me try that again…


With all this talk regarding school, I thought this would be a nice song to play. The video I am choosing is not the official video. It is one made with clips from another movie. Enjoy.

School of Hard Knocks
By: P.O.D.
Movie Clips: The Matrix




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