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Pop Goes the Bubble August 18, 2008

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My alone time bubble has been popped.
But at least I got a laugh out of it…


Setting: I had just gotten out of the shower when Hubby arrived home. I was in my room getting dressed. He walked in…

Hubby: “Lucy, I’m home” *imitating an old television show*

Me: “I can smell, er, tell.”

Hubby: “What?” *frowns*

Me: “I, um, I heard you come in. Yeah, that’s it.” *smirk*

Hubby: “Did you enjoy your peaceful day?”

Me: “Yeah, I did. It was great. Kind of like when they were at camp, I ate when I wanted. Not before I was hungry, not after, just when I was I hungry and when I wanted.”

Hubby: *whines* “I’m hungry”

Me: *doing the head weave* “You’re a grown man, fix something fo’ yourself”

Hubby: *laughing* “I had planned on it.”

Me: “I also watched a movie, on the tv, loud enough for me to hear, with adult dialog and situations. Not animated. There was one animal, a dog, but it didn’t talk, I couldn’t hear it’s thoughts, it was just a dog.”

Hubby: “Good!”

Me: *fully dressed walking back to the bathroom, where Hubby was also heading so he could shower* “Hey! You’re taking over the bathroom!”
…. *grinning and walking away from the bathroom*
“Yup, it was peaceful until about 1:40 when I felt like my space was invaded.”

Hubby: “That…. HEY! That’s about what time I got home!”

Me: *turning back to him looking innocent* “Oh? Is it?”



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