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Rant and Rambles August 15, 2008

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It rained last night. How do I know? I woke up many times to a dripping sound. I looked around and decided that it was a drip on the wall unit. Later, I woke up again to a drip sound. I found it! I had a leak. I got a dirty towel, pot, and went back to bed. When I finally got up I saw another spot. Grrr! Two leaks. *sigh*

Last night was the middle school open house introduction welcome to the new school year event. I am sure there was a shorter name for it, but my name is much more descriptive.

Honor’s English was removed because they could not work it into the schedule. No, I did not mean Son was removed from Honor’s English. I mean the class it’s self was removed. I said “ok”. What else is there really to say? “No, I don’t care that you couldn’t make it work. My son was recommended for it by his pre-AP teacher last year. You will re-create this class and put him in it!” Yes, I wondered how this is going to affect him in the long run. As it stands, he will be in Pre-AP English again with a mix of students. Where is the challenge? Yeah, he can help those in class that are “below the standard” and needing help, but how does that help him advance? This is the challenge of Small Town Schools, I guess. The 20 or so students in Honor’s English will have to go without because the adults could not make the schedules work. I guess I am a bit aggravated over this situation. I wonder, really, what the issue with scheduling is that denies these students what they need. Plus, doesn’t this take away a High School Credit? gah!!!

I wonder if I talk to the school again if it will help.

I also wonder when to use effect verses affect.

Today we get to shop for the last few things that are left on the “school shopping list”. The children get their hair cut today.

We are going to do our last event of the summer this weekend. It won’t be as cool as it could have been had things been cheaper and had we had income, but it will still be fun. I just know it!

Hubby is trying out a new job. It’s 3rd shift. It started Monday night. It pays well for the area. I don’t like it. Not because of what it is, but because he’s not eating during his shift which is sometimes 12 hours.  He’s also not going to stay on a regular sleep schedule on his days off. It would seem he has already pushed himself to say up for 24 hours once. Under normal circumstances, “Oh well. He’s a big boy.” However, this is not normal circumstances. The boy had a couple of strokes a few months ago. Stroke, people, not TIA. His diet and sleep needs to be steady. If he’s going to pull this stuff, he might as well go back to his old job. If he does that, I’m getting big life insurance policies and bide my time, I guess. I know, sounds cold. Yes, I told him that too. His reply? “That’ll be expensive” *rolls eyes* Whatev. As if the years of therapy the children will go through over watching you do this to yourself, and to them, won’t be expensive? Can I smack him around a bit if I don’t hit his head?

I think that last rant right there will bring the spam comments. Yay. (that yay was dripping with sarcasm. Just sayin’)

Hi. I’m a spam bot that thinks this post was really informative. By the way, you can get insurance at *insert 75 links here*.

So, I think I’ll go take a shower, head to the school and ask some more questions, take the children and get their hair cut, wait for Misty to reply to my email *hint hint Misty* and try not to take my frustrations out on random strangers because that’s just not a good example. Oh, I know! I’ll call Goob. He loves hearing me rant. Sick freak…. kind of like me.

Yaah, I’m gonna hit the SoBe Lean early today.

I hope ya’ll have a good one.



1. misty - August 15, 2008

blech drip! blech the Ap thing….can I smack them for you? That’s just so wrong and well wrong! *stomps foot* Aaannnddd I can smack the man for you too. That way, he can’t claim you did it. Cause I did. Which, I mean really….I would tell you all about it so it could sorta be like a shared experience.

2. sweetiegirlz - August 15, 2008

Silly school. Maybe it was a budget thing and they just didn’t want to tell the parents? How does your son feel about it? Yah, night shift, not so good.

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