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That is no donkey! August 12, 2008

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I’ve been a little “MIA” lately. Has it really been almost a week since I have blogged?

It is our last week of summer here. School officially starts Monday, the 18th. I think some people *cough*Sweetie*cough* have already enjoyed experienced sending their children off to the first day of school this school year, while others, and I won’t mention Misty’s name here, still have to wait another whole week. Me? I’m at less than a week to go. Yup, the busy last week of summer is here. You know what I am talking about… It’s where you both try to get ready for a school and fit in everything you wanted to do over the summer didn’t. It is also when you do that one last big event together. The big event can be anything from a day at the park to going to some theme park in another state. The event doesn’t matter so much as knowing “This is it. Have fun!”. Ya know what I mean?

On a completely unrelated note…

… I am what I call a visual person with a very good imagination.
What this means is when someone makes a statement, in my mind’s eye I often see what they say as they say it even though I know what they mean. For example, someone might say “I”m gonna get a big ol’ honkin’ soda!” In my mind I see a big cup of soda that honks like automobile horn, even though I know they do not literally mean a soda that honks.

This being said, I received an email saying that Sweetie left a comment giving me an award. Now, before I go any farther, please understand that I am quite proud and honored that she chose me to be given a blog award. What I am about to say is in no way making fun of her or the award.

The email said (in part) “You have been awarded the “Kick A*s Blogger” award!…” I’ve already explained how my mind works sometimes. So, I read that and said “I don’t even have a donkey.” Yes, it is true. I pictured a donkey with it’s hind leg kicking on a trophy. Yeah….. Again, I don’t even HAVE a donkey, let alone one with an award winning kick.

It turned out the award did not have donkey at at all. See…

Kick Ass Blogger Award

It is my first blog award ever!

Unfortunately, it comes with rules. I am not good with rules. Just ask anyone who’s ever tagged me with a MeMe back in the day…
So, here is my attempt at getting close to following the award rules.
That is the rules as I remember them, paraphrased

Link to the wonderfully giving person who recognizes your total blog coolness:

Link to the MommaDawg that start this thing so you can get your award and see the rules and stuff.
MommaDawgs Award page thingy link (there are 2 different sizes there for your posting pleasure)

Choose 5 others award winning blogs; link them; tell them about the award via comment, email, phone, carrier pigeon, IM, or some other non-listed way; let them know how great they are, how they kick butt and that it does not even matter whether or not they have even ever seen a donkey up close and personal

Uh, I only have 6 people blog rolled.
*Two of them I rarely to never comment on.
– One of the two I don’t even read daily, but always has good information.
– The other one I do read daily and even share the pictures and posts with the family.
*One of those blog rolled gave me the award.
*Another will just get a big head, go on and on about getting an award, and become impossible to live with…
*And the remaining two definitely deserve the award and probably even have the formal wear to except it. However, if I gave it to them, then the one I have blogrolled that would have gotten a big head will be hurt that I didn’t give one to her not caring that she would become a monster of blog vanity power.


So, it boils down to this…. EVERYONE on my blogroll (including the one who gave me the award) deserves it. So, even though you are not linked, if you read this post you absolutely have the right to pick up your award because it’s yours!



1. mistyisforeverlost - August 14, 2008

Dress with pretty sparkly things…check
Diamonds…..diamonds? Uh oh

*runs out calling over her shoulder* I’ll be back for my pretty bum kicking donkey once I find those Diamonds!!

(congrats and WOULD NOT!)

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