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To Do List August 7, 2008

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As some of you may know, I use a blog-reader. (I’ll get part two of that post up some day, I just know it!) I have been using this blog reader for well over a year. Maybe even 2 years.

It is time to update it. It is disorganized (hush, Misty) and full of blogs that I do not read that often. There are even some blogs on there that seem to be inactive.

The problem is this: I don’t want to let go.
I am *inhales deeply* a URL-pack-rat. I do read all of them sometimes, some of them all the time. The inactive links might one day become active again. It has happened!

I need to cut the strings. I need to reorganize. I need to create folders, rearrange, and even use the horror-of-horrors!-delete option. I don’t want to. I mean, I can hear my justifications already “But I do read that one some times.” *sigh*

Maybe I could just make a folder titled “Occasionally Read”?


I was reading over at Nandango’s blog today. She has a whole page dedicated to a show that I have never watched. I am not sure if I should read it or not. Will I be lost, not knowing what she is talking about -OR- will I become interested and addicted like I have to HK, start a category here for it and watch it on-line every week? Then Misty will read my new post and become addicted like she did with RS. She’ll yell at me and get even by getting me addicted to something else…. See? It could be dangerous.
Then again, if I don’t read and watch PB, then I might get banned from Nandango’s blog!
(Not really, but it just wouldn’t end the same if there wasn’t a dramatic consequence… then again, maybe she would ban me…)


Sweetie occasionally posts photo-essays. I still need to get my family together to do our review of this photo-essay. I like to guess who will like what, then ask them (my family) and see what I got right. Is that wrong?


I need to clean my ‘fridge. It is gross.
Yeah, you needed to know that….


I have big plans to play on the computer later tonight. We (Hubby and I) were suppose to go some place this evening. I called my friend and let her know we would not be there since Hubby had to cancel. Then I made my big computer plans. I hope the rain realizes it must go around us and not interfere with my connection.


I need to pay the water bill too. I can do that tomorrow, I guess.


I have that Twitter account now, but only 1 person who I stalk follow. Where are all the people who I thought were Twits? Or is it Twitters? Maybe Twitterers?


Okay. No more stalling.
I must go…
…clean my reader.
…clean my refrigerator.
…make my menu for the week.
…and a bunch of other stuff I’ll end up putting off.



1. bluesuit12 - August 7, 2008

HAHA! Thanks for the link. Here’s the history on why I have that page in the first place. Yes, I do love the show but under most circumstances, not enough to write/post all that stuff. I had a co-worker that would give me a hard time about the show. He secretly liked it but was just being difficult. Every Tuesday I would ask if he watched it and when he said no I would write out the entire thing in as much detail as possible and email it to him just to get on his nerves. But like I said, he really liked the show and this was his way of watching it. Then a couple other people wanted the update b/c they had other things going on Monday nights and couldn’t watch but wanted to know the happenings. In the end it was just easier to post it on the blog and viola the page was formed. Now I’m stuck and feel like I have to write it.

Feel no pressure to read the entries b/c honestly I’m not sure I would if I hadn’t written it. Though you should watch the show!! And no, you won’t be banned for not watching…I’ll just give your comments that “knowing look” and a siren will go off in my head that warns me this is not a PB watcher! Just kidding. And thanks again for the ping back.

2. mistyisforeverlost - August 8, 2008

*blinks as she reads comments then looks at L* You know…you get me addicted and we have serious problems right? I’ll find some sort of equally annoying addiction for you. Like…oh…..I don’t know……piggies? *runs off laughing hysterically before something is thrown at her*

3. L - August 8, 2008

Ah that explains it. You know, it is a new season. Maybe you could get out of writing it?
I might give the show a try, if only to stop the looks you give my posts. 😉
Thanks for stopping by.

I hear the show is really good…. Have you seen the actor guy?
*wonders off singing “Here piggie piggie piggie…”*

4. sweetiegirlz - August 10, 2008

You have been awarded the “Kick Ass Blogger” award! Come to my site to “Pick it UP” 🙂

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